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LEXINGTON DISCIPLINE 2014-2015. GENERAL STUDENT CONDUCT AT SCHOOL 1.Be respectful Of students and staff Of the school grounds Of the school rules 2.Be.

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2 GENERAL STUDENT CONDUCT AT SCHOOL 1.Be respectful Of students and staff Of the school grounds Of the school rules 2.Be prepared Get your school work done 3.Be on time No tardies! 4.Be clean Pick up your trash! No chewing gum 5.Be appropriate No foul language, name calling, or teasing No rough housing, running around at lunch or fighting No public displays of affection!!! (kissing, holding hands, hugging)

3 BE RESPECTFUL Bullying If problems occur…. Go see a counselor, teacher or administrator Required to report (even if it isn’t you being bullied) Fighting If arguments or fights happen before school, during school or after school……. 1. Parents called 2. Suspended 3 to 5 days 3. Discipline record in file until 12 th grade 4. Possible transfer to another school

4 BE PREPARED Binder Reminder Supplies PE Clothes Homework Ready to Learn!

5 BE ON TIME Success begins with showing up everyday and on-time! Don’t be Tardy! You need to be in your seat when the bell rings! School begins at 8AM!

6 We want this campus to be something we are proud of! Make sure all trash makes it to a trash can – even if it isn’t your trash…if we all help out, or campus can be much more beautiful! BE CLEAN

7 BE APPROPRIATE- PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE Warning Call home Detention - 30 or 60 minutes Wednesday Work Study- 2 hours Contract Miss out on student activities- sports, band show, drama show, dances, holiday show, talent show, S’s and O’s Party, STAR Party Campus Beautification Off Campus Suspension School transfer or expulsion

8 BE APPROPRIATE- CHEATING If you are caught cheating … A. Wednesday Work Study B. Automatic U in citizenship on report card C. Failing grade on assignment D. Suspension

9 Aloha Party S’s and O’s Parties Classroom Contests Noontime Activities Dances Dress-up Days Clubs Fit-A-Thon Sports Art Show Band Show Choir Show Drama Show Dance Show FUN AT LEXINGTON

10 GENERAL STUDENT CONDUCT AT SCHOOL 1.Be respectful 2.Be prepared 3.Be on time 4.Be clean 5.Be appropriate

11 BE RESPECTFUL Policy Pages Pages 1 - 9 of your Binder Reminder These rules are going to be the same as the rules at Cypress High School BULLYING AND FIGHTING BICYCLES and SKATEBOARDS CELL PHONE POLICY DRESS CODE DRUGS, ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO WEAPONS AND DANGEROUS OBJECTS

12 BICYCLES AND SKATEBOARDS WALK YOUR BIKE OR SKATEBOARD NO HANGING OUT IN THE BIKE RACK AREA Lock up your bike/skateboard and then move on to class YOU MUST WEAR YOUR HELMET! Cypress PD may issue tickets to students!

13 All cell phones must be turned OFF and must NOT be visible from 7:55 AM - 2:20PM Cell phones cannot be used during detention or in any after school classes. If the student uses a cell phone for any reason during the restricted time, the following rules apply: The cell phone will be confiscated from student. A 60 minute detention will be assigned. The cell phone will be returned only to the parent/guardian of the student. Cell phones confiscated three or more times will result in a Wednesday Work Study CELL PHONE & ELECTRONIC DEVICES

14 Tops: All tops must have a sleeve which covers the shoulder completely No straps or cleavage can be exposed No strapless or low cut tops Bottoms: Pants must fit at the waist and crotch Shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh length, or have a 5 inch inseam, whichever is greater Leggings, jeggings, or tights may only be worn under clothing that meets the dress code requirements Shoes: Must have an enclosed toe and strap covering the heel No slippers allowed General: Mid-section must be covered at all times – ie: raising hands, sitting, bending, etc. No ripped, torn, sheer, or see through clothing Undergarments may never be visible DRESS CODE

15 SAFETY – RED AND WHITE LINES In the morning by the main office At lunch by room 102 and by 205 By room 803

16 SAFETY- DROP OFF AND PICK UP o Follow all traffic laws o Outside lane is a no stopping “through lane” o Pull all the way forward o Load and unload on the yellow curb only o Don’t cross the inside lane into the outside lane o No crossing in the parking lot o Quickly load and unload- don’t hold up traffic

17 CAFETERIA Get in line and have your cash out. No cutting in line No handing money to your friends in line AFTER make up pictures, you will be required to have your ID with you to get your lunch Make sure you have enough cash/money on your card to purchase your items. Make sure you do not have sticky fingers and stick items in your pockets. What happens if I steal??? Automatic suspension Pay for the items Go Home!!!

18 DRUGS, ALCOHOL & TOBACCO DO NOT BRING THEM!!! Do not have them in your backpack Do not have them on the way to school or home from school Do not wear clothing that depicts or hints at them Prescription medication must be kept in the Health Office with a doctors noteWHY???? 1.They are all illegal to have at school 2.You will get suspended, sent out of Lexington, maybe out of the district and arrested.

19 WEAPONS AND DANGEROUS OBJECTS BANNED Any kind of Knife, or Gun tools, bb guns, air guns, lighters, toy guns, lasers, real guns, etc. (Real or Fake) Any kind of Potentially Dangerous Objects or Explosives WHAT COULD HAPPEN IF I HAVE ANY OF THESE ITEMS AT SCHOOL? Suspended Sent out of Lexington Removed from the district Maybe arrested. No Images of these items on your clothes

20 KINDNESS MATTERS 1.We will be kind to EVERYONE 2.We will not bully others 3.We will include students who are left out 4.We will try to help students who are bullied 5.If we know that someone is being mistreated- we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.

21 KINDNESS MATTERS- HOW TO REACT.. 1.IGNORE (only once) 2.BE ASSERTIVE- “STOP!” – “Leave me alone”, “Knock it off”– be clear in your request– don’t laugh 3.STATE YOUR CASE: “This is my second request- STOP- if you don’t stop I will notify an adult” 4.NOTIFY an adult immediately

22 KINDNESS MATTERS- BE AN UPSTANDER! 1.SEE IT – STOP IT 2.SHOW YOUR DISAPPROVAL- Don’t laugh, Point or Just Watch- Don’t join in or add your two cents 3.SAY SOMETHING- Use assertive language 4.REPORT IT-NOTIFY an adult immediately

23 KINDNESS MATTERS MOTTO I care about you because you are a very valuable human being and all human beings are precious. We need to protect each other and our environment. Be Kind, be Respectful and Keep your campus Clean.


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