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Holistic HealthCare Project - Cincinnati

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1 Holistic HealthCare Project - Cincinnati
Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services, Inc. The HealthCare Connection Cohort II Southeast Learning Community Region Cincinnati, OH Jeff O’Neil Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services 1501 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio (513) , Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration (PBHCI) 2012 Grantee Meeting Baltimore, MD May 2012

2 Comprehensive Health and Behavioral Health Screening and Assessment
Physical and Behavioral Health Services Integration Staff Supervising physician 1nursing supervisor and 3 nurse care managers 3 ACT psychiatric nurse care managers 2 psychiatric nurses 90 case manager care coordinators – supervised by nurse care managers GCB Access Center About Our Program Follow-up and Evaluation Primary Care Services The HealthCare Connection / GCB individualized medical home Wellness Programs Health Education Self-management Disease management Diabetes support Smoking cessation Nutrition and Exercise Behavioral Health Services Psychiatry Case management ACT and IDDT Housing / Vocational Peer support

3 About Our Program (cont’d)
Reverse co-located integration model Seamless integration of primary care and behavioral health care On-site physical exam rooms and equipment On-site pharmacy Target persons living w/ severe mental illness w/ chronic physical health problems Urban setting Provide wellness services and education groups, plus peer-facilitated groups

4 Who We Are GCB is a nationally accredited behavioral health center that serves over 3,500 persons living with severe mental illness annually HCC is a local FQHC that targets uninsured and underinsured persons Our PBHCI team includes: Project director (full time) Supervising physician (part time) 1nursing supervisor (full time) 3 nurse care managers (full time)

5 How would you rate your overall health right now?
Wellness Programs Strong focus on wellness education and groups to improve consumer well-being How would you rate your overall health right now?

6 Tobacco and Smoking Cessation
Strong focus on education around tobacco use and smoking Smoking cessation groups and other forms of support SMOKER’s LUNG SMOKING SUZIE SMOKER’s MOUTH

7 Engaging Peers 2 peer wellness coaches facilitate wellness groups and deliver individualized ancillary health care support services Men’s support group Women’s support group Additional fitness day during which consumers go to a local gym to exercise Peers have developed a monthly brochure with updates regarding the project, groups, success stories, etc.

8 Plans for the Future Sustainability
Clinical – long-term relationship w/ HCC established; explore revenue sharing & other sustainability plans Administrative – processes for delivering integrated care & data sharing b/w partners established Financial – plans for long-term sustainability with local and state entities 6-mo. goals: (1) enroll ~ 100 consumers; (2) expand wellness groups & PBHCI services; and (3) partner w/Ohio Department of Mental Health to become a health home for persons living with severe mental illness

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