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Building your 6th-grade Science Binder

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1 Building your 6th-grade Science Binder

2 You need a 1” or 1.5” binder Inside the binder, you need 5 divider tabs Label them: Reference Warm-ups Critical Vocabulary Notes Assignments

3 The first tab is “Reference”
The “reference” tab will eventually hold MANY documents. It will be a “reference” library of your own! Right now, it’s going to hold four pages: 1st page – Class Expectations Contract (marigold color)

4 “Reference” tab continued…
2nd page behind the “Reference” tab – Course Syllabus (blue) 3rd page behind the “Reference” tab – Science Binder Reqmts. (green) 4th page behind the “Reference” tab – Safety Rules (pink) At later dates we will add other pages that will help you with Science!

5 The 2nd tab is “Warm-ups”
The “warm-ups ” tab has pages behind it where you will write down the following… DATE LEARNING TARGET AGENDA (what we will be doing) HOMEWORK (if applicable) WARM-UP question WARM-UP answer The warm-up activity packet is designed for this to be easier and quicker!

6 The 3rd tab is “Critical Vocabulary”
The “Critical Vocabulary tab has pages behind it where you will write down the words that are needed to understand the Science we are studying. The “Vocabulary” worksheet is designed to make it easier for you to get these written quickly!

7 The 4th tab is “Notes” The “Notes” tab has loose-leaf paper behind it.
You must keep plenty of loose-leaf notebook paper in this section. We will take notes in the “Cornell” notes style, which we will learn more about a little later.

8 The 5th tab is “Assignments”
The “Assignments” tab is the last tab in your Science Binder. Everything that is graded will be kept behind this tab, after it is returned to you. You will keep EVERYTHING that is handed back to you. Do NOT throw anything away! You will be told when it’s okay to get rid of it, and then we will recycle it.

9 Congratulations! You’ve built your 6th grade Science Binder!
Take care of your Science Binder, and it will take care of you. (HINT: You will be able to use your Science Binders on some quizzes and tests.)

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