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Jeanna M. Condron-Cheek, RN, BSN Nursing Supervisor Child Health and Immunizations.

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1 Jeanna M. Condron-Cheek, RN, BSN Nursing Supervisor Child Health and Immunizations

2 About Me Graduated from University of Pittsburgh in 2002 Moved to NC in 2004 Worked at BCHD since 2005 Nursing Supervisor since 2009

3 BCHD Immunization Program Started 10 years ago with just the flu vaccine and one grade Currently we go to schools and provide: – FluMist (students), Flu shots (teachers and staff) – Tdap for 6 th graders – Adolescent Immunizations to High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers – TB skin tests, Tdap, and Twinrix to VFDs

4 What do I do First? Establish a need for the clinic Write a policy on outlying vaccine clinics Establish a contact person Ways to promote clinic (see enclosed forms) Monitor Vaccine Supply Permission forms Staff

5 How to get clinic started? Work with School Nurses Establish Rapport Front line to communication with parents and students Get information across to parents Collect Permission Forms Review Shot Records In Brunswick County- they do not administer any vaccine. Provide room for clinics to be held

6 Clinic Staff Schedule staff Look up shot record in NCIR Make Binders with each facility Name Make forms to send home to parents Review permission forms Separate forms into two stacks “NO” and “Yes ” Separate that stack into Private State

7 Day of Clinic Gather supplies Band-Aids Cotton balls Alcohol wipes Syringes Sharps container Hand sanitizer Emergency kit Garbage bags Kleenex Gloves

8 Day of clinic continued Gather vaccine Prepare two coolers, placing thermometer in each one One for private One for state Place ice packs in the coolers

9 Clinic Day Continued Gather “take home” paperwork Gather binder Laptop Pens Paper Stapler Staff

10 School Clinic Greet school personnel Set up clinic Give permission forms to school nurse Begin having students come to clinic ( work with RN to determine what works best for getting students) Students hand papers to a member of clerical Complete “take home” paper Administer shots based on eligibility Once done, give total # to school nurse Clean up

11 Back at HD Place unused vaccine into refrigerators Enter shots into NCIR Give binder to clerical Clerical bills according to insurance. Binder is given to IMM RN to keep in case of question

12 Flu Mist Clinic Totals


14 Adolescent Immunization Totals 2010

15 Adolescent Immunization Totals 2011

16 Clinic Totals FluMist Adolescent Vaccine 2009 Totals 2954 Mists given 2010 Totals 2076 Mists given 2010 Totals 581 shots to 234 students 2011 Totals 298 shots to 125 students

17 Establishing Relationship Make sure Health Director is on board. Set up meeting with School Superintendent. Have a plan Review statistics (imm rates)

18 Billing Become Providers for insurance companies before launching school immunizations program May be difficult but try BCBS first Might be easier to apply as immunizations provider Bill what isn’t covered by insurance to the parent BCHD has contracts with Aetna, BCBS, Medicare, Tricare, UHC, Cigna, MedCost, Medicaid

19 Vaccine Storage at HD Two Refrigerators Black (private vaccine) Silver (VFC vaccine) Only one to two active lots at a time Order private vaccine based on prior years usage


21 Sample letters to parents about clinics

22 Sample permission forms

23 Sample take home forms

24 Nursing Questions? Cynthia Simmons, RN, BSN Nursing Director Phone: 910-253-2327 email: Jeanna Condron-Cheek, RN, BSN Nursing Supervisor Phone: 910-253-2312 email: Barbara Beaube, LPN Immunization Nurse Phone: 910-253-2330 email:

25 Billing Questions? Sharon Smith Management Support Director Phone: 910-253-2268 email: Barbara Jackson Clinic Mgt Support Supervisor Phone: 910-253-2284 email: Kolandra Gause Immunization Clerk/Processing Assistant Phone: 910-253-2331 email:

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