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WebXam 3-13-2015 By Claudia Anway, School Counselor Sentinel Career and Technology Center.

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1 WebXam 3-13-2015 By Claudia Anway, School Counselor Sentinel Career and Technology Center

2 Resources/Contacts PREOPERATIVE CARE O Description of roles and responsibilities O Yearly Training and Updates O Legal and Ethical Responsibilities O School/District Plan of Action O Teacher Plan of Action O Yearly Testing Calendar O Selecting Tests O Accommodations and Exemptions O Preparing Students O Preparing Test Site O Test Equipment OPERATIVE CARE O Administering Test O Reflection Sheets POST OPERATIVE CARE O Test Results O Interpreting Test Results O Interpreting Data O Using Reflection Sheets O Charting O Providing Students With Results O Interventions O Follow Up O Reporting O Accountability Kathleen Summerfield 614-688-4000 Training/WebXam Questions Dan Keck 614-292-4988 WebXam Technology issues Dee Sturgill 614-466-1881 Accommodation Questions Claudia Anway 419-448-1212 Ext 3006

3 District Test Coordinator Serves as the “Coordinator” for WebXam Testing. There can only be one. Your DTC is ultimately responsible for all tests ordered by any administrator reporting to him/her. Responsible for; 1) Adding, editing, archiving all users in the school district. 2) Coordinating resources at the district to administer tests. 3) Communicating testing procedures and issues. 4) Giving passwords and login credentials to administrators and teachers.

4 Teacher Provides material and instruction to every student to prepare student for testing. Coordinates test dates with the proctor and VOSE to establish a yearly testing calendar. Uses test results to make changes in presentation of material. Uses reflection sheets to adjust presentation of material and improve method of instruction.

5 Proctor/Intervention Specialist O Administrator/ Teacher- activates student tests, arranges test environment, and supplies, provides students with usernames and passwords, oversees testing. O Intervention Specialist/VOSE provides IEP accommodations. Records accommodations on WebXam Student Account from IEP. Reviews with Building Director/Counselor student being considered for WebXam Exemption.

6 Yearly Training and Updates o Staff members receive a binder with username/password, program roster, student un/password, results, direction sheets, reflection sheets o Each year staff is provided with Test Security Booklet and asked to review all changes/updates. o All staff sign off on Test Security Policy. o One time per test cycle, teachers are allowed to take tests. In Columbus or can schedule at your school. o WebXam update in Columbus offered 2x per year. o Encourage teachers to be involved in WebXam item writing and test review.

7 Legal and Ethical Responsibilities WebXam Ohio Career-Technical Education Testing System Test Security Rule Book Test Security O Provide ALL EMPLOYEES with a copy of Security Handbook and have them “sign off”-yearly. Acceptable Use Policy O Cannot reproduce or disseminate the content of the tests Students Mark Box Prior to Testing Report any Violations

8 District Testing Plan

9 Teacher Plan of Action

10 Creating a yearly testing schedule ensures availability of computers. Coordination of IEP service providers. Keeps teachers on schedule. Allows students to know test dates. Enables all tests to be given without scrambling at the end of the year.


12 Selecting Appropriate Tests

13 Accommodations o VOSE marks accommodations under Student User Section. o If “Reader” is marked, all questions will be in the same order, which allows multiple students to be with one reader. o Extended Time can be enabled at any computer station. o Can only select one accommodation.

14 Preparing Students o Each student receives a folder with a direction sheet. o Username and password. o Reflection sheets. o Students are seated alphabetically. o After testing is complete students fill out a Reflection sheet and print off test results. o Make up tests are given asap after missed test date. o Can use the folder from junior year to senior year. o When lab testing is complete, can use folders for Career Passport WebXam certificates.

15 Preparing the Test Site

16 Student Folders Master List Internet Username and Passwords CalculatorsPencils Scrap Paper Reflection Sheets Test Equipment

17 Administering Test


19 When Looking at Test Results 1) Make sure the results are accurate. 2) Make sure all students are listed. 3) Check, Check and Re-Check. 4) Changes occur daily. Class Score Report

20 Call WebXam if there are discrepancies in data.

21 Interpreting Test Results

22 Student Score Report


24 Electrical Trades Senior Results 14-15

25 Electrical Trades Junior Results 14-15

26 Sophomore Cosmetology Results 14-15

27 EXEMPTIONS A student’s IEP team has the authority to decide whether or not a student should participate in CTE technical testing. Federal law requires an IEP team be allowed to modify the content standards that a student should be responsible for learning. In CTE, there are no alternate assessments for the student. Therefore, modification of standards may bring the IEP team to decide a student should not take the CTE assessment. This decision should not be made lightly. The requirement should be noted in the assessment section of the IEP and the parent and child should be made aware of any consequences that may result.


29 When a Student is Determined to Be Exempt D John Smith76.00%67.00%88.00%75.00%50.00%75.00% 80.00%67.00%60.00% 100.00% Yes Class Averages62.00%44.42%73.17%76.33%52.33%62.67%68.00%57.50%64.17%60.00%62.17%73.25% Overall Passage Rate: WITHDRAWN Jane SmithABSENT Steve Smith62.00%58.00%63.00%75.00%38.00%75.00% 70.00%67.00%60.00%55.00%50.00% No EXEMPT Karen Smith44.00%17.00%50.00%63.00%50.00% 38.00%30.00%33.00%50.00%64.00%50.00% No

30 Providing Students With Results o Providing students with a score reports allows students to know where they stand in each test. o Shows strengths and weaknesses. o Allows students to prepare for testing the following year. o Shows growth from year to year.

31 Interventions

32 O After testing, teachers can use individual results and class results to provide intervention to individuals or a class. O Use Study Guides and Content Reviews. O Create a Plan of Action. O Administrators can use score reports for teacher and curriculum evaluations. O Class averages will show strengths and weaknesses in instruction. O Can assist in curriculum evaluation and improvement. Can help identify needed modifications.

33 EMIS Reporting Accountability Satellite Programs 3 and 4 year Programs Emergency Backup

34 What Strategies Have Proven Successful? Test Reviews-Teacher test reviews, held either onsite at CETE or offsite at local districts, allow CTE teachers to review the operational forms of tests once per test form lifecycle. Held at Sentinel this year for all district teachers. Teachers participating in WebXam Item Writing. Teacher WebXam Binders-Sections Yearly Testing Calendar-Created each year with teachers. Reserved our computer lab every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for testing. Keeps teachers on schedule. Reflection Sheets-Following all test security guidelines, these were created for students to complete after testing. As the program has developed, teachers have created their own reflection sheets to use with WebXams. Accountability-Making results meaningful to students, parents, teachers, administrators and our community. Share results at Advisory Board Meetings, use as Teacher Evaluation tool, requirement for Early Placement.

35 Resources/Contacts O QUESTIONS? Kathleen Summerfield 614-688-4000 Training/WebXam Questions Dan Keck 614-292-4988 WebXam Technology issues Dee Sturgill 614-466-1881 Accommodation Questions Claudia Anway 419-448-1212 Ext 3006

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