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English 3: American Literature Second Semester Mr. Clements

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1 English 3: American Literature Second Semester Mr. Clements

2 Reflective Writing Take out one (1) sheet of paper Think back over the three weeks we had off for Winter Break Describe one (1) positive event or thing that happened for either you, your family or your friends, include emotions, description, even dialogue. Complete at least (1) one paragraph for this writing assignment

3 Pair Share Turn to the person to your left or right and tell them about your winter break

4 Stand and Deliver Everyone stand up, stand up, stand up Stand on the outside “ring” of the class Each person is going to share one (1) neat, fun or cool thing that happened to them or that you did over Winter Break

5 Classroom Norms Posted at the back of the room Everyone follows them so that we can create a safe environment for learning and community in room 122

6 Expectations/Goals After this semester all of you will be seniors This class will prepare you for a college prep. English course; either British Literature, Multicultural literature or CARTA University. I will be helping you in preparing for your senior projects/presentations

7 On Going Assignments Organization (preparation for senior year) Book Reviews Vocabulary/Literary Terms (Word Wall) Improvisational word cards (preparation for senior project oral boards)

8 Improvisational word cards If you have a word card stand up Your task is going to be to speak for 60 sec. about your topic You may not reveal what the word or topic is The rest of the class with guess what your topic is at the end of your presentation.

9 Binder/Spiral notebook Requirements: –You are required to have one (1) three ring binder for this class only –You are required to have one (1) spiral notebook for this class only

10 Contents for 3 ring binder Everything needs to be hole punched and included in the binder and not in the pockets! (shake test!) There needs to be tabs for each of the following sections: Handouts, graded work, portfolio assignments, Collaborative assignments

11 Contents for spiral notebook Ideally you should have a spiral notebook which has an area for the three rings for your binder The tabbed sections of the notebook are: Quick-Writes/Warm-ups & Cornell Notes

12 Due Date and Points 3 Ring Binder –Passes Shake Test (50) –Has all sections with tabs (80) Spiral Notebook –Has all sections with tabs (40) Total: 170 If you have any materials from another class in either of these you will receive an automatic zero! The first binder check is going to be on March 21 st

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