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Creating Seamless Coverage: Medicaidhawk-i State of Iowa.

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1 Creating Seamless Coverage: Medicaidhawk-i State of Iowa

2 Introduction Recent Developments Increase in resources and commitment focused on the coordination of Medicaid and hawk-i Creation of full-time hawk-i Policy Specialist position (October 2003) Addressing this issue was elevated to high priority by top level management (September 2003)

3 Goals Ensure ALL children who lose Medicaid, due to excess income, are referred to hawk-i. Ensure ALL children losing hawk-i and eligible for Medicaid are referred to Medicaid.

4 Changes Implemented to Date 1. Awareness & Education Campaign Began in April 2003 Efforts include field visits to all areas in the state

5 Changes Implemented to Date (continued) 2. System Changes Automated electronic referral system Informal and formal service requests for changes to computer system to meet goal Results to include: automatic electronic referral, automatic reminder email message for referral, creation of management reports, and additional wording will be added to certain Medicaid notices of decision. A referral history will be maintained on the eligibility file.

6 Program Baselines Notes: Approximately 40% of all hawk-i applications are referred to Medicaid. Applications denied data includes applications who did not become eligible for hawk-i because they were referred to Medicaid. This data represents individuals. hawk-i Data

7 Program Baselines (continued) Medicaid Data

8 hawk-i Grassroots Outreach Survey Results Survey to Outreach Coordinators (November, 2003) Out of 26 Outreach Coordinators surveyed, 24 responded as follows: Question 1: How often do you believe the referral process is occurring between Medicaid and hawk-i in your area? Responses: Never – 2 Sometimes – 16 Almost Always – 5 Always – 1 Question 2: How efficient do you believe this process is? Responses: Not Efficient – 7 Somewhat Efficient – 11 Efficient – 5 Very Efficient – 1 * Note: This survey reflects the outreach coordinators perceptions of the referral process, which may not be consistent with referral data.

9 Conclusions Streamlining the system will help ensure continuity of health care coverage for consumers. Streamlining the system will reduce field staff workload. Awareness & Education Campaign will continue until all county offices receive training.

10 Conclusions (continued) Services will be monitored and measured for results. Implementation of the automated referral process will be completed within 6 months.

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