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Sidewalk Mitchell Duneier. Greenwich Village, NYC.

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1 Sidewalk Mitchell Duneier



4 Greenwich Village, NYC



7 Hakim Hasan Book vendor At first, predominantly “Black books” – by or about African-Americans Exceptionally well-read Becomes romantically involved with Alice, merge tables

8 When asked, Hakim says he is a “public character” Phrase comes from Jane Jacobs’ 1961 book The Death and Life of Great American Cities Also about Greenwich Village

9 Structure of sidewalk life hangs partly upon Public characters Frequent contact with a wide circle of people News of sidewalk interest travels this way

10 Jacobs described how Local shopkeepers Used to have spare keys for neighbors Watchful eye on children Call police if threatening figures loomed Had an interest in law and order

11 Unlike suburban America where Errands are done by cars, In Greenwich village, most people walk to do them Sidewalk life crucial – strangers must sense mutual support Behaviors and boundaries clearly defined

12 Currently, Poor Black men make their lives on the village sidewalks Different than 1961 Then – stricter racial segregation, well-policed skid row areas of NYC Now – have to handle their own social boundaries

13 Why these changes? Extreme concentration of poverty Crack epidemic Workfare changes – loss of benefits

14 How sidewalk life works today Some magazine vendors are homeless Some find that police throw their tables out into garbage trucks when they leave for a minute Some scavenge garbage to sell on street Some panhandle

15 Duneier asks sociological questions About order, exclusion, stigmatization, city’s response, etc.

16 Street life provides social support For those not receiving it from social service agencies or religious groups Chance to earn wages, support self and others Carves order out of chaos

17 Government response “Broken windows” theory – minor signs of disorder lead to more serious crime Therefore –city has social controls – limiting vending space, throwing away belongings “Quality of life” issues are big concerns in major U.S. cities



20 Sidewalk life influenced by larger forces Global level – deindustrialization National level – stratification of race and class and gender NYC level – punishment/restriction of vendors

21 “Mitch” Duneier did participant observation One type of social research Worked as scavenger/vendor Parts of 1996-99 “professor” or “scholar” to some

22 Ovie Carter Photojournalist Helps him to see things he hadn’t noticed


24 In immersing himself in the sidewalk Duneier hopes to explain the social forces that determine how sidewalk life is lived

25 Issues with this type of research Subjectivity Generalizability Trust

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