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THE WORLD OF MEDICAL CLAIMS AUDITING MIC, MAC & RAC – Oh My! HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 1.

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1 THE WORLD OF MEDICAL CLAIMS AUDITING MIC, MAC & RAC – Oh My! HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 1

2 TRANSLATION, PLEASE HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 2 ACRONYMPROGRAM NAMEOREGON CONTRACTOR MICMedicaid Integrity ContractorHMS MACMedicare Administrative Contractor Noridian Healthcare Solutions RACRecovery Audit ContractorHealth Data Insights OTHER AUDITING ENTITIES ZPICZone Program Integrity Contractor NCI, Inc

3 TRANSLATION, PLEASE HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 3 FEDERAL AGENCIES ACRONYMPROGRAM NAME DOJDepartment of Justice OIGOffice of Inspector General FBIFederal Bureau of Investigation HEATHealth Care Fraud Prevention & Enforcement Action Team OTHER MEDICAID AUDIT ENTITIES MEDICAID RAC Medicaid RAC MFCUMedicaid Fraud Control Unit MIPMedicaid Integrity Program OMIGState Office of Medicaid Inspector General

4 TRANSLATION, PLEASE HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 4 OTHER CMS AUDITS ACRONYMPROGRAM NAMECONTRACTOR CERTComprehensive Error Rate TestingAdvanceMed/Livanta OTHER AUDITING ENTITIES Other local or national insurance carriers Also, your MAC or any other carrier can initiate an audit based on review of individual claims or whistleblower report

5 MIPS & MICS HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 5 These are both Medicaid programs. The MIP was created under the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. MIP is intended to help reduce provider fraud, waste and abuse in the Medicaid program. CMS developed the Comprehensive Medicaid Integrity Plan which oversees the MIP through the MIC. There are 3 primary MICs:  Review MICs to analyze Medicaid claims data looking for potential provider fraud, waste, and abuse  Audit MICs audit provider claims for overpayment  Education MICs furnish provider education CMS is responsible to hire the MIC contractors and to support the program in combating fraud and abuse

6 WHAT THE MIC AUDITS LOOK FOR HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 6 Incomplete documentation Conflicting documentation Improper coding Duplicate billing Providing services that aren’t medically necessary Patient privacy breaches

7 MAC HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 7 The MAC is the regional Medicare carrier. In Oregon, the MAC is represented by Noridian Healthcare Solutions and the majority of Medicare claims are submitted directly to Noridian. The MAC puts claims through a pre-payment edit, that includes all LCDs, NCCI edits, MUE edits, etc. If they pass the edit, then the MAC employs formulas to determine and administer payment. Noridian works in conjunction with contractors conducting the CERT audit, which is an annual random audit of a statistically valid volume (about 50k) of Medicare FFS claims. Noridian also provides education through a variety of resources.

8 MAC AUDITS HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 8 The MAC can audit any claim at any time, but does not audit all claims Focus on claims with the potential to be non-covered or incorrectly coded  High volume of services  High cost  Dramatic change in frequency of use  High risk problem-prone areas MAC notifies provider in writing prior to beginning provider- specific audit. Notice will indicate if this will be a pre or post payment review and the reason for the audit. Notice will be sent by certified mail.

9 CERT CONTRACTORS/ RESPONSIBILITIES: OREGON HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 9 AdvanceMed, a Program Safeguard Contractor (PSC), administers the activities of the CERT program. As the CERT Review Contractor, AdvanceMed is responsible for:  Selecting a random sample of claims that have been received by each Medicare contractor every month.  Reviewing the selected claims and associated medical record documentation to determine if the claim was appropriately adjudicated according to Medicare regulations/guidelines. Livanta’s role as the CERT documentation contractor is to streamline the record request and receipt functions.  The CERT Documentation Contractor is responsible for:  Requesting and receiving medical record documents;  Maintaining a document tracking system;  Providing a website for updating supplier addresses and contact information;  Scanning the medical records into a retrieval system; and  Operating a call center to answer contractor and supplier questions regarding CERT

10 CERT AUDIT FINDINGS 2012 HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 10 TOP 20 SPECIFIC SERVICE TYPES: HIGHEST IMPROPER PAYMENTS: PART B 1Chiropractic11Subsequent Inpatient Care 2Initial Inpatient Care12Dialysis Services 3Hospital: Critical Care13MRI/MRA 4Lab Tests – Blood Counts14Other Tests 5Lab Tests, other (non-MC fee schedule)15Established Office Visit 6Minor Procedures16ED Visits 7Oncology: Radiation Therapy17Lab Tests (MC Fee Schedule) 8NP Office Visits18Ambulatory Procedures: Skin 9Nursing Home Visits19Ambulance 10Specialist: Psychiatry20Other Drugs

11 THE RAC HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 11 The mission of the RAC is to reduce improper Medicare over- payments. Their methodology is data mining based on claims data. Based on this methodology, they also identify under- payments. RACs investigate specific measures identified and approved by Medicare RAC contractors are paid on a contingency basis – Contingency fees range from 9.0% - 12.5% for all claims except DME – Contingency for DME is from 14.0% to 17.5% The RAC may request up to 500 records every 45 days, which poses huge operational concerns for provider offices

12 RAC COLLECTIONS: 2011 HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 12 Identify & correct $939.3m in improper payments  $797.4m overpayments  $141.9m underpayments CMS spent $129.4m to operate the Medicare FFF Recovery Audit Program.  $89.9m paid in contingency to RAC contractors  $47.5 paid in administrative costs Net returned to Medicare Trust Fund FY 2011: $488.2

13 RAC MEASURES HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 13 As of 09/01/2013, there 664 RAC measures; 69 of them added this year New measures for 2013 targeted at Physician/NPP professional services include:  Medically unlikely billed dosages of drugs and biologicals  Incorrect billing of drugs and biologicals  Excessive units of new patient visits  Outpatient hospital stays billed as inpatient  Post-payment review of therapy claims above $3,700 threshold  Other specialty-specific measures involving Urology, Radiology, Lab/Pathology, Ophthalmology, and Interventional Radiology. 

14 RAC TRANSITIONS 2013 HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 14 Medicare has begun to transition to the new Medicare FFS Recovery Audit Program. A Request for Quote has been issued. The new program with have 4 Medicare A/B Recovery Contractors, 1 DME Recovery/Contractor, and 1 Home Health/ Hospice Recovery Contractor. ADR requests are expected to decline beginning in June; prepayment and postpayment reviews are expected to continue without decline There is also an ongoing Prepayment Review Demonstration project focusing on seven error-prone states. The intent is to lower the error rate by preventing improper payment rather than trying to identify and recoup overpayments after payment has been made.

15 ZPIC HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 15 ZPIC’s role is to identify potential Medicare fraud within a service area by review of past and pending claims ZPIC’s reviews are not random - the provider is under investigation for potential fraud Investigations are initiated by:  Data analysis  Complaints  Referral from other agency (MAC, RAC, etc) Auditor may come onsite May conduct interviews with beneficiaries or provider’s employees, etc.

16 WHAT ZPIC AUDITS FOR HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 16 Identify areas of potential errors (i.e., noncovered or incorrectly coded) that pose greatest risk. Establish baseline data for comparison Identify need for LCD and/or education Identify high volume services that are overutilized Identify program errors or specific providers for possible fraud investigations Determine if findings by other MC auditing agencies represent significant problem areas ZPIC audits to confirm fraudulent behavior, not to discover it

17 OIG HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 17 The OIG has been supervising audits and fraud/abuse investigations since 1993. These are not limited to Medicare – the intent is to minimize loss in all government programs. The OIG may work an investigation alone or in conjunction with other agencies (i.e., as part of a HEAT investigation) The OIG has the ability to determine fines, and to exclude individuals and entities who have engaged in fraud from Medicare/Medicaid/other federal health care programs.

18 OIG ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS 2012 HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 18 Opened 1,131 new criminal health care fraud investigations against 2,148 potential defendants 2032 investigations already opened, involving 3410 potential defendants; filed charges in 452 cases involving 892 defendants 826 individuals convicted 885 new civil investigations opened 1023 civil investigations pending at year end Per OIG Annual Report for 2012

19 2012 RESULTS HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 19 Monetary Settlements:  Won or negotiated $3.0 billion in judgments & settlements Exclusionary Actions  Excluded 3,131 individual and entities  Per OIG Annual Report for 2012

20 OIG AUDIT PLAN 2013 (MEDICARE PART A & B: SPECIFIC TO PHYSICIANS) HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 20 Noncompliance with assignment rules and excessive billing of beneficiaries Error rate for incident-to services performed by non- physicians Place of service coding errors Potentially inappropriate E/M services in 2010 E/M services: use of modifiers during global surgery period

21 HEAT TASK FORCE HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 21 HEAT’s MISSION To gather resources across the government to help prevent waste, fraud, and abuse in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. To crack down on the people and organizations who abuse the system and cost Americans billions of dollars each year. To reduce health care costs and improve quality of care by preventing fraudsters from preying on people with Medicare and Medicaid. To highlight best practices by providers and organizations dedicated to ending waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare. To build upon the existing partnerships between HHS and DOJ to reduce fraud and recover taxpayer dollars. Excerpt Stop Medicare Fraud website

22 WHY AUDITS ARE NECESSARY HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 Medical claims payment program is on the honor system – only about 5% of submitted claims are reviewed The payment system is a target for deliberate, organized and systematic fraud A small amount of deliberately fraudulent entities responsible for a significant amount of dollars lost in the Medicare/Medicaid program May 2013: HEAT coordinated nationwide takedown – 89 participants in 8 cities involving $223 million in false billings 22

23 FRAUD EXAMPLE: MAY 2013 HEAT “TAKEDOWN” HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 23 Miami: 25 defendants, $44m in home health care fraud Baton Rouge: 5 defendants, $51m in home health care fraud Houston: 2 defendants, $8.1m in home health care fraud LA: 13 defendants 23m, including 3 defendants & $8.7m in DME fraud Detroit: 18 defendants, $49m in medically unnecessary services Tampa: 9 defendants, pharmacy fraud, money laundering, billing for surgeries not performed Chicago: 7 defendants with various health care fraud schemes Brooklyn: 4 defendants; $9.1m in false claims & 3 defendants, $15m in unlicensed massage therapy billed as physical therapy

24 MAY 2013 “TAKEDOWN” INDICTED AS PARTICIPANTS HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 24 Physicians (9) Nurses Paramedics Radiographer Home Health agency Community mental health center Social worker Physician Assistant Therapists Health care clinics & Rehab facility

25 2013 FRAUD CASE STATISTICS (so far) HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 25 28 states 145 settled cases 28 publicly reported cases pending Reported per HEAT September 2013

26 THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT & FRAUD INVESTIGATION HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 26 The Affordable Care Act, the health care law, takes powerful steps toward combating health care fraud, waste, and abuse. The government has recovered a record-breaking $10.7 billion in recoveries of health care fraud in the last three years. Tough new rules and sentences for criminals: The law increases federal sentencing guidelines for health care fraud by 20-50% for crimes with over $1 million in losses. Enhanced screening: Providers and suppliers who may pose a higher risk of fraud or abuse are now required to undergo more scrutiny, including license checks and site visits. State-of-the-art technology: To target resources to highly suspect behaviors, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services now uses advanced predictive modeling technology. New resources: The law provides an additional $350 million over 10 years to boost anti-fraud efforts Excerpt Stop Medicare Fraud website

27 MEDICARE AUDIT GOAL by 2012 HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 27 Reduce overall payment errors by $50 billion Cutting Medicare fee-for-service error rate by 50% Recovering $2 billion in improper payments

28 S.1012: MEDICARE AUDIT IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 2013 HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 28 Introduced in the Senate May 22, 2013 Assigned to committee same date Predicted: 1% chance of getting past committee; 0% chance of being enacted Highlights:  Would establish a combined annual limit of audit requests from federal agencies  Provide for auditor penalties when appeals are successful  Publish RAC performance information, including audit rates, denials, appeals outcome and performance reviews  Physician review for each RAC claim denial if denial determination is made by a non-clinician

29 RISK FACTORS: MYTH vs REALITY HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 29 Myth: 1a.Only large groups get audited 1b.Only urban practices get audited 1c.Only specialists get audited 2.“I’ve never been audited” 3.“An reasonable physician would understand my documentation - I can explain my position to the auditor and prevail” Reality 1a.b.cProvider risk is based on provider practice patterns, regardless of the size, location, and type of practice 2.Any request by a carrier for a chart note is an audit – if you’ve submitted a chart note at the carrier’s request, you’ve been audited 3.Hmmmmmmmm

30 RISKY BEHAVIOR HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 30 Reporting high volume of high level codes without the ability to support them High volume unsupported or unbelievable time coding Inappropriate use of prolonged service codes Inappropriate application of “incident to” or “shared/split services” Inappropriate use or authentication of “scribes” or authentication of scribe role Billing a payable code instead of the non-covered service actually accomplished Billing for ancillary diagnostic services without medical necessity Billing for procedures or ancillary diagnostic services and manipulating the diagnosis code to assure coverage Billing time-coded psych services without documenting the time in the chart note

31 RISKY BEHAVIOR HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 31 Specialty practice: every new problem is a new patient encounter Billing higher for work comp because of the “psycho-social considerations” involved and the support required Every surgical case is billed with a modifier 22 Every post op encounter is a billed with an E/M code and a modifier 24 Every pre-op is billed (even though the decision for surgery was made 2 weeks ago) and there is no medical necessity to support the service Unbundling services Billing for services not accomplished Billing “never” events – like amputation on the same body part – multiple times Churning

32 RISKY BEHAVIOR: EHR VULNERABILITY HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 32 Cloning Automatic “pull through” documentation “Click” documentation Contradictory documentation Unreviewed/incomplete documentation (VRS errors) Garbled documentation Poor documentation Authentication (not signed/no title, etc) Automatic inclusion “one size fits all” time-coding statement Time coding doesn’t match imbedded system time stamps Printed chart notes don’t contain patient identifier on each page Medical Necessity not supported

33 WOULD YOU REIMBURSE THIS? HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 33 Excerpt from exam portion of E&M: “His liver alert and oriented x3 shows a deficit of cognitive function are thought physical psychosomatic eye pupils equal and rectal exams are normal her eczema with inflammation”. Excerpt from HPI: “She has insomnia-she takes her temazepam at HS-she is gestating at least 5 hours at night ” Excerpt from Noridian Part B News, July 2011 Notes reviewed in a CERT audit

34 Hi, I’m a 99214…….Really? HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 34 CC: follow-up HPI: John returns, feeling great. No chest pain, no shortness of breath. No problems with meds; going to Arizona for the winter. ROS: All other systems negative PFSH: Meds reviewed and updated – no changes; still smoking Exam: Vital Signs: BP 120/80; Ht 6ft; Weight 205 General Appearance: NAD Psych: Normal mood and affect Labs: Normal Assessment: Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypercholesteremia, all stable Plan: No changes, follow-up in Spring after return from Arizona

35 TIME CODING STATEMENTS (that don’t work) HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 35 I spent more than half of a 25 minute visit reviewing the management and treatment options for the conditions listed above.” (stated on every patient encounter for the day) “More than half of a 45 minute visit spent face to face with the patient.” (what did they do for the rest of the encounter?)

36 WHAT IS AN AUDIT? HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 36 A request from a carrier for a chart note in order to make payment A request from an auditing entity to return money for an individual or multiple claim based on identified error A request from an auditing entity (i.e. OIG) for a volume of specific chart notes for review based on identified issues Appearance of a sanctioned auditor in the office with a request for specified chart notes for review Based on the situation, the audit may be either a pre-payment or a post-payment review

37 POTENTIAL MAJOR AUDIT CONSEQUENCES HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 37 Return of overpayments Extrapolation Fines - up to treble damages per occurrence Exclusion from Medicare – and all other federally funded carriers (Medicare HMO, Medicaid, TriCare, etc) Development of a CIA (Corporate Integrity Agreement) Potential compromise of practice financial viability Criminal charges, if deemed appropriate IRS issues, if deemed appropriate Stripes?

38 FREQUENT AUDIT TRIGGERS FOR CREDIBLE MEDICAL PRACTICES HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 38 TYPE OF SERVICEPROBLEMIDENTIFIED BY E/M ServicesConsistent Over-CodingProvider Profile compared to national by-specialty profile SurgeryUnbundling servicesNCCI edits Coding GuidelinesInappropriate use of time coding Chart review Coding GuidelinesInappropriate use of Incident to or shared/split services Chart review Coding GuidelinesCloningChart review Clinical GuidelinesChurningComparison to clinical standards of care All of the aboveWhistle blower

39 WHAT ELEVATES YOUR RISK HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 39 Misunderstanding of coding guidelines Misunderstanding of levels of service application “Half-knowledge” or lack of knowledge Mistake by provider or staff “Don’t know, don’t want to know, won’t change”

40 REDUCING YOUR RISK: PREVENTION HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 40 Oversight: Develop, Implement & follow a credible Compliance Plan Operational policies and procedures, including:  Development of an Audit/Provider Education Team  Assign role of internal “External Audit Expert”  Receipt & Processing Audit Requests  Development of electronic reports & analysis of provide coding patterns  Development of electronic audit tracking tools  Development of action plans Operational actions, including:  Internal/External audits  Internal/External education  Documentation improvement

41 EDUCATION HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 41 You are required to know the rules, regardless of how many rules there are, and how many exceptions there may be to the rules If a provider understands and applies the rules correctly, mistakes that result in costly audits are less likely to occur

42 IMPORTANCE OF A COMPLIANCE PLAN HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 42 Sets the tone of your program Base it on reality – you have to live up to it Set standards Address risk areas Address corrective action plan Develop policies and procedures in support Developing a corresponding training program Develop lines of communication

43 OIG: RECOMMENDED COMPONENTS OF A SMALL PRACTICE COMPLIANCE PLAN HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 43 1. Internal Auditing & Monitoring Practice & Procedures 2. Establish Practice Standards & Procedures 3. Designation of a Compliance Officer/Primary Contact 4. Conducting Education & Training 5. Responding to Identified Issues & Corrective Action Plans 6. Developing Open Lines of Communication 7. Enforcing Disciplinary Standards See OIG Compliance Program for Individual and Small Group Physician Practices October 5, 2000

44 SAMPLE: EXTERNAL AUDIT EXPERT ROLE HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 44 Identify different audit entities Know the audit scope, if any, for each entity Distinguish type of audits based on agency Know their time lines and procedures for response Develop communication forms Review all audit requests Manage and track responses Develop lines of communication with audit entities Communicate internally to facilitate change where necessary

45 SAMPLE PROCEDURE: RECEIPT & PROCESSING AN AUDIT REQUEST HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 45 Audit requests are time-limited – do not let them sit in an “in box” during any step in the process Policy should indicate a specific individual to receive the request On Master Log, log in the request  Name/MRN # of patient  Note and document the date of receipt  Note the date response is due  Date of service information is requested for  List of information requested  Document who is requesting the information

46 SAMPLE PROCEDURE: RECEIPT & PROCESSING AN AUDIT REQUEST HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 46 Read and assess the request  What exactly is the audit looking for  Determine the validity of the request  Understand why the request was made and if provider/staff behavior triggered request Read and assess the chart notes  If there is an allegation of error or wrong doing, does the documentation refute it?  Does the documentation support the codes reported  Were modifiers appropriately applied  Is the note legible, properly authenticated and signed  Does the note reference previously documented information (i.e., “refer to health history form”) Never send original documents

47 SAMPLE PROCEDURE: RECEIPT & PROCESSING AN AUDIT REQUEST HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 47 Make two copies of all requested and referenced information Page number everything being sent Based on the request, understand what to send and what not to send  If the chart note references another document like the Health History form, copy and include it  Question: enclose test results or not? Don’t fabricate documentation if it isn’t there, it isn’t there Double check that everything being sent is for the requested date of service

48 SAMPLE PROCEDURE: RECEIPT & PROCESSING AN AUDIT REQUEST HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 48 Copy the request Review the copies for copy legibility  (i.e., copy isn’t too light, too dark, full page copied, appropriate orientation, etc) Don’t write directional notes on the copy Clip one copy of the copied records and the copy of the request together (Set 1); request on top of records Clip the other set of copied records and the original request together (Set 2); request on top of records (to be retained, so you know exactly what was submitted) If the request includes multiple patients, there should be a set for each individual patient. Highlight the patient name on each set

49 SAMPLE PROCEDURE: RECEIPT & PROCESSING AN AUDIT REQUEST HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 49 Prepare Set 1 for submission  Note any specific information about how the information is to be received (mail, fax, etc.) and two whose attention it should be sent  Send as directed If there is no direction on how the packet is to be sent, options are: Fax.pdf files Open mail Tracked mail Preference is always tracked mail with a return receipt requested; some groups also submit by fax – noting this is a fax copy, with hard copy also on the way

50 SAMPLE PROCEDURE: RECEIPT & PROCESSING AN AUDIT REQUEST HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 50 On Master Log, log in date sent, to whom and method of transmission File Set 2 as pending Track for claim adjudication/carrier response Facilitate provider/staff education, if request is generated by need for education and/or change

51 SUBMISSION TIMELINES HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 51 MACs, RACs, CERT, & ZPICs Pre-payment Review Time Frames Submit w/n 30 calendar days of request No extensions granted Claim denied if requested data not received by day 45 Post-payment Review Time Frames MAC, CERT, RAC: submit w/n 45 calendar days of request ZPIC: submit w/n 30 calendar days of request MAC, CERT, ZPIC have discretion to grant extensions Refer to Medicare Program Integrity Manual, Chapter 3 for detailed guidelines on submission, including timelines, submission methods and additional information

52 WHAT AUDITORS MAY REQUEST HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 52 At minimum. Auditors will require your chart notes for review. They may also request other information, including: Referenced data not initially provided Appointment schedules Time stamp logs Chart notes for dates before and after the reviewed date (looking for cloning) Diagnostic tests

53 APPEALS PROCESS HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 53 Level 1: Redetermination by a Medicare Contractor Level 2: Reconsideration by a Qualified Independent Contractor (QIS) Level 3:Hearing Before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Level 4:Review by the Appeals Counsel Level 5: Judicial Review in Federal District Court For details and timelines for each level of appeal, -see CMS MLN “The Medicare Appeals Process”

54 AUDIT TIPS HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 54 Treat every request seriously, even if it’s a request for a single note for clarification of a service for claims payment – it’s still an audit Educate based on audit request findings Pay attention to time lines for submission Clarify & communicate “chain of command” for incoming documents related to carrier communication Private carriers may audit just as actively as Medicare Know when to involve your health care attorney

55 OTHER ACRONYMS USED IN THIS PRESENTATION HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 55 ACRONYMTRANSLATION CMSCenter for Medicare & Medicaid Services LCDCMS Local Coverage Determinations NCCINational Correct Coding Initiatives MUEMedically Unlikely Edits FFSFee for Service CIACorporate Integrity Agreement HHSHealth & Human Services ADRAdditional Documentation Request ACAffiliated Contractor RARemittance Advice MLNMedicare Learning Network

56 RESOURCES & WEBSITES HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 56 Noridian Healthcare Solutions Health Data Insights OIG Medicare Program Integrity Manual Manuals-IOMs-Items/CMS019033.html AHIMA

57 RESOURCES & WEBSITES HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 57 Federal Register (OIG Compliance Plan) Recovery Auditing Program for FY 2011 Programs/Recovery-Audit-Program/Downloads/FY2011-Report-To-Congress.pdf HEAT Senate Bill S.1012 2012 CERT ERROR TYPES top 20 Programs/CERT/Downloads/AppendicesMedicareFeeforService2012ImproperPayment sReport.pdf

58 RESOURCES & WEBSITES HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 58 CMS MLN: The Medicare Appeals Process MLN/MLNProducts/downloads/medicareappealsprocess.pdf CMS MLN: Medicare Claim Review Program MLN/MLNProducts/downloads/MCRP_Booklet.pdf

59 CAROL WINTERMUTE, ACS-EM HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS 7070 SW 169 TH BEAVERTON, OREGON 97007 CONTACT US: PHONE: 503-591-7264 FAX: 503-848-4664 WINTERMUTEMC@COMCAST.NET HealthCare Management Consultants 2013 59 Thank you for participating today! Your presentation by:

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