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Resource Binder SBI 4U E: Homeostasis Alessia, Laura, Paul, & Sheena.

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1 Resource Binder SBI 4U E: Homeostasis Alessia, Laura, Paul, & Sheena

2 AGENDA Essential Question Hook Unit Plan Historical Topic: History of Homeostatic Systems Dry Lab Wet Lab STSE Culminating Activity Recent Research: Article Analysis and Forum

3 Essential Question “What is the effect on homeostasis of the introduction of performance-enhancing drugs?”

4 Hook Mouse Party – Introduces homeostasis of neural systems – Important hook for STSE Activity – on/drugs/mouse.html – Not meant to endorse drug use!


6 Dry Lab The Urinary System Exposed! – the urinary system – feedback mechanisms – water balance – effects of alcohol links to the STSE activity! Image from http://www.cic-

7 Dry lab – Part A Afferent arteriole Glomerulus Bowman’s capsule Proximal tubule Loop of Henle descending Loop of Henle ascending Distal tubule Collecting duct Efferent arteriole NaCl NaCl, urea, H2O H2O H2O, HCO3-, NaCl, K+, nutrients H+, NH3 H+, K+ NaCl, H2O, HCO3-

8 Dry lab – Part B Comparing solutes in plasma, nephron and urine Sample question: What happened to the levels of urea and ammonia after filtration? Explain why this occurs. Table 1. Concentrations of solutes in the Bowman's capsule, glomerulus, loop of Henle and collecting duct in g/100 mL (from Nelson 2003) SoluteBowman’s capsuleGlomerulusLoop of HenleCollecting duct protein 00.800 urea 0.05 1.52 glucose 0.1no data00 chloride (Cl - ) 0.37no data 0.6 ammonia (NH 3 ) 0.0001 0.04 substance X 09.1500

9 Dry lab – Part C Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) Negative feedback system Effect of alcohol on ADH and urine formation Osmoreceptors detect high pressure Pituitary gland releases ADH H2O conserved Blood osmotic pressure decreases

10 Wet Lab

11 STSE Culminating Activity

12 Article Analysis and Forum

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