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Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Andrew Agwunobi, M.D.

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1 Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Andrew Agwunobi, M.D.

2 Mission “The Agency for Health Care Administration champions accessible, affordable, quality health care for all Floridians.”

3 Division of Health Quality Assurance “…state licensure…federal certification…of health care facilities…CON…complaints…” Long Term Care – Licensure and Certification – Nursing Home Gold Seal – Quality of Long Term Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund – Nursing Home Guide and Watch List – Adverse Incidents and Nursing Home Reporting – Background Screening Certificate of Need Program Plans and Construction Review Managed Care – Managed Care Subscriber Assistance – Statewide Provider/Health Plan Claim Dispute Resolution

4 Division of Health Quality Assurance Emergency Support Function (ESF8) with the Department of Health – Emergency Status System – 94% of Nursing Homes Enrolled Field Operations – Eight Field Offices: Inspections and Investigations – Complaint Administration: Call Center and 5-day Abuse Reports – Quality of Care Monitors – Survey Integrity and Training – Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) – MDS/OASIS Help Desk

5 Quality Indicator Survey Process Federal Quality Indicator Survey Process –Florida: First Statewide Pilot Improve Consistency/Accuracy of QOC/QOL Problem Identification Using a More Structured Process Comprehensive Review of Regulatory Care Areas within the Current Survey Process Enhanced Documentation by Organizing Survey Findings through Automation Focus Survey Resources on Facilities with Largest Number of Quality Concerns

6 QIS Florida Roll-out Plan Tallahassee/Pensacola November 2007 Complete Alachua/MiamiJanuary – July 2008 Orlando/Ft. MyersFebruary – October 2008 Delray/Tampa-St. PeteJuly 2008 – November 2009

7 Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) Congressional Directive: – Initiate Program Performance Reform – Series of Pilot Projects in Setting Program Goals – Measuring Program Performance Against Goals – Reporting Publicly on Progress – Improve Federal Program Effectiveness and Public Accountability – Promoting a New Focus on: Results Service Quality Customer Satisfaction

8 Nursing Home GPRA Focus Reduce Restraint Use – 2006 (4 th Quarter) 8.6 Florida 5.8 Nation – 2007 (1 st Quarter) 8.3 Florida 5.5 Nation Reduce Pressure Ulcers – 2006 (4 th Quarter) 9.7 Florida 8.4 Nation – 2007 (1 st Quarter) 9.6 Florida 8.6 Nation

9 Strategies for Improvement Register to Participate in the Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign – Consider Partnerships with other Health Care Providers Southeast Region Workgroup – Nursing Home Association Participation – Hospital Association Participation – State Agency Participation

10 Division of Medicaid “Directs all Medicaid program planning and development activities” $15.6 Billion Annual Medicaid Services Budget 2.0 Million Eligibles Bureau of Medicaid Program Analysis – Nursing Home Reimbursement and Rate Setting – Cost Reports and Audits Bureau of Medicaid Contract Management – Provider Enrollment & Fiscal Intermediary Management / Claims Bureau of Medicaid Pharmacy Services

11 Medicaid Reimbursement Budget Reduction Session Impact – Nursing Home Rate Reduction 3% Effective January 1, 2008 – Recurring Reduction: Based on Annualized Amount each Rate Semester Crossover Payments – Initial Implementation Issues Corrected – Claims Reprocessed – Recovery of Automatic Crossover Payments Pending Fiscal Agent Transition to EDS

12 Division of Medicaid Bureau of Medicaid Services – Handbook and Policy – Waiver Programs – Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) 11 Area Offices – Claim Reconciliation – Beneficiary Assistance Bureau of Medicaid Health Systems Development – Medicaid Managed Care Policy and Disease Management Bureau of Medicaid Quality Management – Provider Satisfaction Surveys

13 Florida Senior Care Integrate All Medicaid Services, including Nursing Facility and Waiver Services, in a Managed Care Plan Medicaid Beneficiaries Age 60 and Older and Dually Eligible (Medicaid and Medicare) Beneficiaries Age 21 and Older Can Participate in Brevard, Osceola, Orange, Seminole, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties Enrollment is Voluntary in These Areas of the State Enrollees Can Choose to Enroll or Disenroll at Any Time Any Willing, Qualified Managed Care Plan May Enroll as a Provider Individuals Living in Residential Facilities Can Stay in Their Facility Even if the Facility Does Not Have a Contract with a Florida Senior Care Managed Care Plan Implementation is Expected in November 2008

14 Florida Center for Health Information and Policy Analysis “collection…analysis…dissemination… of health-related data” Health Information Infrastructure – Fosters the Deployment of Electronic Medical Records and E-prescribing Data Collection, Dissemination and Quality Assurance Transparency in Health Care – Consumer-Driven Floridahealthfinder.Gov – Search Tools to Compare Short-term Acute Care Hospitals, Ambulatory (Outpatient) Surgery Centers, Health Plans, and Nursing Homes – A.D.A.M. Health Encyclopedia with Thousands of Health Articles and Illustrations – Health Care Facility Finder – Information About Insurance, Medications, Seniors, Medical Conditions, and Resources for Medical Care – Consumer Publications – Information for Health Care Professionals and Much More



17 Nursing Home White Paper “Long Term Care Review” Overview of Regulation, Quality, Ownership, Reimbursement – Significant Regulatory Oversight Exists – Ownership Disclosure is Limited – Unable to Identifiable Correlation between Quality and Ownership but More Extensive Analysis Is Warranted

18 Nursing Home White Paper Recommendations – Revise Nursing Home Guide – Increase Transparency of Information – Examine “Proof” Standard for Nursing Home Sanctions – Revise Change of Ownership Definition and Requirements – Expand Disclosure of Ownership – Commission Statistical Analysis to Evaluate Quality and Ownership – Review Regulation of Alternative Settings – Assisted Living/Adult Family Homes

19 Long Term Care Issues Aging Demographics – Certificate of Need Moratorium until 2011 MRSA Workgroup – Department of Health Partnership State Budget Pressure

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