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Interactive Student Notebook (Resource Binder)

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1 Interactive Student Notebook (Resource Binder)
First Six Weeks ISN Interactive Student Notebook (Resource Binder) PLEASE GET OUT YOUR BINDER AND NOTEBOOK PAPER

2 Setting up your Resource Binder
Cover Be sure your full name and period is on the cover You may decorate you cover School appropriate School dress code Table of Contents Must match Mr. Burrow’s Multiple pages will be numbered 1a, 1b,1c Warm Up Section Notebook Paper (Warm Ups and Exit Tickets)

3 Four Regions of Texas Map
INSIDE COVER Color the four regions of Texas Cut them out and glue them together on a separate piece of paper. Label the following: Four regions (p.43) Gulf of Mexico Legend Compass Rose Tape this paper down on the inside cover of your binder


5 Four Regions of Texas Map
INSIDE COVER Tape two transparency pages on top of your Texas Regions map On the transparency closest to the map draw then label the following physical features using page A7: Rio Grande River Red River Sabine River Nueces River San Antonio River Guadalupe River Colorado River Brazos River


7 Four Regions of Texas Map
INSIDE COVER On the transparency furthest from the regions map label the following major cities: Houston Corpus Christi Austin (mark with a star for state capital) Goliad Galveston El Paso San Antonio Tyler Dallas Fort Worth Amarillo


9 Four Regions of Texas Foldable
PG 1

10 Hole punch this edge Fold line….fold here. Name Period Date

11 First Six Weeks Vocabulary
PG 2-2b Define, Write and Illustrate Word/Term Definition Sentence Picture Region (Natural Region) Area with a common physical environment Texas has four natural regions. Draw a picture to represent the term Write a complete sentence using the word/term…do not repeat the definition.


13 The World Cafe


15 Native American Notes Chart
Native Texans Region Dwelling Food Nomadic or Permanent Karankawa Coahuiltecan Caddo Wichita Atakapa Jumano Tonkawa Apache Comanche Kiowa PG 3 Native American Notes Chart


17 Friday September 5 How did the geography of Texas impact the cultures of the earliest inhabitants of the land? Must be at least 1 page in length. Must use the following words within a complete sentence: ~ Region ~ Agriculture ~ Natural Resources ~ Culture

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