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Whistler Village Retail Sector Project Plan Presented by Team Spirit 2010.

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1 Whistler Village Retail Sector Project Plan Presented by Team Spirit 2010

2 Introduction PM- Lindsey Sarjeant Sean Gallagher Yena Han Sze-Zin Lo Gwynne Stone Kristie Yuen

3 Project Overview Project Description Project Objectives Project Scope Project Analysis Project Deliverables Project Risks Project Budget Summary

4 Project Description To prepare local retailers inside Whistler Village for the duration of 2010 Olympic Games.

5 Project Objectives Key Objectives 1. Generate Sales 2. Inventory Control 3. Lost Prevention 4. Staffing

6 Project Scope What When How Much

7 Project Scope Outreach Programs and Bid Procurement Workshop implementation Pros and Cons of participating Risks/Constraints involved directly and indirectly Economic Growth Positioning Meeting demand Communications Plan

8 Project Analysis SWOT Strengths  Captive audience  Opportunity to sell Olympic merchandise.  Good chance retailers will get meet or exceed their ROI Weaknesses  Space constraints, limited space  Proximity from the main host city  Cost associated with being an inside retailer  Traffic

9 Project Analysis SWOT continues Opportunity  Change perception  Generate revenue  New markets  Community Involvement Threat  Weather  Illegal use of the Olympic brand  Retailers may not see value

10 Project Analysis Communication Diagram

11 Project Analysis Communication Strategy 1. Audience Identification 2. Communication Phases 3. Communication Objectives 4. The Message

12 Project Analysis Communication Team Communication Agent Message Delivery Personnel Message Delivery Mechanism Information Sources

13 Project Deliverables Review and evaluate the location Screen vendors Vendor selection Vendors location specified Gather all necessary forms from vendors Confirm the number of chairs, tents and tables Outsource security personnel Go over any risks and mitigation with each vendor Set up individual kiosks Grand opening!

14 Project Risks Major Crowd control Security Weather Fee, liability and insurance Outside competition Location preference Labour shortage Pricing gauge

15 Project Risks Moderate Olympic scandal/ Bad press Technology breakdown/server overload Lack of preparation Construction not completed on time Theft Not enough vendors Unpaid Vendors Traffic

16 Project Budget

17 Summary Purpose of the Project Scope Analysis Communication Strategy Deliverables Risk Management Budget

18 Thank You

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