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Using Scrivener with NVivo Kristoffer Greaves 25 June 2014.

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1 Using Scrivener with NVivo Kristoffer Greaves 25 June 2014

2 This is Scrivener in Corkboard View

3 Each card represents a section in the Binder

4 This is Scrivener in Document View

5 Each document has its own metadata Each document has its notes section, e.g. you can add supervisor feedback here

6 Each section shown in the binder is a separate document

7 The Binder includes a “Research” section Items exported from Nvivo can be dragged into the Binder

8 This is NVivo We’re looking at PDFs imported from Endnote

9 Note the Linked memos – these were created from text in Endnote’s “Research Notes” field when the bibliographic file was imported

10 We’ve opened the Memo folder The Memos can be opened and edited, so you can add your notes as you work on the literature review You can right-click on a memo And export it as a text file You can drag the text file into your Scrivener research folder

11 Here is a framework matrix sheet The sources were coded as case nodes This column holds the text coded to a theme node

12 The framework matrix can be exported as a spreadsheet – after you work with it in Excel you can print it as a PDF and drag it into Scrivener’s Binder in the “Research” folder

13 Similarly, you can export coding references as documents. Add these to the Research Folder in Scrivener too…

14 The same with charts… (as image files)

15 Here’s a cluster analysis dendogram – it was exported as an image file, then dragged into a Scrivener folder, to be used as a figure…

16 So you can keep all your data sources, analyses, memos in one place in Nvivo (and add your finished thesis, articles etc later)

17 And you can keep your writing and drafting in one place in Scrivener

18 Click here If you want to learn about importing bibliographic refs, framework matrices, coding matrix queries…

19 Follow me on the PleagleTrainer BlogPleagleTrainer Blog Or on TwitterTwitter

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