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The Hunger Games Book by: Suzanne Collins Powerpoint by: Joshua Hill.

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1 The Hunger Games Book by: Suzanne Collins Powerpoint by: Joshua Hill

2 Event One – District 13 Destroyed At some point between the beginning and the middle of the book, you learn about the consequences for defying the capital. District 13 tried to defy the capital, and in turn was destroyed. The ruins serve as a reminder of the capital’s power.

3 Event Two – Katniss’ Father Dies Somewhere around the time when Katniss was about 12, her father dies in a terrible mining accident. This accident also coincidentally kills Gale’s father, who she didn’t know then. The accident leaves Katniss the sole provider for the family, as her mother goes into shock for months.

4 Event Three – Peeta and the Bread After the tragic death of her father, Katniss has to scavenge for food, which brings her to the garbage can behind Peeta’s house. She finds nothing and gives up hope, slumping aginst a tree in the rain. There is shouting and Peeta runs outside with 2 loaves of burnt bread and a bruise over his eye, he gives Katniss the bread and runs back inside.

5 Event Four – Katniss meets Gale Katniss needed to find a way to provide for Prim and her mother, she couldn’t keep hoping for someone to bring her food. So she started trying to hunt with the bow and arrows her father had made. Out in the woods, she meets Gale, who also hunts to provide for his substantially bigger family, but had started earlier than her.

6 Event Five – Prim is Chosen at Reaping At the reaping, with her chance being one in one thousand, Prim is chosen as the female tribute for the reaping. Katniss instantly volunteers to take Prim’s place as the female tribute, needing no time to think. Nedless to say the crowd was more than a bit shocked, there hadn’t been a volunteer in years.

7 Event Six – Peeta is Chosen To Katniss’ surprise, Peeta is chosen as the male tribute. Katniss remembers how he had risked a beating to get her the bread and her mixed feelings toward him. He walks onto the stage with a dazed look, just as, if not more, surprised as Katniss.

8 Event Seven – Peeta “joins” the Careers Skipping ahead a bit to the Games, Peeta does something that somewhat stuns Katniss. He joins the Career Pack, a group of tributes that are actually trained to be the best in their district, and get in the Games by volunteering. Katniss finds this an almost cowardly move by Peeta, and treats him as a career, fully knowing that the careers will eventually just kill him though.

9 Event Eight – Tracker Jackers While Katniss sat above the Careers in a tree after getting chased up it, she notices eyes staring at her from another nearby tree, the eyes belong to Rue, a 12-year-old tribute from District 11. She points up, warning Katniss of the Tracker Jacker nest above her. Katniss cuts the branch it’s attached to off the tree while the smoke from the tribute’s fire keeps the Jackers drowsy, causing havok below. This also allows her to steal a silver bow and arrows. LOL 

10 Event Nine – Destroys Career’s Supplies Now having the bow and arrow, Katniss heads out to the career’s supplies while Rue, now in an alliance with Katniss, lights decoy fires to bring the tributes away from their supplies. Katniss realizes something is wrong when they don’t leave a guard. After Foxface moves strangely toward the supplies taking some and then doing the same backwards, Katniss realizes there must be mines around it, and shoots apples out of a burlap sack that set off the explosives, destroying the supplies.

11 Event Ten – Rue’s Death Shortly after the explosion of the mines, the tributes come back and realize that they were tricked. Katniss stays in a hiding place under some brush for the night because the is disorientated. When she finally leaves and makes it back to where she said she and Rue would meet, Rue is not there. Katniss moves to where the final fire was supposed to be, it is not lit. Katniss hears a young girl’s scream and rushes toward it as Rue gets stabbed with a spear, Katniss shoots the tribute in the neck a split second after. She knows that Rue will die regardless of anything she does, and sings to her until she dies, and then covers her body in flowers.

12 Event Eleven – A Change in the Rules Shortly after Rue’s death, the Gamemakers announce a change in the rules. The new rule allows to people to win the Games, as long as they are from the same District. Without hesitation, Katniss shouts out Peeta’s name, a second later clapping her hand over her mouth. She soon starts the search for Peeta, wherever he would be.

13 Event Twelve – Finding Peeta Katniss wastes no time trying to find Peeta. She heads back to the site where she dropped the Tracker Jacker nest and goes from there, following Peeta’s trail. The trail abruptly stops, and Peeta is nowhere in sight, but he is actually buried in the ground and camouflaged. Katniss helps him by bathing him and bringing him to a cave where they will be safe and Katniss can treat his wounds. They now have to use romance to get food from sponsors while Peeta rests.

14 Event Thirteen – Peeta’s Medicine Another announcement is made, all the remaining Districts will find something that they all need in a backpack by the cornucopia. Katniss knows that it must be the medicine that Peeta needs, but he won’t let her go alone, and if he comes with he’ll just die anyways. When Katniss is outside collecting water she receives a another gift, sleep serum. Katniss gives Peeta the serum mixed with berries, which he tries to vomit up when he realizes what it is. When Peeta is asleep, Katniss goes to get the medicine, almost getting killed a by a career, but Thresh saves her because of what she did for Rue. She injects Peeta with the medicine, and falls into unconciousness.

15 Event Fourteen - Nightlock After Katniss and Peeta climb the cornucopia after Cato, knock him off to the mutations, and finish him off, Claudius Templsmith declares the new rule allowing two victors from the same district void. So now Katniss and Peeta have to choose which one gets to live. But Katniss won’t choose, instead she proposes suicide by poison. She pulls out the Nightlock berries from a leather pouch and clearly shows them in her hand. Before they can swallow them, Claudius Templsmith declares them winners of the 74 th Annual Hunger Games.

16 Event Fifteen – The Final Interview Katniss is almost home, but it’s obvious something is wrong as she is prepared for the final interview. She has defied the Capital by defeating their system. They watch a recap of the games which is made romantic, ending with the Nightlock. They are presented with a crown that splits in half, and Katniss can see the unmistakable hate in President Snow’s eyes as he places it on their heads. But to Katniss, it doesn’t matter, she’s almost home.

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