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Clinical Cohort Application Application Help Applying to the Clinical Cohort Click on PDF icon to open Application 2 Clinical Cohort Binder Directions.

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2 Clinical Cohort Application Application Help

3 Applying to the Clinical Cohort Click on PDF icon to open Application 2 Clinical Cohort Binder Directions This same document is on our website Follow the directions found in this document If you want, take some of the suggestions I offer in this PPT

4 Creating your Binder Use a 1-inch, 3 ring binder for Application materials Put your name on Front and Spine of Binder Please 3-hole punch the following materials: Resume Personal Statement Field Experience Agreement Terms of Agreement Put materials in the order listed in the directions Do NOT use plastic covers for your materials; it makes things more difficult for us

5 Creating your Binder Include School Counselor Role Assignment & Assertion Paper, including rubrics with instructor comments, in the back of binder. You do not HAVE to 3-hole punch these assignments but you can if you’d like Deadline for submission is: First Monday of March OR the First Monday of November Submit to the main office of the School of Education, the ground floor of Hillside Hall If you’d like, you may email Dr. Bradley to confirm receipt of your Binder,

6 Creating your Resume Be Clear, Specific & Succinct about Degrees earned & Dates earned Education awards and/or accolades (not required) Pre-requisite or Pre-Cores taken & Dates taken Simply list this information Do not ‘add’ extras trying to fill space here Specificity, Clarity & Succinct information is Best

7 Resume: Employment Information Follow the EXAMPLE provided in the Directions. This is not a 1-page resume; this is like a Curriculum Vita Provide clear description & explanation of Work history & responsibilities & experiences Dates & duration of your experiences Work experience with kids & age(s) of these kids ‘Leadership’ responsibilities or experiences (not required) Experiences with ethnically diverse students (not required) Experience with Special Education students (not required) Does your description & explanation provide a ‘picture’ of your job(s)?

8 Resume: Volunteer Work List only ‘significant’ volunteer work, meaning: Do NOT include something you did once ONLY relevant volunteer experiences (do not include ‘filing or other clerical’ experiences) Clearly describe & explain volunteer experience Make sure reader understands: the experience(s) you had what you did exactly how it relates to helping others, kids, diversity, advocacy, school issues, working with parents, etc.

9 Resume: Bonus Experiences Describe & Explain your experiences working with: Ethnically diverse populations Special Education students Leadership Positions Training beneficial to School Counselors Be Clear, Be Specific, Provide Detail about: the experience(s) you had what you did exactly What you learned Why you believe this experience was significant

10 Employment, Bonus, or Volunteer Experiences? Wonder if something should be included under Employment Information, Bonus OR Volunteer Experience? Put the information in BOTH places Its possible the information belongs in BOTH places If the info only belonged in 1 place, you will NOT be penalized for putting it in two places We would rather have to ‘eliminate’ a piece of information because you put it in two places than NOT give you credit for something because it was NOT in two places.

11 Resume: Tips & Suggestions 1.Be as clear & specific as possible 2.Be honest & direct 3.Do NOT ‘add extras’ trying to fill space 4.Proofread 5.Ask someone to read it for clarity 6.Ask someone who knows little about your job to read it 7.See if they understand it 8.Make edits as needed

12 Personal Statement 1.Answer each question listed. Do the experiences you described help us understand you? Does it explain WHY you want to be a School Counselor? 2.Be Clear! Be Specific! 3.Proofread 4.Ask another person to read it! Do they better understand you after reading it! 5.Use Double-Space, 12pt Times New Roman Font

13 Letters of Recommendation Will be done ELECTRONICALLY now! Email Dr. Bradley, at Provide Dr. B the following information about EACH of your recommenders: 1.Recommenders Full Name & Professional Title 2.Recommenders Email Address 3.Recommenders work phone number For your G500 Recommender, Dr. Bradley only needs their name & email address Dr. Bradley will send a link to each of your recommenders

14 In Person Interviews Candidates may participate in In-Person Interviews Candidate will have 2 consecutive, individual interviews, each about 25 minutes. Someone will contact you via email to schedule your interview We will use the email you provide in your Resume You will NOT participate in a short activity; you are finished after your second interview is complete

15 In Person Interviews To prepare for your Interview, I suggest: 1.You consider why you want to be a school counselor 2.Review your Personal Statement Remember, you will NOT participate in an activity following your interviews

16 Notification of your Acceptance You will be notified of your acceptance in 4 – 6 weeks. You will receive an email If accepted you will be expected to start classes immediately If accepted you will be given information about enrollment, books, and other materials needed for the cohort

17 Have Questions? Email Dr. Bradley at or Dr. PH at Some questions we cannot answer; we cannot read materials prior to submission; But if you have a question, you can email Dr. Bradley or Dr. PH and if we are able, we will provide you an answer BEST OF LUCK!!!

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