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Using LiveBinders in the Classroom and Beyond

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1 Using LiveBinders in the Classroom and Beyond
Organization Through Online Binders

2 Overview of LiveBinders
Explanation - Free! Available anywhere there is internet access Live Binders is an online 3-ring binder.   It allows students and teachers to combine web content with PDF and word documents in an online binder.   The binder can be organized into tabs and sub tabs and can be embedded on blogs and other websites, or downloaded to a computer desktop.   Because the Live Binder is online, students can access their binder from school, library, home, or any Internet connected computer.   

3 Ways to Use LiveBinder in Your Classroom
Create your own LiveBinder for yourself or for your class Allow students to create their own LiveBinders as part of various units of study or as a cumulative activity. This is an excellent documentation of progress and a wonderful way to celebrate learning. Use the search tool in LiveBinders to search for resource-filled binders created by others. There is an education category that you can select and then you can enter your own search terms.

4 Examples of Classroom Integration
Pre-select reliable and appropriate sources for a research project Second Grade Birds Research Project Fifth Grade Decades Research Project

5 Examples of Classroom Integration
Distribute Class Information Mrs. Cara’s Seventh Grade Class Bluebonnet Books Algebra Class

6 Examples of Classroom Integration
Online Textbooks Create your own textbook using varied text, primary sources, or digital media files Civil War Westward Expansion Student created “digital” textbook

7 Examples of Classroom Integration
Personal/Professional My LiveBinder Mrs. M’s LiveBinder Future Recipe Book?

8 Examples of Classroom Integration
Webquests/Virtual Field Trips/Webcams London Olympics Ancient Civilizations Amazing Animals

9 Examples of Classroom Integration
Student Portfolios Senior Portfolio (2)

10 Examples of Classroom Integration
New Ideas Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom Free Technology Tools for Teachers Creating QR Codes

11 How to Create a LiveBinder
Accounts are free – You just need a username, password and an address You can begin a new binder by clicking on the Create Binder tab at the top (all binders will be placed on your “shelf”) Choose your category (education) Make your binder public (searchable) or private (seen only by you) Private  Create an access key that will allow others the ability to view your binder if you wish You can fill your binder with a Google Search (first 7 results will go into your binder)

12 How to Create a LiveBinder
To add a link, click on a tab that you want to add it under and click on the button Each tab has a menu that will allow you to move your tabs, delete your tabs, or add sub tabs In the advanced menu you can add other media like docs, audio, PDFs or video In the advanced menu you can also change your layout You can drag your binder to a desktop, it, or embed it to a blog or website

13 LiveBinder It! Explanation 
The “Livebinder It” tool sits in your bookmark bar and allows you to easily add pages to an existing binder When you find something you’d like to add to your binder, just click on the “Livebinder It” button and a new window will pop up. You can either start a new binder and add it or you can choose to add it to an existing binder (and even choose which tab and sub tab you want to add it to) Important note – You must be logged into Livebinders to be able to use the “Livebinder It” tool If you forget how to do something or you missed a step There are short, easy to understand video tutorials under the “Learn More” tab

14 Questions?

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