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Globodox is a document management software suite designed for the Medium to Large business. Is the result of feedback received from our customers around.

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2 Globodox is a document management software suite designed for the Medium to Large business. Is the result of feedback received from our customers around the world. It features an integrated set of tools for scanning, indexing, searching, securing, sharing, auditing and workflow. Is one of the simplest and fastest document management solutions in the market today! Globodox lets you manage your documents exactly how you want to...!

3 Adding documents Drag and Drop Files and Folders directly from Windows Explorer Search and Add Files Monitor Multiple Folders to add files Scan & Batch Scan Multiple ways to add documents

4 Different ways to organize your documents... Storing them in a simple Folder hierarchy Attaching simple text Tags to each document Attaching structured indexing information to each document Document Types Group multiple documents under common indexing information as Stacks

5 Storing them in a simple folder hierarchy Create a Folder hierarchy just like in Windows Explorer. –Folder hierarchy can be multi level and individual folder/sub-folders can be shared or hidden. High performance because folder hierarchy is backed by a powerful database. This is the fastest way of organizing documents. Add simple text tags to each document (just like you do on web sites like Flickr, Facebook etc..). Quickly find documents which contain the tags you are searching for. Helps you get started with minimal effort. The combination of folders and tags is an extremely powerful document management solution by itself. Attaching simple text tags to each document

6 Attaching structured indexing information to each document… For a more structured approach you can define Document Types. Choose the pieces of information you want to store for each document type. For e.g. store Invoice No., Invoice Amount with Invoices, store Agreement Date, Agreement Party with Agreements. Helps you quickly create a highly structured repository of your documents. e.g. Quickly find all agreements with Company A which need to be renewed in December 2008.

7 Group multiple documents under common indexing information… Documents can be arranged in a Stack. Stacks can have their own indexing information. So, you can search for documents by searching for stack's indexing info. Stack of multiple documents share the same indexing information. For e.g. all documents for a particular client.

8 Linking documents to each other Link related documents to each other. You are looking at a cheque and want to take a look at the invoices paid via that cheque? The information is just a click away. Similarly you are looking at an invoice and want to look at all the cheques issued against that invoice... again the information is just a click away…

9 Powerful Search Quick Search Just type in what you want and get results Advanced Search –Combine multiple conditions and create a single advanced search –Save Advanced Searches for regular use –You can even search for saved searches! Document Full Text Search Look for words within the document text Search Folders Easily search for a particular folder

10 Draft Documents Save documents under review as Drafts before you publish them Do documents in your organization or department go through multiple revisions and reviews? Then you can make the edits and save the document in the Draft Mode as a minor version, until it is ready to be published in its next version. E.g. save the document as versions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc. until ready to be published as version 2.0.

11 Automate business processes Easily automate business processes. Create rule based procedures. Similar to those used by your organization to do the same task in real life scenarios. Documents can never be lost or misplaced. Documents are always passed on to the right person. Thus, eliminating the chances of sensitive/ confidential data being leaked.

12 Access Documents from Anywhere Use the Web Browser to access your documents from anywhere With Globodox Web Client you can use a web browser to access your documents and data over your corporate Intranet or even over the Internet.

13 Security Roles and Privileges Define Roles for users and set privileges at the top level. Hierarchical Security Groups This security feature ensures that users in a group can only access documents owned by their group and documents of their sub groups. Share, Assign or Restrict Users can control by simply sharing and restricting. Security Labels Create Security Labels to assign custom security to objects. Control Printing and Saving Disallow printing, saving to local machine, emailing by simply denying the Distribute permission for a document. Event Logging / Auditing Log details about user actions like addition and modification with the Event Logging feature.

14 Salient Features Simple... Very Simple... Globodox offers the familiar “MS Outlook style” user interface. So your users already know how to use it. Globodox offers a Windows based Desktop Client and a browser based Web Client and both clients offer an absolutely identical user interface! So users do not need to learn anything twice... Search Focused We recognize the power of a good search tool in quickly locating your documents. Globodox is built around its powerful search feature. Perform simple or complex searches in seconds. Document Annotation Annotations such as highlight, line, rectangle, ellipse can be added to each document. Notes and bookmarks can be added anywhere in the document and users can directly jump to a bookmark. Redaction helps you hide portions of a document from certain users. Auto Stamp, Auto Publish and Signature You can add a stamp, a signature and even publish a document automatically in Globodox, as part of the workflow designed. This set of activities is particularly helpful for organizations where large teams are split into multiple workgroups.

15 Check-in / Checkout When you edit a document, you can checkout that document so that other users are prevented from modifying the same document, till the time you check-in the document. When a document is checked out, other users will still be able to view the document but they will not be able to modify the document. Versions Create and retain multiple versions of the same document. You can easily access the older version of a document at any time. You can add Version Notes to remember the changes made for the version. Encryption Encrypt your documents using industry standard strong encryption algorithms such AES, Blowfish and Triple-DES. Review Activity in Workflow Globodox gives you the ability to route to your team members, documents you have revised. This means your team members can review the changes made by you and add their comments, if any. It even saves details of who reviewed the document, when and what comments they left.

16 More… Bar Code Recognition Powerful bar code recognition features to help in document separation and automatic document indexing. OCR Optional OCR module to recognize and index text from scanned documents. Active Directory Integration Globodox allows the network administrator to import the entire Windows user database into the Globodox so that users do not require separate login information to access Globodox, thereby saving their time daily.

17 A quick quick guided tour!!

18 Modes of Adding Documents to Globodox – Either Create once, Scan one or else add from Disk Check-out a document to edit. Document is locked while you edit. Check in and Globodox manages versions Route Documents by Email, Fax or else by Workflow that you create In the default view, you can see the document in it’s original format This is the annotation bar that lets you manipulate the documents by adding a signature, stamp or highlight, comment to the same. This is the tab pane that lets you view and add additional information related to the document This is the list of documents that match the nodes selected on the workspace This is the workspace which lets you browse and select documents based on folders, rules or else tags

19 This is the thumbnail view which you can use to navigate through a longer document

20 Globodox supports you adding sub folders to existing folders. You can also set security labels, export or clone folders

21 This pane lets you modify information about the document, its author, folders and organizations it is related to. Now lets see what the other tabs lead us to Add tags to make your document searchable using them

22 The pages tab lets you navigate through the document. You can also add a bookmark to any page in a multi-page document and then navigate directly to the same

23 The notes tab lets you add notes to a document

24 Globodox automatically tracks and manages all versions of the same document

25 Using the Event Log tab you can see how changes were made to each document and by whom.

26 The links tab lets you create and view links between this document and other documents or else stacks of documents.

27 Stacks let you group multiple documents under common indexing information. For e.g. all documents for a particular client.

28 Globodox has basic as well as advanced search functionality letting you create a custom rule and get results based on the same.

29 This is the scan window which lets you decide which scanner and scanning profile to use and also document specific settings

30 Among other things, scan settings let you specify use of bar coded separator pages when batch scanning a stack of several multi-page documents.

31 A view of the settings tab. You can see different types of users, set up groups, roles, connected users and security labels.

32 An example of how you can setup a document type – Invoice containing the invoice number, date, status (paid/ unpaid) etc.

33 You can define different security roles with different levels of access to documents. Users can then be assigned to one or more roles.

34 You can also simply share documents with one or more users.

35 You can also restrict one or more users from viewing a document to which they otherwise have access.

36 You can save documents under review as Drafts before you publish them

37 You can use a web browser to access your documents and data over your corporate Intranet or even over the Internet.

38 Our Clients… Thermo Shandon Ltd, United Kingdom Translation Bureau, Canada University of Philippines, Philippines Osram, Malaysia Tata Memorial Hospital, India Hutchinson, Sri Lanka Ministry of Health, Medina, Saudi Arabia Lulu Hypermarket, Bahrain ITP Publications, UAE Department of Immigration, Rwanda Toyota Nigeria Limited, Nigeria Food and Drug Administration, USA Marshal Space Flight Center - NASA, USA Westpac Bank, New Zealand Department of Justice, USA

39 About ITAZ Technologies ITAZ was formed in 1999 to develop and market software solutions for information management. Our document management product was launched in January 2001. Over a period our product established itself with customers in over 50 countries including customers such as the US Food & Drug Administration and NASA. Our products are the result of our continuous R&D since 13 years and our desire to build better software solutions for the global marketplace.

40 Thank You… To Download a 30-day Free Trial visit Contact Us Email: Telephone: 888-959-7249 (Toll Free - US & Canada) +1 650-646-2251 (Outside US) +44 (020) 8133 7349 (UK) +91 22 6702 0098 (India)

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