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This presentation is intended only for the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is the Confidential and/or Proprietary.

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Presentation on theme: "This presentation is intended only for the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is the Confidential and/or Proprietary."— Presentation transcript:

1 This presentation is intended only for the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is the Confidential and/or Proprietary Information of Woodward, Inc., the disclosure of which may be in violation of applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, or an employee or agent responsible for delivery to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this message is strictly prohibited and you are requested to notify us immediately by telephone. Engine Systems Genset Controllers for Complex Hybrid System Set-ups 16. September 2013 Jakarta Indonesia Clemens Grosskinsky Sales Director PG&D Woodward GmbH Stuttgart/Germany

2 Woodward Business Units ASATSITSES EnergyAerospace Motors Sensors Gearing Electronics Actuators Integrated Systems Flight Deck Control Fuel Pumps Fuel Mixers Fuel Injectors Drive-by-wire throttles Actuators/Solenoids Governors Digital controls Fuel Pumps, Mixers Fuel Injectors Actuators/Solenoids Governors Digital turbine and compressor controls Overspeed protection Wind Converters Fuel Delivery Systems Ignition Systems Electronic Engine Control & Electrical Sensor Suite Lube & Scavenge Systems Combustion Systems Genset Controllers/ Power Management Protection and Control Relays Solutions for Diesel-, Gas- and Hybrid Power Stations,, Engineering Services, SCADA

3 Woodward Power Management Controls Control Capability System Complexity Non-Paralleling Paralleling easYgen-300 easYgen-1000 easYgen-2000 easYgen-3200 easYgen-3500 LS5 DSLC-2 MSLC-2

4 Genset Controller easYgen-3000 line easYgen-3200 Paralleling up to 32 gensets Inbuilt PLC logic ECU communication AMF & ATS Interconnection Synchronization Load & VAR sharing Mains protection Generator protection Engine protection Direct interfacing to AVR’s & SG’s 14 languages CAN OPEN & Modbus Communication Soft Loading features Peak Shaving Clear colored HMI Remote Control External I/Os Date& Time, Alarm history Load dependent Start & Stop Load Shedding Neutral Interlocking

5 30kVA small gas LPG Package DENYO Japan G GCB Woodward ECM + L-Series ITB CANbus J1939 easYgen-3500 Rental

6 Termomanaus 156 MW Diesel Power Station G GCB G G G easYgen-3200 P675P5 540kW 440V/60Hz 34,5kV 220kV P675P5 540kW P675P5 540kW P675P5 540kW In total 288 (9 groups of 32 Diesel Gensets are operated parallel to the Brazilian grid Group 1 32 sets Group 9 32 sets

7 MV Steam Turbine Application - Godavari Sugar G GCB G G Plant Load max 7MW MCB TG 1 10MW TG 2 15MW TG 3 20MW MCB TB Bus 1 Bus 2 MCB TB

8 Single Genset versus Multiple Gensets 8 Advantages Single Genset: - Cheap Solution, lower CAPEX - no need for paralleling equipment Disadvantages: - no redundancy - down time during service - Power output single Diesel depending on required load - Genset oversized: operated inefficient and carbonization of the pistons - Genset undersized: heat damages - frequency, voltage dips - higher OPEX through higher fuel consumption - logistical topic of dimensions Advantages Multiple Genset: - redundancy through n+1 genets - lower OPEX through fuel saving - Smart power management (LDSS load dependent start&stop) - no down time during service - application is always operated in the best efficient way - no significant voltage, frequency and load dips when load is changing - modular, scale able system Disadvantages: - Higher investment, CAPEX

9 Case Study Hatz Diesel – Office Building in Africa 9 How much Diesel Genset Power (kW) is required to power this building in Free Town/ Sierra Leone?

10 Before Upgrade – Single Set Installation 10 - Single Diesel genset 108kW/135kVA Turbo prime power, - Original plan was to use it as standby system - Unstable bad public grid resulting in continues operation of the single genset - Significant frequency, voltage dips and peaks at load changes - Operated inefficient and engine damage by combustion deposits - Low load operation not permitted by manufacturer (warranty, lifetime, etc) - Single Genset replaced after only 5000 hours

11 After Upgrade to 4x25kW100kVA DG’s kW continuous at 1500 rpm  75 dB(A) 400 kVA instantaneous, short duration

12 After Upgrade – Multiple Set Installation 12 - Application operated without interconnection in a micro grid island mode - 4 x 25kW/100kVA air cooled Hatz Twin packs - Power quality, no noteworthy dips - Enormous Fuel saving, - Amortization of genset upgrade within 2-3 years depending on operating hours - Hoppecke battery bank 48 VDC OPZS 4000Ah battery as IT backup - During day 5kVA PV power direct connected to the bus (negative load)

13 Fuel Consumption Single Set - Multiple Sets 13 Load Fuel consumption g/kWh Single Diesel Genset 108kWTurbo 4 x 25 kW Diesel Gensets Up to 80% of operation time, a single genset is under utilized and consuming more fuel

14 Fuel Consumption Calculation 14 2 Hatz Twin Packs (4 gensets 4 x 25kW/400kVA) Spec. Fuel Consumption: 245 g/kWh Average Annual 400,000 kWh/year (5000 0,85 kg/l diesel fuel = 115,294 l/year Single Automotive Engine Genset 108kW/135 kVA Spec. Fuel Consumption: 300 g/kWh Average Annual 400,000 kWh/year (5000 0,85 kg/l diesel fuel = 141,176 l/year Difference: 25,882 1,3 USD = 33,646 USD savings /year with a modular n+1 genset solution

15 PV as negative Load (Real Case) Volatile Power (P Solar ) < 20% (1) Transients (due Load, Shading) cumulate and can cause instability Reverse Power - Black-out Transients can be balanced with standard mechanism 20% < Volatile Power (P Solar ) < 60% (1) P Generator = P Load – P solar P Generator = 12 – 20 = -8 (1) = max achievable contribution of renewables as average value, momentary values may exceed that range

16 SMA - Woodward PV - Diesel Genset - Solution Genset 12n... SMA Fuel Save Controller... Sunny Tri- Power 1... Sunny Tri- Power 2... Sunny Tri- Power 3... Sunny Tri- Power n... SMA Interface Module (Cluster Controller) modular extendable Power Distribution / Protection Diesel Power Station PV-Power Station ESENET Gateway Modbus TCPiP CAN Open... Modbus TCPiP

17 Woodward Channels in South East Asia


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