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Organizing Your Social Studies Binder Brought to you by, Mr. E.

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1 Organizing Your Social Studies Binder Brought to you by, Mr. E

2 Notebook &Tabs In your binder the first sheet should be your class handbook. The second item in your binder should be your notebook. Your notebook should be divided into 2 sections. -Do Now’s -Notes Mr. E will supply you with a tab to divide the two spaces. After your notebook comes your tabs.

3 Notebook &Tabs You need 5 tabs for your Social Studies Binder. Label them thusly: a. Articles/Handouts b. Vocab. c. Returned Work d. Tests/Assessments e. Extra Paper

4 Vocab. The Enneking Way The Word The definition Your way of remembering A picture-what does it look like?

5 Vocab.-The Enneking Way (an example) Patriot An American colonist who sided with the rebels in the American Revolution. Those American rebels are going to cause a riot-can’t spell patriot without riot.

6 Taking Notes We’re going to take notes a little differently than you remember. We’re going to create an interactive notebook. Whenever you take notes have your notes open to both pages.

7 Taking Notes Cont. We divide our notes into two sides. The left hand side of the notebook is for your thoughts, ideas, drawings, reactions to what we are discussing. It’s a way for you to make meaning with what we’re writing. The right hand side of your notebook is for traditional notes that we take. All testable material will appear on this side. As you take notes use either numbers or a lettering system to stay organized.

8 Taking Notes Cont. Here’s an example I.Why immigrants left Europe between 1865-1910. A. Political Reasons B. Economic Reasons 1. Looking for work in America. 2. Fleeing poor conditions in Europe. C. Primogeniture = oldest son gets it all! D. Adventure Enneking’s Question: Should we restrict immigration more today? On the one hand, I agree with this statement. The U.S. already has too many people. It makes it hard to give a fair amount of jobs to native workers. On the other hand all of our ancestors we’re immigrants at one time…. Primogeniture- Left SideRight Side

9 Turning in Papers All papers need to be turned in on clean white paper, no spirals. Write in blue or black ink or pencil, or better yet, type it. Follow the heading guidelines Name Class Period Date

10 Returned work When I return something to you place it into the “Returned Work” Tab. Keep everything unless I tell you to throw it away. At the end of each quarter you can clean out all old work and start fresh. The End

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