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2 SUBJECT VERB OBJECT ADVERB OF MANNER ADVERB OF PLACE ADVERB OF TIME He is drawing a picture. He works hard. We will meet at school at quarter past two.

3 ZAČÁTEK VĚTY, OTÁZKA !!!vazba There is/are !!! rozkazovací způsob:
2.os.(ty) - Come here! (není podmět) 1.č.(my) - Let‘s help him. – Let us (není podmět) How much/many Where/When/Why/What What colour ….? What size …? pomocná slovesa Do you …?, Does he …?, Have you …?, Did she…?, Should we …?, Can he …?

4 Put the sentences in the correct order.
is /house / a / near /there / bookshop/our . very /guitar /he/ well /plays /the /. of / cinema / half / in /’s / meet / four / past/front / the/ at /let/. abroad / to / would / go /I/prefer/. there/ meet /him/did /you /?

5 There is a bookshop near our house.
He plays the guitar very well. Let’s meet in front of the cinema at half past four. I would prefer to go abroad. Did you meet him there?

6 has / usually / muesli/ breakfast /he/ for.
he/ games / learning / hasn’t / been/ he/,/ been /playing /has/ computer/. any / grandpa/ yet /has/ meal /your /had /? to / hard / learn /we/ try . often /go / you /how /do/ running?

7 He usually has muesli for breakfast.
He hasn’t been learning, he has been playing computer games. Has your grandpa had any meal yet? We try to learn hard. How often do you go running?

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