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Getting Your Protégé Up and Running September 3, 2008 Chrissy Cowan Mentor Coordinator.

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1 Getting Your Protégé Up and Running September 3, 2008 Chrissy Cowan Mentor Coordinator

2 The First Month Organization Folder review Developing a schedule Meeting with teachers Observing Students

3 The Second Month Roles Consulting Skills District Forms/paperwork

4 The Third Month Documenting Student Progress Ordering Materials Conducting evaluations Agencies and Services

5 Organization on the Road Traveling Documents Folder Student Information Binder Student Lessons Teacher Packets

6 Examples of Contents of the Traveling Documents Folder District map & Mileage Chart Campus phone numbers District calendar Middle school/high school bell schedule Samples of print size Braille cheat sheet (see handout)

7 TVI Documents and Forms

8 Sample of a sheet inside a traveling documents folder

9 Print Sizes Chart

10 Examples of Contents of the Traveling Student Information Binder Student Information & Contact Record FVE/LMA Modifications checklist from last ARD Eye report & Low Vision Evaluation Current year IEP Student Schedule Current communications w/ others

11 Sample Student Information Binder

12 Student Schedule

13 Determination of Services to Be Provided – forms from IEP Meeting

14 Examples of Contents of Individual Student Pocket Folders Lesson Plans Lesson Materials Consultation Reports Progress Notes forms

15 Lesson plans can be simple….

16 Student schedule, with note at the bottom for best time to work with TVI

17 Examples of Documents for Teacher Packets TVI Information The Vision Itinerant’s Role Information on Monocular Telescopes Classroom Adaptations for the Student with a Visual Impairment VI Teacher Information-MIVI


19 Folder Review Go through each student’s folder to find: VI IEP Educational placement Type & amount of VI service Grade level/school FVE/LMA: recommendations Eye Report: etiology; glasses? Low Vision Evaluation: devices?

20 Student Data Form

21 TVI Information Form Student: Vision Teacher: Phone Number: Scheduled Time to Work with Student: Vision Teacher’s Goals for the Student: Classroom Modifications: Observations: In order to determine if my objectives are being used by this student in his/her classroom, I will ask to observe periodically. I will always notify you at least 2 days in advance to schedule a time convenient for you.

22 Developing a Schedule Look at district map Write days of week across top of folder On Post-It Notes, write the name of each student on one note-one color for direct and a different color for consult

23 Developing a Schedule If the student’s VI time is separated out make two Post-It Notes for the same student Place names on your file folder/calendar, spread out over the week Using a 3 rd color Post-It Note, schedule time slots for lunch, observing students, etc. Allot time to travel between campuses

24 Developing a Schedule Get names of teachers for elementary students, copy of the course schedule for middle/high school students Set up brief meeting with teachers to share information from FVE/LMA recommendations section, discuss possible time slots to work with student (refer to Itinerant Scheduling Tips document)

25 Developing a Schedule As you talk to teachers, use one index card per student to fill in VI service scheduling opportunities (days of the week and a variety of specific times). Use a highlighter to mark these times on each card For example:

26 Lay the cards out and arrange a tentative schedule Lindsey5 th Grade Ms. SmithHarper Elem. 8-8:30Opening 8:30-10:00Language Arts 10:00-11:30Science/Social Studies (alternating days) 11:30-12:00Lunch 12:05-1:30Math 1:35-2:35Specials (PE, art, music) 2:40-3:30Computer Lab 3:35-3:45Closing

27 Developing a Schedule Use your district map to estimate travel time/distance between campuses Using the information from your weekly schedule pencil in an entire month

28 Meeting with Teachers Give teachers a folder that may include: TVI Information The Vision Itinerant’s Role Information on Monoculars Classroom Adaptations for the Student w/ a Visual Impairment Documents that relate to student programming

29 Observing Students Encourage protégé to do this first before working with students Protégé should review Observation Guidelines beforehand They should take notes while they observe

30 Sample of observation notes

31 “Great — I’m organized, I know where to go, I know the teachers… But what do I do?? The Role of the TVI

32 Share 4 documents with your protégé…. Services Provided by VI Professionals Role of the TVI Across Content Areas TVI Role for Students with Multiple Impairments A “Cheat Sheet” for New Teachers (Infants) RELATE THESE TO INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS

33 “How do I consult?” Explain the difference between “direct” and “consult” service models What does consult look like for: Students with multiple impairments? Grade level students with low vision? Infants? JUST THE BASICS AT THIS TIME OF THE YEAR

34 District Forms and Paperwork Preparation for ARD’s/IFSP’s Student Progress Reports Paperwork specific to VI students Special Ed. Manager, or whatever is used in district

35 Ordering Materials APH- aph.html Braille/LT/Audio Text Books- Low Vision Devices Assistive Technology Software Favorite catalogs for ordering District ordering process

36 Conducting FVE/LMAs Review document on requirements for FVE/LMA: 19 T.A.C. §89.1040. Eligibility Criteria

37 Good Procedure for FVE/LMA “I do; we do; you do” Use a protocol that the protégé follows as you model. Plan an FVE w/ the protégé Go to as many as you can Mentor should ALWAYS review and edit report before it is submitted to ARD committee

38 Some Resources for You TSBVI Web Page The RECC Resource Guide for Itinerant Teachers Mentor Coordinator

39 Agencies and Services ESC’s DARS-DBS TSBVI Outreach Services

40 In closing….. "Knowledge increases in proportion to its use - that is, the more we teach the more we learn." - H.P. Blavatsky 1831-1891

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