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1 SmartPave

2 SmartPave: Technical Details Asphalt Rheometer according to AASHTO TP5, T315-04
Features Perfect temperature control Lowest thermal gradients due to the actively heated hood Designed for testing according to AASHTO T315 No water or gas flow Special asphalt software Automatic temperature calibration -30°C (-40°C) -> 120°C (200°C) Amplitude sweep linearity test Based on MCR Highly dynamic EC-Motor Air bearing of extremely high stiffness Torque range: 0.1µNm to 150 mNm Angle resolution: 0.01 µrad

3 What is Bitumen? What is Asphalt?
Bitumen = Binder Asphalt = Binder + Additives (ash, ...) Contents of binder hydrocarbons resins paraffins, waxes and fats heavy oils proteins, lignins and complex oxygen, nitogen and sulfur compounds Formed by microorganisms as part of crude oil and coal. Residue from evaporation/distillation at 400 °C. Example: Bitumen 1 Bitumen 2 80 % hydrocarbons 60 % hydrocarbons 10 % resins 20 % resins 1 % asphaltenes 15 % asphaltenes 9 % others 5% others

4 PTD – Asphalt Peltier Temperature Device
MCR Series Peltier Temperature Device Excellent Heating and Cooling characteristics Temperature range -30°C to 120°C Truly Peltier heated hood Sliding Rail for peltier hood Quick Connect Toolmaster for basis plate & hood Control Boards are part of the MCR Combination of Radiation & Conductive Heating and Cooling Certified temperature calibration sensor Constant counter cooling temperature over a wide working range Measuring plates and insets 25mm, 8mm Truly Peltier Heated Hood Patented Technology -30°C to 120°C Sliding Rail: Flexible Positioning Peltier Convection & Radiation MCR Integrated Control Boards Peltier Heated Basis Plate

5 PTD – Peltier Temperature Device Sliding Rail for the Modular Peltier Hood
Any description needed ? Quick Connect Toolmaster Sliding Rail for flexible positioning of the peltier hood

6 Test Specimen Preparation
Sample Handling… Test Specimen Preparation Direct pour No mould. Limits stearic hardening. Referee method. Mould pouring Can pour multiple specimens at once. Convenient. Can mount specimen on upper or lower plate. Limit time in mould, 2 hrs max., stearic hardening a concern.

7 Specimen Trimming Cleanly trimming the specimen, this is very important. Excessive material (smears) leftover after trimming and/or removing too much material can lead to errors. Recommendations: Keep specimen to a manageable size. Trim in small sections. Heat the trimming tool to appropriate temperature, avoid too hot (smoking) and too cool (pulling) conditions. Trimming tool design important.

8 Specimen Trimming

9 PTD – Peltier Temperature Device Verification / Calibration of the sample temperature
For those customers who have to verify the temperature in the measuring gap: Automatic temperature calibration routine (Rheoplus Software) Certified sensor Calibration sensor in the measuring gap Connection of the calibration sensor to the rheometer Plug & play

10 SmartPave: Technical Details Accessories
Accessories for SmartPave: Software Rheoplus Insets 25 and 8 mm Measuring plates 25 and 8 mm Calibration sensor CSA Peltier chamber P-PTD200/56/I Peltier hood H-PTD120

11 AASHTO T315 Application Performance based Asphalt Binder Specifications High and low temperatures Loading conditions Vehicle speed of 100 km/h Traffic volume

12 AASHTO T315 Application Environmental conditions may lead to the following phenomena Ruttings: Aqua planing Fatigue cracking Thermal cracking

13 Effects of Road Aging Protective Layer Binder Layer Support Layer

14 RTFO & PAV Application Aging in the Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFO):
Simulates the thin films of binder as they are exposed to heat and forced air during the mixing process and placement Evaporation and oxidation (small molecules disappear) Aging in the Pressure Aging Vessel (PAV): Simulates in-service aging after 5 to 10 years in the field Asphalt Binders are exposed to high temperature (100°C) and air pressure (2.07 MPa) for 20 hours to simulate long-term aging. Resulting viscosity of the PAV-aged asphalt binder is approximately 8+ times the viscosity of the unaged asphalt binder. Source: SHRP 1994

15 Rheoplus Supported Tests AASHTO T315
The standard defines 4 tests: Original Binder Deformation/Ruttings Rolling Thin Film Oven - RTFO Aged Binder Deformation/Ruttings Pressure Aging Vessel Residue - PAV Aged Binder Fatigue Cracking Linearity Grading: Used to define the performance grade of an unknown sample Test at start temperature (58°C, 19°C for PAV) Test failed: Temperature step until sample passes 6°C (3°C for PAV) Test passed: Temperature step until samples fails Verification: Carried out at one pre-defined temperature To verify the grading of a sample (passed or failed)

16 Rheoplus Predefined Asphalt Workbooks
Predefined workbooks according to AASHTO T315 can be found in the Rheoplus The Smart Applications guide the user through the setup of the instrument.

17 Rheoplus Grading Tests AASHTO T315 – Grading
Settings for grading tests Parallel-Plate: PP25/1mm gap or PP08/2mm gap for PAV Angular Frequency: 10 rad/s Binder [ G*/sin(delta) > 1.0 kPa ] Strain for Binder: 12% Start temperature: 58°C More temperatures: (46, 52, 58, 64, 70, 76, 82)°C RTFO [ G*/sin(delta) > 2.2 kPa ] Strain for RTFO: 10% Start temperature 58°C More temperatures (46, 52, 58, 64, 70, 76, 82)°C PAV [ G*/sin(delta) < 5000 kPa ] Strain for PAV: 1% Start temperature 19°C More temperatures (4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 37, 40)°C

18 Rheoplus Grading Tests AASHTO T315 – Grading
Settings for verification tests Parallel-Plate PP25 (PP08 for PAV) Angular Frequency for all samples: 10 rad/s Binder [ G*/sin(delta) > 1.0 kPa ] Strain for Binder: 12% Performed at grading temperature RTFO [ G*/sin(delta) > 2.2 kPa ] Strain for RTFO: 10% PAV [ G*/sin(delta) < 5000 kPa ] Strain for PAV: 1%

19 Rheoplus Predefined Asphalt Workbooks
RheoPlus Software with special simple to run Asphalt Workbooks

20 Rheoplus Asphalt Workbook RheoPlus software with special asphalt workbooks that guide the user step-by-step

21 SHRP: AASHTO T315 Tests Results

22 AASHTO T315 Original Binder Test Results
Original Binder; Passed at 64, 70; Failed at 76 and 82 Criteria: |G*| /sind > 1.0 kPa

23 AASHTO T315 RTFO Aged Binder Test Results Test Results
RTFOT; Passed at 46, 58, 70 Criteria: |G*| /sind > 2.2 kPa

24 AASHTO T315 PAV Aged Binder Test Results Test Results
PAV (aged 12 hours); Passed at 28, 22, 16; Failed at 10 and 4 Criteria: |G*| · sind < 5000 kPa

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