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Arthropods Molly, Isaiah, Holly, Sean. Body Symmetry Bilateral al-kingdom.html.

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1 Arthropods Molly, Isaiah, Holly, Sean

2 Body Symmetry Bilateral al-kingdom.html

3 Locomotion Segmented legs Some have wings Are adapted to live in almost any habitat ◦ Aquatic, terrestrial, air Smooth muscles

4 Nervous System Dorsal brain and ventral nervous cord Chains of ganglia serve various parts of body The brain is made of 3 parts

5 Digestive System One way Have digestive glands ◦ Special because not present in many organisms

6 Excretory System Present Malphigian tubules ◦ Projections of the digestive tract ◦ Help conserve water

7 Circulatory System Dorsal vessel Open system Alary muscles on each side of chamber Peristaltic contractions move hemolymph http://www.cals.n nt425/tutorial/cir culatory.html

8 Respiratory System Spiracles in exoskeleton Flap like valves Tracheal trunk and tubes Tracheole acts as a filter se/ent425/tutorial/respire.htm l

9 Skeletal System Exoskeleton ◦ Provides a lot of space for movement (joints, anchor for muscles and appendages) ◦ Provides protection ◦ Composed of chitin Other species exoskeletons are composed of lipids, proteins, and calcium carbonate

10 Skeletal System (Con’t) Allows for very little growth ◦ Forces organism to molt (shed) After exoskeleton molts the organism is exposed and vulnerable until new shell hardens After molt the organism often hides for protection ◦ metabolism slows down during hiding

11 Reproductive system Separate sexes (male and female) Gonads connected directly to ducts located on the ventral surface of the trunk Sperm is transferred to female within seal packets called spermatophores

12 Reproductive Sys.(Con’t) Spermatophores ◦ Little containers of sperm ◦ Not diluted in aquatic areas ◦ Sometimes deposited directly in the female ◦ Some insect or arachnids deposit on ground and leave a chemical signal to attract the female

13 Class: Crustaceans Crabs, lobsters, shrimp, wood lice Generally aquatic 5 pairs of legs Crush prey with claws

14 Class: Centipedes One pair of legs per segment Nickname: “hundred-leggers” Poisonous Hunters ◦ Vomit on their prey to liquefy them

15 Class: Millipedes 2 pairs of legs per segment Nickname: “thousand-leggers” Scavenge for decaying plant material, leaves, etc ◦ Detrivores Non-poisonous

16 Class: Arachnids Spiders, scorpions, mites 2 body segments 8 legs Carnivorous ◦ Feed on predigested bodies of insects and other small animals ◦ Drink the blood and insides

17 Class: Insects Examples: Flies, bees, ants Three body segments ◦ Head ◦ Thorax ◦ Abdomen Six legs

18 Phun Phylum Phacts Compound eyes Tough exoskeleton made of chitin Called “joint-legged” because they have segmented legs 84% of animals are arthropods

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