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Lobby Day Training NC MEDICAID EXPANSION LOBBY DAY Wednesday, June 4.

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1 Lobby Day Training NC MEDICAID EXPANSION LOBBY DAY Wednesday, June 4

2 Lobby Day Training Agenda  Why We Lobby  Different Ways to Lobby  Lobby Day Tips  Your Lobby Visits  Practice, Practice, Practice!

3 Why Do We Lobby?  Draw attention to important issues.  Lobbying is a critical part of our democracy.  Your views are important and our voices matter.  You are the expert about the impact of legislation and policy on your community.  Story-telling is powerful.

4 How You Can Help Influence Legislation  Sign a petition or “take action” on-line  Testify at committee hearing  Write a LTE or blog post  Speak by phone with legislative aide  Write a personalized letter or email to your representative  Meet face-to-face meetings with your representative

5 Potential Lobby Day Scenarios  Meet face-to face with your representative  Meet with legislative staff  Talk briefly with legislative aide  “Sorry we missed you” leave-behind

6 Before Your Visit  Do your homework  Know your issue  Get to know your representative  Be prepared – practice speaking  Be brief, clear and to the point.  Don’t be afraid to be passionate!  Get Inspired  What brought you here today?  Why is this issue important to you?

7 During Your Visit  Be polite, professional and respectful  Connect with your representative  Be concise  Make the issue real  Paint the big picture and the small picture

8 During Your Visit  Admit what you don’t know  Know the other side’s arguments & have a response  Make a specific, clear request and ask for an answer  Know your next steps

9 How will they respond?  Supportive  Ask what you can do to help, what info they need  Opposed  Listen  Try to find common ground  Thank them and move on  Undecided  Ask probing questions  Share your story  Follow-up

10 After Your Visit  Follow-up each visit with a “thank you”  Make sure to include legislative staff  Phone, e-mail or handwritten letter  Follow through on any next steps  Provide additional information  Answer questions  Why is this important?  Helps develop a relationship with legislator  Allows you to have you message heard one more time

11 Practicing for Your Lobby Day Visit 10 minutes

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