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1 Mentor Training #4 January 30 th, 20134 1 Science Fair in 3 Months!!

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1 1 Mentor Training #4 January 30 th, 20134 1 Science Fair in 3 Months!!

2 2 WHERE YOU SHOULD BE RIGHT NOW… You should either be very close to starting your experiment, in the process of experimenting, or finishing up your experiment. You should have started/be starting the background research and introduction as well.

3 3 Background Information: First paragraph: introduces the project & it's importance. It includes the following: Hook Purpose Hypothesis Summary of Procedure and Materials Importance of Project and Contribution to Science You should have your buddy write a First Paragraph before the next Mentor Buddy meeting if you can! Be ready to edit it at the meeting.

4 4 Background Report Second Paragraph: References to what at least two other experiments similar to yours have found to be factual. The BUDDY BINDER contains a very easy fill-in-the- blank format for the 2nd paragraph. Use it. Again, try to have your buddy write a preliminary Second Paragraph to edit at the next meeting. At the MB meeting, there will be a very simple fill-in- the-blanks outline for the 2nd paragraph. 4

5 5 Background Report Third Paragraph: Background info you needed to know to understand your project. Show the reader what an expert you've become in your subject. Charts, diagrams, and photographs (from Internet or books) to help explain the science behind your experiment. Include a caption underneath each item, stating “Courtesy of ___”, etc, to site the sources. 5

6 6 Quick Review of Data Analysis If your buddy has collected data already, you can begin Data Analysis at the upcoming MB meeting! 1. Help the buddy to understand the data for the control group versus the experimental group(s) by: taking the average (mean) of each data set for each trial computing the percent change computing the median or mode 6

7 7 Quick Review of Graphs Try to determine which type(s) of graph will best suit your experiment’s data Usually, raw data is not graphed– the result of the data analysis is graphed (ex: graph the percent change) If data sets are small, raw data can be graphed along with graphs showing data analysis See the buddy binder for examples of graphs 7

8 8 HOW TO WRITE THE CONCLUSION Must show what you learned in your experiment and how that knowledge can be applied today. Summarize the project and answer the original question that was addressed. Mention if the hypothesis or null hypothesis was supported in the results. Explain how the results could have occurred/possible improvements that could be done to the experiment. Examples can be seen in both the buddy and mentor binder under Results/Conclusion

9 9 HOW TO FORMAT/ORGANIZE THE FINAL REPORT (AKA: THE BINDER) Things to include (in recommended order) : Background Introduction Abstract Purpose Hypothesis, Variables, Null Hypothesis Project Materials list Procedure Charts/Graphs (organized observations) Data Analysis Results & Conclusion Photographs (with captions) Bibliography & Acknowledgements Special Safety Forms signed by Advisor *if required by experiment procedure Type them using a size 12-14 font such as Times New Roman and put them into the binder on separate pages in a new 1 or ½ inch three ring binder. Make a title page (usually the Question you are trying to answer). Example: What is the average growth rate of plants based on varied levels of exposure to sunlight? Make a table of contents (after you’ve numbered each page you’ve put into the binder).

10 10 REMINDERS!! There are ONLY 3 MORE Mentor-Buddy meetings before the Science Fair in April– SO USE THEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! Catch up on any work and don’t waste the valuable time with your buddy. From now on, the weekly emails you send to your buddy need to become very FOCUSED on moving your buddy FORWARD...pushing them to write the Background Info paragraphs, to set a date for experimentation, etc. Really give them some motivation & HELP where needed!! 10

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