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RULES AND PROCEDURES Fall Semester 2014 Mrs. Vessell.

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1 RULES AND PROCEDURES Fall Semester 2014 Mrs. Vessell

2 Welcome back! ◦ I’m SO glad to have you in my class this year! I hope you had a wonderful break. I look forward to working with you all!

3 A little about myself… ◦ Name: Mrs. Vessell ◦ I got married over the summer ◦ 0 kids, 1 dog (Roxy) ◦ Favorites ◦ Candy: Hershey’s Cookies n’ Cream bars ◦ Book Series: Harry Potter ◦ TV Show: Doctor Who ◦ Color: Green ◦ Music/Band: Ska/Streetlight Manifesto My Family

4 How to get an A… ◦ LISTEN to Mrs. Vessell ◦ Come to School ◦ Do ALL Homework/Classwork—On time ◦ Stay Organized ◦ Utilize My Teacher WebsiteMy Teacher Website ◦ ASK QUESTIONS!

5 Remind 101—Stay Connected! 9 th Grade11 th Grade

6 Classroom Rules 1.Be respectful and courteous to your teacher and peers 2.Bring all of your English Materials to class each day 3.Assume responsibility for your actions and your assignments 4.Keep your desk and the surrounding area clean 5.NO food or drinks will be allowed in the classroom

7 Three Strikes Policy ◦ Anytime the class as a whole is being loud and/or disrespectful, the class will receive a strike. ◦ Get three strikes?—You’re silent until the end of class, or until I tell you otherwise. Those who talk during a silent period will receive a detention.

8 Detention Policy ◦ You will receive a detention for the following infractions: ◦ Eating/having food out in class ◦ Talking during a silent day ◦ Excessive tardies ◦ Disrespectful behavior ◦ Sleeping

9 Tardy Policy 4 Step Tardy Policy 1.Warning 2.Call Parents 3.Detention 4.Write Up ◦ BE ON TIME to class! This will help you avoid getting “locked out” ◦ The door will close when the late bell rings. If you are outside the door, you are late and will be marked as such. ◦ If you are late, you need to sign the tardy log.

10 Bathroom Passes ◦ You will ONLY get 5 hall passes this semester. ◦ Manage your time between classes and use these passes wisely—don’t lose them. You will not be reissued bathroom passes for any reason. ◦ You must sign out by the door before leaving the classroom. ◦ If you use all of your passes, every subsequent pass out of the class will result in a detention. Name:_________ Destination:_________ Date:_________ Teacher Signature:_________ I am missing an important educational opportunity in Mrs. Vessell’s class for this frivolous errand.

11 Absent/Make-Up Work Procedures

12 BEFORE asking the teacher about make-up work, look in the make-up work binder for your class to see what you missed. The binder will have a log outlining what we did in class while you were absent. Absent/Make-Up Work Procedures

13 I will grade late assignments AFTER assignments that were submitted on time. Late Work Policy

14 ◦ Your English Binder will be EXTREMELY important this semester. ◦ STAY ORGANIZED! ◦ Notebook Checks count as a test grade. ◦ Every 4-6 weeks ◦ 8/13 —First check You need: ◦ A 3 ring binder ◦ With 5 dividers Dividers: 1.Bellwork/Journals 2.Reading Log 3.Classwork/Homework 4.Notes/Handouts 5.Graded Work English Binder


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