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OCEAN Binder and Workflow Training Chair and Director’s Meeting 04/12/10.

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1 OCEAN Binder and Workflow Training Chair and Director’s Meeting 04/12/10

2 2 First, some Q2S terminology: Courses All courses in semesters technically will be new courses and require a course form. All quarter courses will go away. Semester courses will have a four digit number. Three types of course forms: –Expedited: 1-to-1, 3-to-2 Conversion. –Composite: Many-to-1 Conversion. –Semester: New New Course.

3 3 First, some Q2S terminology: Programs Major Codes –Degree Programs –Minors –Certificates All programs need to be disposed of: –Continued: Semester curriculum required –Discontinued or Combined

4 4 First, some Q2S terminology: Binders Submitted by department/school Contains all –Programs –Semester Courses –Additional Material Department/School Mission Statement Explanation of Non-three-hour lecture courses –Reports

5 5 Additional Sources of Information Your Department/School Q2S Coordinator(s) Q2S Site: –Background Documents –Link to OCEAN Q2S Directors –Jeff Giesey –Gary Neiman (Fall)

6 6 Q2S work is done in OCEAN Ohio Curriculum Enhancement and Approval Network Developed in-house Will be used permanently for course and program approval URL:

7 7 A quick introduction to using OCEAN Use your OakID to log in. Items that need your attention will appear on your worklist.

8 8 Clicking on an item on your worklist will open it up.

9 9 There are several items that will show up on your worklist Programs or courses for which you are the contact person or designee Department/School Binder –Ready: ENT, A&S, CBA, EDU, COM Programs and courses that have been returned and are passing back through you Patron Department Notifications (Untested) –Programs that have will have changes significant to your department/school –Semester (new) courses that have potential overlap, complement, collaboration

10 10 Composition of the Department/School Binder OCEAN documents utilize tabs.

11 11 On the General Info tab you can add a designee to your binder Designees can work on document. Enter OakID

12 12 On the Department/School Info tab you will enter the Department/School Mission Statement. Will not be able to submit without something in box.

13 13 The programs tab lists all the programs Clicking on programs will go to the program form. All programs must be in REVIEW status to submit binder.

14 14 The courses tab lists all the courses. Can change the number displayed. Can sort by any of the columns.

15 15 The Exceptions tab lists courses where credits do not appear to match the contact hours. Catch mistakes. “Overcrediting” not allowed. “Undercrediting” is. Graduate courses can have extra credit.

16 16 The Exceptions tab also lists undergraduate courses that have lecture hours other than three. Give explanation.

17 17 The Reports tab can be used to generate reports. More to come. Let me know what would be helpful to you.

18 18 All forms have a Discussion tab. Used to communicate about form.

19 19 The binder workflow begins with the submission of the binder by the binder contact person.

20 20 The binder goes to the Dept/School Curriculum Committee Chair if one is assigned. They will approve it.

21 21 The next stop for the binder Department Chair/School Director. Can still edit binder and contents. DCSC approval will lock binder.

22 22 Binder Approval Path College Curriculum Committee (CCC) College Dean (CDEAN) University Curriculum Council (UCC) Any one can send binder back to contact.

23 23 Courses and Programs are separated when binder leaves CDEAN. Programs to –Secondary College (if necessary) –Programs Committee

24 24 Courses and Programs are separated when binder leaves CDEAN. Programs to –Secondary College (if necessary) –Programs Committee Courses to –Secondary College (if necessary) –Individual Course Committee

25 25 Courses and Programs can be returned to their contact person without the whole binder. Will need to go through the approval process individually. Binder will not be able to move forward until they rejoin it.

26 26 After UCC approval, binders (courses and programs) are send to the registrar. Entry into SIS (PeopleSoft) DARS Creation Catalog Copy Generation Departments and Schools will start working on next Q2S phase – Student Transition Plans.


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