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CAH Records Management Presented By: Patricia Coderre, CAH November 15, 2012.

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1 CAH Records Management Presented By: Patricia Coderre, CAH November 15, 2012

2 The Dean’s Office Records Room houses information for every Full-Time Faculty member and Adjunct employed within the College of Arts & Humanities. Though not mandatory, we also have files for all A&P and USPS employees (consisting of contracts/offer letter, evaluations, pertinent information and pre-employment paperwork).

3 Faculty Binder Information Each faculty binder is set up as follows: Tab 1: Contracts (HR is record holder however, as a courtesy, we are holding five years of contracts for each faculty member) Tab 2: In-Unit Faculty Assignment of Duties (these are kept for the life of the file) Tab 3: Academic Assignment/End of Semester Reports (it is mandated we keep the most current five years)

4 Faculty Binder Information Cont. Tab 4: Faculty Evaluations (these are kept for twenty-five years after termination) Tab 5: CPEs for those in tenure earning positions going up for P&T (these are kept for twenty-five years after termination if retired via the Florida Retirement System. Those in the non-Florida Retirement System are kept for fifty years)

5 Faculty Binder Information Cont. Tab 6: Student Perception of Instructor (it is mandated we keep for one semester after the report is submitted. However, at this time we keep the most current five years) SPI’s are given to the Dean’s office on a CD provided by Computer Science & Telecommunications. In turn, the Dean’s office makes individual CDs for each department. We are mandated to hold these for one semester only therefore, we advise the departments to keep their CDs on hand in order to provide additional copies to their faculty.

6 Faculty Binder Information Cont. Tab 7: Pertinent Information (this is kept for twenty-five/fifty years after termination) This consists of Promotion and Tenure approval or denial letters, Committee Service letters, Awards letters, Acknowledgement letters from the outside community, Sabbatical approval or denial, etc. Tab 8: Pre-Employment (this is kept for twenty- five/fifty years after termination for Faculty) This consists of SACS, Transcripts, CVs, Letters of Recommendation, Offer letters, etc.

7 Adjunct Binders Tab 1: Contracts/Agreements (HR is the record holder however, we keep for life of file, or three years after termination) Tab 2: Academic Assignment/End of Semester report (kept for life of file, or three years after termination) Tab 3: Evaluation of Adjunct (life of file, or three years after termination)

8 Adjunct Binders, cont’d. Tab 4: Student Perception of Instructor (we keep most current five years, though mandate states destruction after one semester) Tab 5: Pertinent Information – same paperwork as faculty (kept for three years after termination) Tab 6: Pre-employment – same paperwork as faculty (kept for three years after termination)

9 Rehiring of Terminated Adjuncts To rehire Adjuncts terminated more than 3 semesters (1 calendar year), the individual will have to complete new hire paperwork. In order to expedite the rehire process, the Dean’s office will retain the official transcripts for all terminated Adjuncts. New transcripts will be required should the Adjunct be awarded a new degree, or has taken additional classes. Until new transcripts are received, the most current transcripts on hand will suffice. Please email CAHFR for copies.

10 To better serve your faculty for future needs, the Dean’s Office strongly encourages the department to provide a binder to new faculty members and encourage them to place pertinent paperwork that will be needed should they want to apply for P&T, SoTL, RIA, TIP, and all Excellence awards. This will limit the need for last minute requests for copies the Dean’s office may, or may not, have.

11 Please keep in mind that the Dean’s Office records room currently is home to over 500 active files. Keeping this volume of records within the realm of both University and State mandated laws, is a major undertaking. The Records room staff have a tremendous responsibility to uphold said policies and procedures.

12 Currently in the Records Room… New incoming paperwork is scanned immediately. All older contracts, SPIs, and EOSs for every employee in CAH are being scanned and placed into Electronic Files on the server. The next phase is to scan all remaining paperwork within the active files onto the server. The final phase will be to scan all terminated files dating back the 70’s and placing them onto the server.

13 Records Request Procedures Our Records room email address is Email requests are preferred for accurate documentation, however paper forms are available outside the records room door and to the right. CAH policy is a minimum of 24 hours to complete any requests to the Records room.

14 CAH Records Retention Reference Sheet *this list is subject to updates. RecordItem #GS1/GS5Record copyLegal RetentionCAH Retention Agreements HR 5 years CPEs //CAHLife of file Faculty Assignment Reports /Acad. Assign. & End of Semester Report 378GS1IR3 fiscal years - audit release5 current years Instructor Evaluations /Student Perception of Instruction 68GS5CAH1 semester5 current years In-Unit Fac. Annual Evaluations //CAHLife of file Pertinent Information (CAH File) CAH OSALife of file Pre-employment CAH Life of file Promotion and Tenure application and supplemental material 80GS5CAH5 years Promotion and Tenure letter of approval/denial/withdrawal 80GS5CAH25 years after terminationIn pertinent info 25 years Terminated Faculty CAH Varies 25/50 years 25/50 years Terminated Adjunct Files CAH 3 years Terminated Staff- A&P/ USPS/ OPS Files (non-adjunct) HR Varies1 year GS1-SL = Federal Records Schedule for State and Local Government. GS5 = General Records Schedule for Public Universities and Colleges OSA = Obsolete, Superseded, or Administrative value is lost. record copy means "original"

15 UCF Web sites: Records Disposal Alternative: State Web sites: Records Management Information References

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