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Welcome Proteus Research Paper Family Life Graduation Activities.

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1 Welcome Proteus Research Paper Family Life Graduation Activities

2 8th Grade Proteus Research Paper

3 Controversial Topics Medical Legal Political

4 Business Letter Asking for topic approval Follow business letter format

5 Article Summaries 10 in favor of topic 10 opposing topic Articles must be highlighted and numbered Articles must be attached to summaries Summaries must be formatted correctly

6 Guideline for Summaries Research information Highlight/Summarize Do not plagiarize Label summary Attach article to summary

7 Article Summary Format Must include: –Title of Article –Author –Date –Source –Number

8 Interviews One in favor One opposing Must not be a friend/family/neighbor Person must have experience and knowledge of topic Student must arrange and conduct interview One interview must be face to face 10 prepared questions and transcript per interview Thank you letters - business format

9 Outline Students will be given a worksheet to complete their outline.

10 Format 1-inch margins Double-spaced Plain script-12 font 11 paragraphs Organized in binder

11 Family Life

12 Catholic Values and Sexuality Sex, Love and Relationships Reality Babies

13 Catholic Values and Sexuality Video-assisted family life program Covers wide range of topics: values, relationships and decision making in the Catholic tradition

14 Sex, Love & Relationships Pam Stenzel Straight Talk on Teen Sexuality- videos/discussion Choices Have Consequences Physical Cost, Emotional Cost and Spiritual Cost Making Good Choices and Building Character

15 Reality Babies Each student will be responsible for a reality baby for 24 hours Keep a journal - 4 entries Write a paper reflecting experience

16 8th Grade Graduation and Activities

17 Future Field Trips Sacramento - Thursday, March 16th Chabot - April ? Great America - Friday, May 19th Bowling - Wednesday, May 31st

18 End of Year Activities May Crowning (dress) - May 12th Graduation Practice - Starts May 15th BBQ - May 31st Min. Day - June 1st June 2nd -Baccalaureate Mass - 9:00 a.m. June 2nd - Graduation Ceremony- 7:00 p.m.

19 Thank you!!

20 Proteus Due Dates Jan. 15th Business Letter Jan. 22nd Article Summaries 1-5 Jan. 29th Article Summaries 6-10 Feb. 2ndInterview Names w/Parent Signature Feb. 5th Article Summaries 11-15 Feb. 10th Binder Check Feb. 12th Article Summaries 16-20 Feb. 26th Interview Questions Mar. 12th 1st Interview Transcript Due Mar. 19th 2nd Interview Transcript Due Mar. 24th Binder Check Mar. 26thThank You Letter (Business Format) Apr. 2nd Outline Apr. 21st Binder Check Apr. 23rd 1st Draft May 11th Final Due

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