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Columbus North High School Physical Education Individual Sports Mrs. Riga Mrs. Shaff.

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1 Columbus North High School Physical Education Individual Sports Mrs. Riga Mrs. Shaff

2 CNPE Required Courses for graduation: –PE Individual Sports, 1 credit –PE Team Sports, 1 credit Elective Courses* for credit: –Advanced Weight Training –Hoosier Hysteria *Must successfully pass both required courses to sign up for advanced PE!

3 PE Individual Curriculum Archery Golf Tennis Roller Skating Swimming Badminton Pickle-ball Fitness North HS Web page – “Faculty” web pages for Riga &/or Shaff for more info!

4 Rules & Regs Read Pages 3 & 4 DRESS MUST be a change of clothes. Shorts/sweatpants and sleeved t-shirt. Tennis Shoes w/ laces. NO CUT OFFS, No sagging, no short shorts Swimsuit required for swimming, 1 piece preferred. NON-DRESS EACH non-dress lowers participation grade 10%. 5 non-dresses in a semester may result in W/F from class. Non-dresses carry over from the first 9 weeks.

5 Rules & Regs WEEKLY SCHEDULE Mon, Wed, Fri Sport Unit days. Tues & Thurs Fitness days. Bring your binder and a pencil every day! Each day a student will earn up to 10 participation points. ABSENCES Check the white board and with your teacher to get assignments (website). A 1-page article report on fitness, sport, or health related magazine articles will earn all or part of the missed participation points. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to complete the work!

6 Rules & Regs LOCKS/LOCKERS A lock and locker is provided to each student. ALL POSSESSIONS SHOULD BE LOCKED WHEN YOU ARE NOT PRESENT AT THE LOCKER! Do not bring valuables to PE. SAFETY No jewelry or chewing gum in class. No glass bottles, especially in the locker rooms. No horseplay…use self- control! Communicate any medical issues to your teacher! LOCK UP YOUR STUFF!!!!

7 INDIVIDUAL SPORTS BINDER INDIVIDUAL SPORTS BINDER Place your book in a 3-ring binder to secure all loose papers. Mark your name clearly on your binder and the papers inside. There are 5 sections to your binder, dividers will help you to stay organized. See page 1 to help you. You will use your binder weekly to complete assignments, bring it everyday to class with a pencil! We will have written tests over each sport unit and each fitness component. At the end of the semester, you will have a final project. You will be creating a personal fitness plan using the knowledge you gain over the semester. Keep your binder in order and up to date to help you!

8 Other PE Issues After changing at the end of class, ALL students will wait for the bell in the gym. BOYS MUST WAIT BEHIND HALF COURT! Vending machines are OFF LIMITS during class time! The gym, locker room, and outdoor facilities are learning areas – NO CELL PHONES are to be on! If you have your phone with you, LOCK IT IN YOUR LOCKER!!!!

9 HAVE FUN! We strive to have fun while learning life- long fitness components and lifetime sports!

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