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Welcome to Team 6! A Year of Transitioning to Middle School.

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1 Welcome to Team 6! A Year of Transitioning to Middle School

2 Team 6 Teachers Kate Krsnak- Science Matt Hoyda– Math TJ Scollan– Social Studies Carol Testa – Language Arts Mary Ann Schiavello/Gretchen Savacool/Clare Polomski/ Vickie Milford Special Education *Team leader- Carol Testa

3 Team Rules 1)Sit in assigned seats. 2)Pack up and leave only when dismissed by the teacher. 3)Hand in completed work when directed by the teacher. 4)Signals to leave the room

4 Team Rules Continued 5) Be prepared for class. 6) Lockers may only be visited during approved times. 7) You will be given 1 day for each day you are absent to make up work. 8) Come to school with iPads fully charged 9) Be on task with iPads

5 Grading Tests, Projects, Larger Assignments – 50% Quizzes,Short Assignments – 40% Homework –10% Homework is expected to be turned in the day after it is assigned, unless otherwise directed by the teacher. HW will be assigned a value of : 3, 2, 1

6 Homework HW will be graded either: 3 points- On time and complete 2 points- Late or partially completed 1 point- Not turned in Homework is a student responsibility

7 Conferences Team time this year is devoted to gathering and analyzing data to help ensure the best learning environment. Team time is also used to plan common units of instruction If at all possible, save conferences for conference days scheduled on the school calendar

8 Tier 2 and 3 Vocabulary Students should have a separate binder for Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary words. This binder is for LA, Math, and Science content words. Teachers will have the papers to insert in this binder. This binder is only brought to class at select times (as instructed by teacher)

9 Math Math Book (orange) stays home Common Core (purple) bring to class everyday Math Facts – I Have Games, Timed Tests Problem Solving Notes/videos are on my website Homework – show work, use notes from class

10 LA Marble composition book for vocabulary Novels, anthology, more of a shift to non- fiction reading and more complex text Writing will focus on expository, narrative, persuasive, argumentative Creative writing and grammar skills will be reinforced across the curriculum Reading HW must be completed

11 Social Studies Textbook stays home. This first book will be collected back in spring and a new text will be assigned. 1 st Trimester – Geography/The Social Studies/Ancient Greece 2 nd Trimester – Ancient Greece and Rome 3 rd Trimester – The Dark Ages and Early Medieval Europe.

12 Science Textbooks for each unit should stay at home (some textbooks are iPad only). Students should keep their table of contents up-to-date and their binder organized! Students will be blogging in science this year - you can always check in on your student’s blog to see what we are working on in science. To EACH CLASS students should bring: –Binder –Science Composition Notebook

13 Promoting Responsibility and Accountability In order to help students transition to the middle school model Team Six has implemented the following strategy: 3 unprepareds for a Trimester per class results in a quiet lunch setting with one of the sixth grade teachers Minor disruptive behaviors will result in a quiet lunch Any code of conduct violations will be referred to the office

14 And finally Tonight was-school-325835331509

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