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1 Private Health Associates, US When you choose PHA U.S., you will have immediate, convenient and secure access to online web based healthcare coverage information including a variety of insurance plans such as, medical, life, travel accident, war risk and kidnap & ransom. Our services are available at the touch of a button 24-hours-a-day, 365- days-a-year.

2 Private Health Associates, US success is based on the fact that we keep our focus on the needs of our clients and policyholders. By consistently offering quality plans and ethical service, PHA U.S. enjoys the loyalty of thousands of client’s worldwide. We believe qualities like, trustworthiness, integrity, loyalty, accountability and fairness should be the foundation of all businesses. So, when you purchase your personal or business insurance plan from PHA U.S., you can rest assured that you’ll be in the best of healthcare.

3 How We Serve our Clients, In 2001, PHA, U.S. realized that more efficient and convenient solutions needed to be created to protect its clients, first on a North American Basis. The days of the old “kitchen table” type consultations had all but reached an end. With the investment of multi-state licensing and utilization of progressive underwriters, online consumer access to multiple insurance products changed our agency almost overnight. So, while maintaining our bricks and mortar characteristics, we felt it was our responsibility to create this "Virtual Internet Agency" so that we might better serve the growing requirements of our now, International client base. Today from this platform, Private Health Associates, US provides a secure portal for customers to request quotes, review, from a choice of policy coverage’s and purchase their plan online or by print and post 24/7, 365 days a year

4 Private Health Associates, US restricts access to your nonpublic personal information and only allows disclosures to persons and companies as permitted by law to assist in providing products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your nonpublic personal information. We are pleased to inform you that 1&1 is performing a comprehensive upgrade of its Linux hosting platform as a continuous effort to provide you, our valued customers, with a robust and secure hosting infrastructure. To offer you even more superior security and performance, we will be upgrading to Debian/Linux 4.0 (code name Etch), a highly stable version of Linux. Additional firewall protection via F-Secure Internet Shield further protects our client’s privacy at the local and desktop level

5 International Travel and Expatriate Risks We have learned from experience that obtaining medical treatment or hospital care while abroad can be very expensive. Worst case, if you require medical evacuation back to the United States, (or your home country), those costs can easily exceed $50,000. Health Insurance policies issued in the USA may on occasion reimburse you for medical costs that were incurred abroad, but those overseas hospitals and clinics typically require payment immediately, in cash. Social Security Medicare and Medicaid do not provide any coverage for hospital or medical costs to seniors while traveling outside the United States. PHA U.S. since it’s inception has recognized an increased need not only for travel accident medical coverage, but political evacuation, kidnap, ransom and detention protection as well. To meet the growing needs of our clients we offer access to these specialty coverage’s from the Nations Largest and Oldest Lloyds Broker

6 We Offer Value and Choice Quality, financial stability and variety are key issues to all insurance buyers, but value is almost always king. With PHA, U.S. our insurance carriers and/or administrators are located in the United States. So those clients outside the USA purchasing coverage enjoy the current exchange rate and further maximize their coverage acquisition. Private Health Associates, US are Independent Agents. Specifically, Independent Agents are “ An insurance agency that represents multiple insurance companies, not just a single insurer”. Our customers enjoy the freedom to choose the plan that best fits their needs and financial resources. It’s truly to our advantage that we are not tied to any particular insurance carrier or administrator. This can be extremely important as clients needs change, (such as country of residence) you don’t need to change agencies.

7 How We Provide Claims Assistance Each policy purchased from PHA, U.S. typically includes provisions that define both the insured’s obligation to provide timely notification of loss to the insurer and the insurers obligation to make prompt benefit payments to the insured. Most any policy purchased from Private Health Associates, US online, offers immediate evidence of coverage, including your insurance identification card. On plans where medical underwriting is required, your insurance carrier will notify you by email, phone or postal service of your acceptance. Due the sensitivity and inherent risk associated with kidnap & ransom and war risk coverage, these policies will always be delivered by hand via special courier. In the event of any claim, always first consult with your insurance policy. Each insurance identification card may offer both toll free (USA) and direct dial (collect) phone numbers to pre-certification, evacuation or claims administrators. Most all carriers provide multi-lingual and twenty-four hour claims assistance.

8 Whether it’s Mexico, Columbia or Hong Kong, these and other countries have both lengthy and documented histories of Kidnapping and detention. Kidnappings are typically carried out strictly to obtain a ransom and in most cases a ransom is paid. In the event of your kidnapping, a specialized Crisis Response Team will dispatch competent and experienced personnel that are stationed within four hours travel time of any location on the Globe. Private Health Associates, US can assist in securing this complex and often misunderstood form of insurance protection. How We Address Kidnap & Ransom Risks Kidnapping for ransom has now become a common occurrence and is in fact a thriving business in many parts of the world. There are even certain countries or cities branded as the “Kidnapping Capital of the World.” In 2007, Baghdad held that particular title.

9 Imagine you are on your way to a business meeting or enjoying your vacation holiday in a third world country and a medical emergency strikes. Will they have the appropriate facility to address your illness or accident? What if you require evacuation by air ambulance or helicopter? We have learned that most clients prefer to be transported to a US, European or nearest country that has the latest medical facilities with modern diagnostics to evaluate and stabilize your condition. Remember to consult first with the claims or evacuation specialist on the medical identification card issued by your insurer. Emergency Medical Evacuation Most travelers or expatriates fail to realize that Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage is typically not included in their home country healthcare plan. US health insurance policies and Medicare plans especially do not cover you outside the USA for emergency medical evacuation.

10 Private Medical Insurance, Long Term Expatriate Healthcare and life insurance are examples of plans that require medical underwriting. Private Health Associates, US are fortunate to hold appointments with multiple insurance carriers underwriters. This association is a tremendous benefit to our clients and provides countless options to best fit each particular situation. In difficult cases regarding kidnap & ransom, or war risk, our carrier’s underwriters will provide the most comprehensive coverage based on each particular situation. Due to the complexity and inherent risk involved in this type of coverage, great care and research are required to develop these plans. Our World Class Underwriters Our underwriters identify and classify the degree of risk represented by the variety of clients we represent. Luckily, most travel plans require minimal underwriting and can be issued online within a few minutes

11 Private Health Associates, US licensed since 1991 has enjoyed continued success since the inception of our local life and health agency to the Worldwide Multi-Line Agency it is today. We have identified the fact that most consumers are not aware of the complexities of International Healthcare and Security while traveling or living abroad. PHA, U.S. addresses these deficiencies regardless of your particular personal or business insurance exposure and offers appropriate solutions. Most coverage’s can be acquired easily online 24/7, 365 days a year via our secure server. Our NAIC National Producer Number is 1109569. In the UK our marketing partner, JBI International Insurance Brokers Ltd. has over 30 years experience providing insurance cover to UK residents and businesses as well as niche markets including H.M. Forces and British & American International Schools & expatriates. JBI International Insurance Brokers is a separate entity not affiliated or sharing ownership with PHA, U.S. but assists both UK and EU & EEA residents with the highest quality of service from their offices in the UK. They are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority, and their Firm Reference Number is 308981.JBI International Insurance Brokers Ltd

12 Private Health Associates, US 4150 International Plaza, Suite 550 Fort Worth TX 76109 USA 01.866.360.3543 Phone 01.817.738.4090 Fax Jesse Heim III licensed agent/broker. Licensed in all fifty states. TX, License 696602, Surplus Lines, 1389274. Our CA license 0C99460 and Licensed FL agent number E000048. PHA, U.S. has held membership with the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, (NAIFA) number 1265787, since 1996. Our NAIC National Producer number is 1109569. Private Health Associates, US, operates under license and authority of The Texas Department of Insurance. PHA, U.S. complies with NAIC bylaws, and the NAIFA code of professional ethics. All coverage's are not available in all states and jurisdictions

13 Thank you

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