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Learning Targets (Objectives) 8/27/14

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1 Learning Targets (Objectives) 8/27/14
I can cite text based evidence that provides the strongest support for an analysis of literary text. I can support my inferences with evidence from text. I can effectively engage in discussions with diverse partners about eighth-grade topics, texts, and issues.

2 Agenda Review Learning Targets Binder organization
Vocabulary notes and discussion Gallery Walk/I Notice, I Wonder Chart (p. 1) Mix and Mingle Closing – Ticket out HW – 8A: student inventory

3 Binder Organization 5 sections
Each of the first 4 tabs is for Module Handouts/pages (M1, M2, M3, M4) Each tab has its own “Table of Contents” Can be done on the tab or on loose leaf/printer paper Must have a Table of Contents and keep it updated – see wall chart. Do not over stuff your binder We will do a partial clean out after each module 5th tab is for extra loose leaf and spiral notebook Spiral notebook is for notes, study guides, journal entries, free writes, independent reading reflections

4 Vocabulary: notes in spiral notebook
to infer (v.); inference (n.) Using background knowledge and textual evidence to make an 'educated guess' or draw a logical conclusion textual evidence (n.) words, lines, phrases, or sentences (quotes) pulled from the text in exact wording to cite (v.); citation (n.) stating where textual evidence or key ideas are found in the text

5 Gallery Walk Protocol Several pictures posted around the room
Silently – you will have 1 minute at a picture to record in your chart I notice = evidence you see in the photo I wonder = “wonder statements” brought about by the evidence viewed You may not be able to see every picture, that is OK You will have a 10 second silent transition between photos Record valuable information using note taking strategies Debrief & discuss

6 Mix and Mingle Protocol
Article: “Panic Rises in Saigon but the Exits Are Few” 2 sentence strips per student Quietly walk around the room finding students that have different information than you Create groups of 3 or 4 Part 2 Arrange strips in the “logical order” you think they appear in the full article Inference feedback

7 Ticket Out On an index card, describe what you believe to be the most interesting photograph from the Gallery Walk today. Be sure to cite the photograph.

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