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Curriculum Night 8 th Grade Mathematics  2014- 2015  Ms. Bottomley.

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1 Curriculum Night 8 th Grade Mathematics  2014- 2015  Ms. Bottomley

2 Materials Students must bring the following to class on a daily basis.  a 1 or 1 ½ inch binder (for Math only)  5 tab binder dividers  Pencils (sharpened before class begins)  Red or blue pens for grading  Loose leaf paper  Calculator  Graph paper  Daily planner/assignment notebook  Positive attitude

3 Book and Workbook  Students will have a math text that they will be able to write directly in.  They will be taking notes, completing in-class work, and homework directly in their math book.

4 On-line Component  This book series comes with an amazing on-line component.  Each student will have their own login and password.  Book is online.  Students may be completing homework assignments and submitting them online.

5 Book  I nteractive Video  Math On the Spot  Animated Math  Personal Math Trainer

6 Videos Videos are used to introduce lessons with real world applications. f/math/gomath/na/gr8/interacti ve_student_edition_9780544083 080_/index.html

7 Math On the Spot At certain places in the text there will be places for students to scan the QR code. This allows the students to get instruction from one of the main writers of the textbook. mmon/tools/videoplayer/player.html?conte ntSrc=7277/7277.xml

8 Animated Math  Students will be able to explore different key concepts and see how the math actually works.  These skills are all reviewed interactively. math/common/simulations/S8_2/i ndex.html

9 Personal Math Trainer  Students have the ability to go through different math problems that correspond to the lesson they are completing.  There is a “tutor” that will help the students through each of the problems, giving hints as needed. ractice_user&cid=1&wid=nama15gra8iytu1m01 l1ye1

10 On-Line Assignments Students will be assigned different assignments that will need to be completed on-line. These will be listed for each of the students to complete by a certain date.

11 We are looking forward to a great school year!

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