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What Do I Do with All this Paperwork? How to organize your child’s papers.

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1 What Do I Do with All this Paperwork? How to organize your child’s papers

2 What to do first? Gather any paperwork that has do with your child Divide them into categories Put them in date order Get a 3-ring binder (rookies) Get a 3-ring binder & portable file drawer (veterans)

3 Binder Categories Current Year’s IEP Current work samples (with dates) Most Current Evaluation(s) Progress reports/Reports cards/ IEP Goal Updates Communications

4 Current Year’s IEP This is the document created at the end of the year meeting. Put it in a sheet protector or just hole punch it. Any amendments made to the IEP

5 Current Work Samples Anything that comes home with a grade on it Anything you think shows progression or regression Anything coming home in progress or report cards Always put a date on it

6 Progress/Report/IEP Goal Updates When these reports come home: –Take the work samples you have collected to that point –Place them behind the report –Email or call the teacher with any questions about the reports –Purge as needed

7 Latest Evaluation Copy of the most current psych evaluation Cheat Sheet of psych terms –(coming soon)

8 Communications Any emails or notes on a particular subject Meeting notices Discipline notices Anything you get from the school that you feel is important

9 File Drawer Categories Past Year’s IEPs (newest to oldest) Standardized Test Results Past Evaluations

10 Past Years’ IEPs The previous IEP Work samples The last (or all) reports cards Any communications Rubber band these all together

11 Evaluations School psych evaluations Private evaluations Copies of the surveys you completed for the evaluations

12 Standardized Tests Results CRCTITBS Writing TestsCogAT Star ReadingStar Math DRALexile GKAP or GKIDSGAA report

13 Why organize? Take your binder (and portable file drawer) with you to conferences and IEP meetings. You have the appearance of being prepared for the IEP meeting, even if you don’t feel it. You have any report that may come up in discussion. You know where the item is when you want to show your point. Your child’s progress for the year(s) is all in one place (or 2 places for the veterans).

14 Why Bring It With You? You can look on as reports are discussed. You may have something that the school does not have. The information is at your fingertips. You can be an informed and involved parent who participates in the development of your child’s IEP.

15 What if I do not have everything? You may come to the office and look at your child’s file. If there is anything that you do not have, you have the right to have a copy of it. Call and make an appointment with our records clerk, Connie Kelly. Her phone number is 770-460-3911 ext. 245.

16 Guidelines “This is not so much a code, it is more of a guideline.” This is a starting point. Find what works for you. Date everything - because you are not going to remember. Purge as needed - I do not support being a pack rat.

17 Questions or Problems Please call or email me if you have any questions or need help with organizing or anything at all – –770-460-3911 ext. 239 – if it rings back to the front office, please leave a message OR call –Work cell phone – 770-668-6314

18 Have a Happy IEP Season !

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