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Volusia County Revenue Division Welcome Citizen’s Academy Class of 2013.

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2 Volusia County Revenue Division Welcome Citizen’s Academy Class of 2013

3 We Are Special! 64 counties in Florida have elected Tax Collectors 3 counties (Volusia, Broward, & Miami-Dade) have appointed officials (Revenue Director) Since Volusia County is a Charter Government, tax collection falls under the Revenue Division in the Financial & Administrative Services Department Results in efficiencies by sharing resources such as personnel, accounting, legal, & information technology & economies of scale in purchasing

4 Duties of Revenue Division Agent for: Florida Department of Revenue Billing, collection & administration of property taxes Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Vehicle, vessel, & mobile home registrations, & title work Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Issuance of fishing & hunting permits Cashier for other county revenues such as building and development fees, water bills, Votran passes, etc.

5 Taxes Tourist & Convention Development Tax 6% Tax (3% & 3%) on short term rental of living accommodations (6 months or less). Business Tax (formerly Occupational Licenses) A tax for doing business in Volusia County (most common rates $22 & $30). Public Service Tax A tax on electricity & metered or bottled gas in unincorporated Volusia County only (10% of gross sales). Communication Service Tax A tax on communications services collected by DOR & sent to the County (5.22%). Property Tax Real Property: Land, buildings, & improvements to land. Tangible Personal Property: Equipment & items used in a business such as furniture, tools, computers, etc. Centrally Assessed Property: Railroad tracks or fixed assets owned or leased by a railroad company.

6 Property Tax The elected Property Appraiser, Morgan Gilreath, determines the appraised value of properties in Volusia County, the exemptions due to property owners, and the owner name & mailing address for each piece of property. The Volusia County Council, and other Taxing Authorities set the millage rates. The Revenue Office bills & collects the property taxes based on the information provided to us by the Property Appraiser and Taxing Authorities.

7 Taxing Authorities We collect for 31 Taxing Authorities 17 Municipal 4 County (General Fund, Library, Volusia Forever & ECHO) 4 Special Taxing Districts (Municipal Service, Fire, Mosquito Control, & Ponce Inlet Port Authority) 3 Hospital (Halifax, Southeast Volusia, & West Volusia) 2 State (St Johns River Water Management & Florida Inland Navigation) School Board We distribute current collections weekly through May, and delinquents, BTRs, and interest monthly

8 Property Tax Timeline Tax Bills are mailed November 1 st. 4% discount if paid in November. 3% discount in December 2% discount in January 1% discount in February Payments not postmarked by March 31 st are delinquent. A penalty for late payment is added to unpaid accounts on April 1 st.

9 Delinquent Tax Collection Collection efforts Tangible Taxes: Warrants issued for the levy and seizure of the property. Real Property Taxes: Tax Lien Certificates are sold at an online auction & earn up to 18% simple annual interest. If interested, go to Tax Deed Auction proceedings can begin if Tax Lien isn’t redeemed after 2 years

10 Tag & Title We process over 460,000 vehicle & vessel renewals & 110,000 title transfers annually. Can renew online at https://www.volusia.county- Registrations expire at midnight on your birthday, not at the end of your birth month. 120 specialty plates are currently available for environmental & other causes, organizations, military, professional sports teams & universities for an extra $15 - $25.

11 Tag & Title Handicapped Parking Permits - Volusia County has approximately 44,000 holders of blue permanent disabled parking permits. Now they must be recertified every 4 years. Mobile Homes – We sell approx. 26,000 annual decals to mobile/manufactured homes registered in rental parks or retirement communities.

12 Tag & Title Toll By Plate - This new all electronic toll system located on the Florida Turnpike captures images of the license plate and bills the customer. If you fail to pay your toll bill a Registration Stop will be placed on your vehicle registration and you will not be able to renew until you pay the tolling authority. A little over 3,000 hunting & fishing licenses are sold annually. Web Cams - Check at to see if any of the 4 Volusia County Tag, Title & Tax Offices are busy before you get there.

13 Revenue Office Locations & Hours Tag & Tax Office Locations Open 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday Thomas C. Kelly Admin. Center 123 W. Indiana Ave., Room 103 DeLand Orange City Admin. SW Center 2744 Enterprise Road Orange City Daytona Beach Admin. Center 250 N. Beach St., Room 101 Daytona Beach New Smyrna Beach 111 Canal St. New Smyrna Beach Private Tag Office Locations Open 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Monday - Friday & 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturday Auto Tag Management Group 927 Beville Rd., Suite 12 South Daytona Auto Tag Management Group 2772-A Elkcam Blvd. Deltona

14 Our Accomplishments Conversion to new web based revenue collection software in October 2009 has allowed us to realize a tremendous number of efficiencies, and do more with fewer staff. Public website is much more user friendly and informative. Also handle the domestic partnership registry

15 ‘’ Til We Meet Again ….

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