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H ộ i Văn Hóa Khoa H ọ c Vi ệ t Nam t ạ i Oregon Vietnamese Science & Culture Society of Oregon.

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1 H ộ i Văn Hóa Khoa H ọ c Vi ệ t Nam t ạ i Oregon Vietnamese Science & Culture Society of Oregon

2  Oregon Non-profit 501 (c)(3)  EIN: 20-1132529  Oregon ID: 222163-94    Required by IRS to publish financial info at  Funded by student fees, matching volunteer hours from corporations, and financial grants.  VSCSO provides financial & legal support for Lac Hong School

3 Board of Directors  Thân Đức Trí  Jones Chi  Nguyễn Hữu Tường  Phương Nguyễn  Lê Trân


5 1.Formed in Aug 2004 by anh Trí Thân, anh T ườ ng Nguy ễ n, and Chi Jones 2.We are celebrating our 10 th anniversary this year 3.All of our staff are unpaid volunteers 4.All staff get 5 weeks vacations (Christmas, T ế t, & spring breaks ) 5. Our classes are taught from 1:30 – 4PM on Saturdays from Sept 7, 2013 to May 17, 2014 Lạc Hồng School

6 1. Tracy Trân Lê - Principal 2. Christine H ằ ng Đông – Vice Principal - Operations 3. Katherine Th ả o Jones – Vice Principal - Curriculums 4. T ườ ng Nguy ễ n- Treasurer $$$ Lac Hong Administrative Staff

7 Tr ườ ng Vi ệ t Ng ữ L ạ c H ồ ng 2013-2014 Cấp Cấp Vỡ Lòng(Pre-School) Cấp Mẫu Giáo(Kindergarten Level) Cấp 1 (A&B)(Level 1) Cấp 2(Level 2) Cấp 3(Level 3) Cấp 4 (A&B)(Level 4) Cấp 5(Level 5) Cấp 6(Level 6) Cấp 7(Level 7) Cấp 8(Level 8)

8 1.Students should arrive to their classroom at least 5 minutes prior to the start time - 1:25PM 2.Students should be pickup at or NO later 4:05PM - We will not have any volunteers available after 4:10PM on campus. 3. After school activity classes will start from 4PM and end at 5:00PM unless otherwise notified by the teachers. 4. Please notify your child's teacher if student is going to be late or absences. School Attendance policy

9 5.Students incurred more than 3 unexcused absences in the school calendar year September to May 2014 will be drop off the class and no refund will be reimbursed. 6.Full refund of paid tuition will be reimbursed only during the first 3 weeks of school. 7.After 4th week and up to 6 weeks, school will reimburse 50% of paid tuition. 8.After the 7th week, there will be no refunds for drop-off. School Attendance policy

10 1.Please fill out the After School Activity application if your child is interested in any of these classes: Lego Robotics, Lion Dance, Cultural Dance. 2. Classes are offered on the first come, first serve basis. 3. Fees is $25 per year and pay upon the first day of the class. 4. Classes will start between the 3rd and 4th week of school - around end of September. After School Activity classes

11 1.Truong Lac Hong will celebrate Tet Trung Thu on September 14th, 2013 from 3:30-4PM. 2. We will provide Moon Cake from Pho Tango at the event for your enjoyment. 3. If you are interested in placing the order for Moon Cake at Pho Tango, please see Tracy Le. Tet Trung Thu

12 Tet Trung Thu in the Community

13 1.School Security team is looking for more volunteers to ensure the safety of our children while on campus. 2. Security volunteer will receive discount of 25% off tuition 3. Teacher Assistance is needed - In the TA position, volunteer will receive 50% discount off tuition. Volunteers

14 PTA Cô H ằ ng Đ ổ ng Cô Lê Trân (Tracy)

15 Quí v ị vui lòng đóng góp ý ki ế n. Questions and Answers

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