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Resource Binder Brittany Melefsky. Current Research.

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1 Resource Binder Brittany Melefsky

2 Current Research

3 17-auditory-oral-education-teaching 17-auditory-oral-education-teaching “Auditory-Oral Education: Teaching Deaf Children To Talk” Positives of oral education as put out by Healthy Hearing ◦ Friday, November 16th 2001

4 bluetooth_paper.pdf bluetooth_paper.pdf “A Phone-Assistive Device Based on Bluetooth Technology for Cochlear Implant Users” Helping to further benefit people with a hearing loss through technological advances.

5 /02/100221143158.htm /02/100221143158.htm Word Learning Better in Deaf Children Who Receive Cochlear Implants by Age 13 Months With a critical learning window of language, the sooner we implant children the more effective they will be in learning and using spoken language. Giving young children they tools that they need to succeed in a oral education setting if this is the decision of the parents

6 all_2005/dr_segil-dr_friedman_12-5-05a.pdf all_2005/dr_segil-dr_friedman_12-5-05a.pdf Regeneration of Hair Cells in the Ear Currently in the testing phases on animals (mammals) This is the first demonstration and still very much in the beginning phases—is this the future of hearing loss advances in students with d/hh?

7 The world of Deaf Infants A longitudinal research study that Talks about the changes in screening newborns, mothers and babies as well As facts and figures About deafness.

8 MCI.pdf MCI.pdf Theory-of-mind development in oral deaf children with cochlear implants or conventional hearing aids Talks about how implants can substantially increase auditory accuracy, but there are often times still problems with socializing with hearing peers Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 45:6 (2004), pp 1096–1106

9 http://thebigdreamsproject.sharepointspace. com/AT/Deaf%20or%20Hard%20of%20Hear ing/VocabTutor.pdf http://thebigdreamsproject.sharepointspace. com/AT/Deaf%20or%20Hard%20of%20Hear ing/VocabTutor.pdf Computer-Assisted Vocabulary Acquisition: The CSLU Vocabulary Tutor in Oral-Deaf Education Technology used to assist in literacy scores amount deaf and hard of hearing students to potentially increase test scores Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education 8:2 Spring 2003

10 %20impairment%20in%20premature%20babies+2800.twl %20impairment%20in%20premature%20babies+2800.twl Multiple Research Articles put out by the UK to address hearing loss in babies and young children A great place to go for parents and educators that is accessible and helps to clear up questions related to hearing loss in a clean to the point articles. While it is put out by the UK the topics and information are still very much relevant to the US ◦Detecting hearing impairment in premature babies ◦Possible link between hearing disorder and dyslexia or learning disability ◦Improving hearing aid fitting in children ◦Comparing the benefits of bilateral and unilateral cochlear implants in children ◦The optimum age for cochlear implantation in children ◦Diagnostic tests for children with auditory processing disorder ◦Understanding auditory learning disabilities ◦Central auditory processing and learning ◦Spatial listening with cochlear implants ◦ETC, ETC ETC

11 Higher Education for Deaf Students: Research Priorities in the New Millennium Harry Lang-2002 An article about how students face barriers when it comes to gaining information within the classroom setting, and how we can change this as classroom teachers to be more effective in enhancing academic success. J. Deaf Stud. Deaf Educ. (2002) 7 (4): 267-280. doi: 10.1093/deafed/7.4.267

12 /2001/03/010307070929.htm /2001/03/010307070929.htm Baldi A 3D computerized tutor that helps profoundly deaf children with conversational skills, it shows student how to understand AND produce speech sounds.

13 Books In Print

14 memo/oraldeaf.htm memo/oraldeaf.htm Oral Deaf-Living in the Mainstream of Society 9 book titles that are about or from oral- deaf adults Provides great oral-deaf role models for children

15 06-and-counting-adolescent- literature.html 06-and-counting-adolescent- literature.html Deaf Characters 198 + books that have deaf characters ◦Juvenile (early chapter books- some with illustrations) ◦Middle (chapter books) ◦Teen to Crossover (adult book content with young adult characters) ◦Graphic Novels & Comics ◦All the books are color coded by title on the website

16 Raising and Educating a Deaf Child: A Comprehensive Guide to the Choices, Controversies, and Decisions Faced by Parents and Educators Covers a wide variety of topics including what is the best environment for the home and school for a child that is d/hh Implants Mental health Integration What is important to the child? To the parents? And to the educators? Working together to make the right choice in a unique situation.

17 studies/deaf-literature-sampler-hh-late- deafened-oral.html studies/deaf-literature-sampler-hh-late- deafened-oral.html Deaf Literature From RIT libraries Numerous books (not all on oral education) that show experience through the eyes of people living with a hearing loss Different approaches and viewpoints on life from a d/hh perspective

18 Children with Hearing Loss: Developing Listening and Talking Birth to Six Helping parents and educators prompt speaking and listening in children during the critical years for language development.

19 Hearing Aid Handbook Product lines “at a glance” Different manufactures and what products they have, how they function, the warranties provided on the materials- A go to book when a teacher is stumped on trouble shooting, parts Order online at Amazon for approximately $30.00

20 Your Child's Hearing Loss: A Guide for Parents A great resource for parents-- from a mother with a daughter who has a hearing loss. Everything a parent would need to know from coping with the idea of having a child with a hearing loss to the technology that is used for such children. Very parent friendly and accessible language. Debby WaldmanDebby Waldman (Author), Jackson Roush (Author)Jackson Roush

21 School Professionals Working With Children With Cochlear Implants 14 chapters that take readers from the initial implantation to what is expected in the future for students living and attending school with the use of a cochlear implant. What kind of speech is expected? What will a noisy classroom do to the child when it comes to learning? Mapping Supporting communication with sign.

22 Deaf-Fourteen-Models/dp/0786412666 Deaf-Fourteen-Models/dp/0786412666 Oral Deaf 14 different perspectives that show the complexities of living with a hearing loss—from a d/hh perspective in the “mainstream setting”

23 Helping Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students to Use Spoken Language: A Guide for Educators and Families Effective techniques for working with students with a hearing loss in a manner that fits their unique needs and also allows the teacher to succeed and make gains.

24 Web Resources

25 Child.pdf Child.pdf earing-impaired-child-in-the-classroom.pdf earing-impaired-child-in-the-classroom.pdf Child.pdf earing-impaired-child-in-the-classroom.pdf Guidelines for the Classroom Teacher A nice printable flyer to help general education understand the needs of students with a hearing loss within the classroom setting.

26 /site/?page_id=609 /site/?page_id=609 Cochlear Implants A great website that really targets all aspects of implants for educators, parents and students  Life  Experiences  Failures  Options

27 Harris Communications A magazine put out full or products and resources for deaf and hard of hearing people. Hearing aid cleaning supplies Personal equipment Gifts Resources (books)

28 Hear it A website that gets at daily life You can test your own hearing Facts and figures Sound samples of hearing loss A lot of really good really useful information for parents, educators and anyone working with students that have a hearing loss

29 ndex.html ndex.html Listening For Life A nice website that describes auditory therapy for students that are d/hh Provides many internet links for oral education How do parents and educators need to be involved and what can be expected from the child

30 1&sdn=712educators&cdn=education&tm=13&gps=177_578 _985_633&f=20&tt=14&bt=1&bts=0&st=23&zu=http%3A// 1&sdn=712educators&cdn=education&tm=13&gps=177_578 _985_633&f=20&tt=14&bt=1&bts=0&st=23&zu=http%3A// Hard of Hearing and Deaf Students: A Resource Guide to Support Classroom Teachers Great tip, suggestions and strategies to working with deaf and hard of hearing students in the classroom setting—what can you expect!?

31 ault.aspx American Society for Deaf Children Provides information for deaf camps that children can attend Provides a parents-helping-parents network for support Laws and how they apply to d/hh students

32 /voice/speechandlanguage.asp /voice/speechandlanguage.asp National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders What exactly is speech and language and how do you know if your child has a hearing loss? Tons of great information to provide for parents such as a checklist of benchmarks with hearing, research for educators and professionals

33 m/blogs m/blogs Hearing Loss Blog A website that allows people to connect via forums External links to resources Deaf/ hard of hearing in the news

34 ssets/Speech_Sounds_Intro.pdf ssets/Speech_Sounds_Intro.pdf Speech Sound- A guide for parents and Professionals A nice resource that is easy to read and targets the majority of common speech sounds in children. An overview of speech sounds that integrates audition, speech, language, literacy and cognition in children. The hand out targets how to use speech sounds, what to expect form the child and how to track progress. Lot of nice external links to help assist with the speech sound production in d/hh students.

35 Educator Tools

36 Games for listening, language and speech Designed for children 5 years old and younger Activities that can be used at home or school such as books, puppets, games and iron on transfers for objects such as pillows, and backpacks. Progresses in difficulty to meet the needs of the child Activities stimulate phonemic awareness and speech recognition Order online at $89.95

37 ndex.html ndex.html Oral Education Resources Can go on and order information that can be presented as a packet to parents Can order as many as are needed for FREE and are also provided in different language to accommodate cultural differences Free shipping

38 /UserFiles/File/3-01004-B- 1_ColoringBook-English-FNL.pdf /UserFiles/File/3-01004-B- 1_ColoringBook-English-FNL.pdf Coloring Book for Kids Uses the character of “Bionic Buddy” to explain the process of getting a cochlear implant. The testing, the surgery and the implant its self—Very cute!

39 From Silence to Sound A 27 year old man undergoes cochlear implant surgery, watch for hand as he experience sound for the first time. Great resource to share with students or parents

40 a_issues/issues073.shtml a_issues/issues073.shtml Reducing Noise in the Classroom with new standards. There is a link through research about noise and poor academics in the classroom—not only will this benefit everyone but above all oral deaf children learning to LISTEN.

41 es/dsh.html es/dsh.html Oral Education Resources Cont The videos from the kits can be watched online for free with out having to have them sent to a home or school.

42 Hear and Now After 65 years of silence a deaf couple decides to get cochlear implants. A great way to understand the emotions and decisions attracted to the potentially life changing event of getting a cochlear implants. Follow the couple with home videos and behind the scenes in this moving documentary. A great learning tool for students as well as educators to talk about he decisions and the steps that have to be taken before and after the surgery.

43 Hearing Speech and Deafness Center Resources for early childhood educations as well ad d/hh services, audiology and speech and language services. Ask an audiologist questions about children's hearing loss as well as find out physical referral information

44 Cochlear Implant Auditory Training Guide with CDs Language activities for students ages 5 and up with cochlear implants Cds allow for activities that can be reproduced that can be printed in color— also listening tasks Placement test that allow the teacher/ therapist to follow the path that the student needs to achieve at a level that just right for them. Order on-line at html html $120.00

45 m/Support/2367.asp m/Support/2367.asp Cochlear Implant Support Assessments Benchmarks Troubleshooting CI CI support Videos that can be bought as “workshops” ◦

46 Bionic Buddy Plush toy Learning tool for students to how understand cochlear implants comes with sound processors (ear and body) cable head piece Order online at $44.95

47 Parent Friendly Resources

48 tml tml Equal Choice for Deaf Children Step by step of the emotional effect of accepting a hearing loss in children. Very user friendly, real, and to the point

49 ASDC%20-%20Article%20- %20Decision%20Making.pdf ASDC%20-%20Article%20- %20Decision%20Making.pdf Helpful hints for making the right choice A short article that helps parents understand how to sort through, and pick out the right program form their young child with a hearing loss—being pulled in many directions can be a challenge and parents may often times second guess their choice.

50 http://www.auditoryverbaltrainin http://www.auditoryverbaltrainin Advantages & Disadvantages: Hearing Aids vs. Cochlear Implants for Those with Severe Hearing Loss Allows parents to see the positives and negatives of amplification in a unbiased fashion. Nice bulleted fashion that is easy to read and accessible.

51 _Deaf3.pdf _Deaf3.pdf Books A nice list of books that parents can read with their children ◦All the characters have a hearing loss and many of them have/get cochlear implants or hearing aids ◦Very printer friendly

52 Speaking for Myself: A Film About Deaf Children Learning to Speak A 10 minute video that shows how parents and educators can work together to get deaf children to speak through oral education.

53 ex.html ex.html Help Kids Hear Facts and figures Resources “10 Reasons Why it can be Advantageous to Have a Hearing Impaired Child” And a section just for the KIDS!

54 ormation/childHearingLoss.cfm ormation/childHearingLoss.cfm Get the Facts Fact about hearing loss ad put out by ear Nose and Throat specialist. Targeting the difficult questions that parents might have such as “will my child live a normal life?”

55 http://www.speech-language- therapy-games.html http://www.speech-language- therapy-games.html Speech and Language at home While not directly deaf and hard of hearing specific, there are some great games, ways to practices, and what to expect as a parent while working on speech at home.

56 eral/eyes/hear.html# Hearing Evaluation In Children A nice website all about kids health, hearing and the first few years of life when it comes to hearing. How to detect a hearing loss, what are the different types of hearing loss

57 p p Meeting the Needs of Families Communication options ◦Videos provided ◦Laws ◦Communication options ◦Technology

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