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Legislative Overview of different bills and issues that impact people with disabilities.

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1 Legislative Overview of different bills and issues that impact people with disabilities

2 Overview of Legislative Bills House Bill 265 Changing the Word on Signs from Handicapped to Accessible HB 84 Visitability SB 321 Asset Limit of Medicaid Eligibility Federal Legislation occurring

3 House Bill 265 This bill mades it ok to have people in the community changing the signs when one of the following occurs 1. Existing Sign breaks due to Wind storm or tornado some other reason 2. When a new place like shopping center, mall, or something else gets built

4 House bill 84 What is House Bill 84? Visitability What benefits does it have? 1. Offers tax payers up to $5,000 tax credit if they need to do any of the following 2. 1. Put a ramp, grab bars, Widen the doors in their house 3. 2. Could lead to having Counties save money from using waivers and also for families of children who do not have waivers

5 SB 321 Asset Limit Bill The Purpose of this bill is to increase the asset limit on Medicaid Aged, Blind and Disabled from $1’500 - $2’000 the Federal Limit What has the problems been before now? 1. The Asset Limit for ABD Medicaid has been the same since created which was 1974 Cost of Living has increased more then 400% You Cannot live on assets under $1,500 Today FEAR EVERYONE Will loose Medicaid AUTOMATICLLY in the Future due to COLA Ohio is one of 3 other states below the Federal Asset Limit which is $2’000

6 History of the Asset Limit and Minimum Wage The Asset Limit was created in 1974 Federal Minimum Wage was $2.00 Today it is $7.25 Ohio Minimum Wage is $7.95 It has increased 397.5% in Ohio

7 More Details on Asset Limit issue and Strategies The Focus now is people go for Community Jobs and people earn more close to $1,500 Focus on getting people enrolled on Medicaid Buy In for workers with Disabilities County boards, Family members, providers and other people need educated on Medicaid Buy In Lee tells his story of SSDI and close to $1,500 Which Legislators feel our pain and feel the increase in Necessary? Senators Tavares, Burke, Bacon Representatives, Anne Gonzoles, Barb Sears, Michael Stinziano

8 Other Factors regarding Medicaid Buy In, Employment First Medicaid Buy In is 16 to 64 today Once someone with DD is 65 we have to go back to having Assets at $1’500 The New Retirement age for Social Security is 66 and for a 16 year old today is 70 When we get between 65 and 70 we are in this Doughnut hole to choose between working or getting Medicaid

9 Federal Legislation Senator Brown of Ohio and another Senator from Massechusas has a bill increasing the SSI Resource Limit from $2,000 to $10,000 If this Passes Ohio needs to increase it to $10,000 or close. Ohio cannot be at $1,500 or $2,000 when federally a person would be allowed up the $10,000 That makes people with disabilities seem they need to go in Debt to be eligible for Medicaid in Ohio And People on Medicaid Expansion are not subject to this asset limit

10 Questions? Does anyone have any questions on any of these Bills?

11 Hosted a Legislative Advocacy Day last year

12 Senator Charleta Tavares And Representative Stinziano

13 Meeting with Anne Gonzoles and Mike Duffey

14 Other Pictures with Legislators Holmes county Advocates with David Hall Jay Hottinger

15 More Appointments with Legislators Kris Jordan andDelaware

16 Other Advocacy Efforts and Projects Occuring ISP including being involved in OSDA, Project STIR and having it in their ISP/Budget if they want it included Self Advocacy Survey reviewing how County Boards of DD are doing. Ruben and I have a Grant from DD Council It will take 3-4 years to complete and go To all 88 counties Another Central Region Legislative Advocacy Day next year Planned in April Created Certificates for Recognition in Completing Project STIR

17 Bill of Rights Video created by Self Advocates of Franklin County

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