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Biology Course Description and Expectations Mr. Welman Room 126.

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1 Biology Course Description and Expectations Mr. Welman Room 126

2 As you walk in… Turn in your “student survey” –Wire basket on my lab bench Pick up the following handouts: –Assignments and Activities –Scavenger Hunt –Binder Description –Course Description and Expectations Pick up a textbook Take your seat, and put the following on your desk (everything else on the floor, please): –Pen/pencil, binder/notebook (if you have it) –All handouts, textbook

3 Follow along… Your syllabus contains many blank sections. Please complete them as I work through this presentation. Ask questions!

4 Who’s that guy teaching you? Mr. Welman –Bachelor of Science in biology University of New Hampshire –Masters in Teaching Seattle University –5 years in ecological research Lab site: Institute of Ecosystem Studies, New York Field site: Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest (acid rain) –11 th year of teaching – bio, chem, phys science

5 Biology Biology: the science that seeks to understand the living world Passing Biology - required for graduation Passing the Biology “End of Course” exam (EOC) - required for graduation –65% of students in the state passed June 2014 –Failure = mandatory winter weekly study sessions and sophomore retake –Students who work hard in my class pass the EOC –Students who do not work hard – mixed results 9 D’s and F’s last year (out of 24)  4 passed, 5 failed

6 Course Outline First semester Nature of science, characteristics of lifeNature of science, characteristics of life Biochemistry, nature of matterBiochemistry, nature of matter Ecology, ecosystems, populations, env. scienceEcology, ecosystems, populations, env. science Cells (structure, processes, growth)Cells (structure, processes, growth) DNA (genetics, biotechnology, protein synthesis)DNA (genetics, biotechnology, protein synthesis) Second semester DNA, continued (or started, depending on timing)DNA, continued (or started, depending on timing) Biological evolutionBiological evolution Classification of lifeClassification of life Microbiology (bacteria, viruses)Microbiology (bacteria, viruses) Animal BiologyAnimal Biology

7 Expectations of Students Give this class your best effort Be respectful Be an active learner – –Participate and ask questions! –Participation is 10% of your grade

8 Website Link on syllabus Links to all staff websites on the MTHS website ( Class activities and homework are posted on the website daily. –If you are absent, check the website at home for homework and classwork - before you return!

9 Binder See “binder description handout” for more information (read tonight; we’ll discuss tomorrow). You will need a spiral-bound notebook and a 3 ring binder that is at least 1 inch wide – by Monday. Free used binders in the back cabinet

10 Homework Expect homework 2-4 (gen) nights per week On days assignments are due: –Some assignments will be collected and graded; you may not turn these in late (a few exceptions…) –Some assignments will be stamped; keep them in your binder until it is collected. Homework in your binder without a stamp will earn partial credit.

11 Late work Late work is not accepted, with two exceptions –Excused absences (verified by Skyward) –TWO late assignment passes per student I’ll give these to you in a moment…

12 Grading Your semester grade is comprised of the following: –55% tests and quizzes –35% homework, labs, binder, projects –10% participation and attendance

13 Electronic equipment Except for calculators, all electronic devices must be kept in your backpack or purse at all times. If Mr. Welman sees an electronic device or headphones/earbuds in your ears –First offense: confiscated for period –Second offense: given to office for student pickup –Third offense: given to office for PARENT/GUARDIAN pickup (no exceptions).

14 Attendance and tardy policy Be in the room by the time the bell rings. –More than one unexcused tardy = detention after school –4 th tardy – referral to administration (school policy) –Tardy, late, bathroom passes –Popsicle sticks – nickname on these in pen If you are absent, you must make up ALL missed work. If your absence is unexcused, you may not make up missed work; a 0 grade will be given. Students with a low grade (D) who also have poor attendance may not pass the course –Participation/attendance is 10% of your grade!

15 After an absence Visit my website before returning to class –Copy assignment sheet information When you return: –Pick up handouts from bins by door –Look for returned assignments by door –See me during PASS or after school with questions or to make up class/lab work. –Do NOT see me right before or after class. –Look at the board now. Upper left.

16 Academic Honesty MTHS students should not cheat, and should not tolerate those who do Copying answers to assignments or exams is unacceptable –Those who copy and those who allow their work to be copied will receive quick, serious disciplinary action. Plain and simple: DO YOUR OWN WORK.

17 Contact and extra help Email me with questions! I am available in Room 126 –Most days (not Wednesday) until about 2:30 –See board ACTIVITY BUS – 3:30 every day! –Frequently in the morning from 7:00 – 7:20 I like helping students after school! –I will work very hard to help you make up missed work or understand difficult topics. –Remember student advice from the surveys?

18 Miscellany Miss anything? This PowerPoint is available on my website. Recycling in blue bin at front of room –Paper, glass, plastic (no tops, rinsed) Food –No food or drinks allowed (safety issue). –Leave food/drink in your backpack. –Gum IN YOUR MOUTH is ok. If I see it, you spit it out. Hall pass – white pipe at front of room –4 bathroom passes per semester. Plan ahead. –If you use all of them, see me for a nurse referral Binders may be stored in side cabinets. Hole punch, tape – by side cabinets; stapler up front 2 hand washing sinks –up front, in the back Please do NOT pack up early, do NOT wait by door to leave

19 Books! Record the book number (4 digits) somewhere safe (e.g. insider binder cover) –You will probably need this later! Check the condition right now Work on scavenger hunt ALONE while I check out books (I’ll call you up). You may usually leave your book at home. –I will tell you the day before if you need it in class –You need it tomorrow

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