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Introduction Welcome! Accomplish CashManager is used by over 17,000 small businesses and recommended by hundreds of accounting firms throughout New Zealand.

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2 Introduction Welcome! Accomplish CashManager is used by over 17,000 small businesses and recommended by hundreds of accounting firms throughout New Zealand and Australia. This walkthrough highlights the key features and benefits that make CashManager “The Simpler Alternative” for 85% of New Zealand small businesses. Features in this walkthrough include – the cashbook – chart of accounts and system features bank account reconciliation importing bank statement transactions printing cashbook and cashflow reports GST 101 completion and printing an Audit Trail Managing Customer and Supplier invoicing, and Joining the Awesome Support & Update Programme For immediate assistance at any stage of your CashManager Walkthrough, please contact Accomplish on 0800 707 111 or email Next 

3 Testimonials CashManager Testimonials – Why is CashManager “the simpler alternative”? We have recommended CashManager to our clients for over 10 years. CashManager has continually developed to keep up with our client demands and it has remained both "client proof" and intuitive. We have found that the "Bank Reconciliation" & "GST Return" processes are “foolproof”. CashManager perfectly complements PA software from APS as it is a simple matter to preview the clients’ data and if necessary edit reconciled transactions prior to exporting them to PA. Not only does this minimise double handling but ensures clean data (minimal miscoding) for annual and periodic account preparation. The ability to "lock" CashManager transactions after export is very important for security and maintaining data integrity. Very few other "Cashbooks" have these important features. Comprehensive reporting provides valuable information for clients and they can simply download bank transactions over the Internet and import them into CashManager on demand. We strongly recommend CashManager to other Accountants who don’t want confused clients. The CashManager - APS combination is a win-win situation for both clients and their accountant. Roger Keys - Goldsmith Fox PKF “ ” Our clients have limited time to do their accounting work, and generally they do not have an appreciation of debits, credits and how it all works. They need something easy to learn and use, that cuts down on their time and costs. That is why we encourage our clients to use CashManager. Lizelle Swart - Grant Thornton Our Accounting Practice has a large number of clients that operate Accomplish CashManager …including Farmers, Dairies, Chemists, Manufacturers and Builders. A significant number of these had no computer experience prior to using CashManager and all have found the system to be extremely user friendly and easy to operate. Jim Scott - Hubbard Churcher When Accomplish say "awesome support" they mean it. I've had dealings with almost all of the support team, and I have to say that they're all pretty guys are certainly the best!. Jeannie Norman – Lyndsay Tait Chartered Accountant “ “ “ ” ” ” Next 

4 Home “The Simpler Alternative” for your bookkeeping needs Home Transaction Entry Reconciling your bank accounts Importing Bank Statements Completing your GST 101 Budgeting and monthly analysis reports Customer & Supplier Invoicing + Quotes The Awesome Support & Update Programme CashManager Chart of Accounts Contacting Accomplish CashManager Reports Contact Management Click on buttons to view the different areas of this walkthrough What level of CashManager should you use? Sending Data to the Accountant Accountants File Export

5 CashManager Levels CashManager is perfect for you if you do not have any accounting or bookkeeping knowledge. You don’t need to worry about debits and credits, journals, profit and loss and balance sheets. CashManager is about cash-in and cash-out, making it simple to learn, use and understand. CashManager is available in three levels – 1. CashManager LITE – for doing the bookkeeping basics including importing bank statements, reconciling bank accounts, GST completion and data transfer via email 2. CashManager STANDARD – for doing the bookkeeping basics and managing your business performance with budgeting and monthly analysis reporting tools. Reporting categories are also available for reporting on various sources of income and expenses. Especially good for reporting on primary production. 3. CashManager PLUS (Recommended for Accountants only) – for producing financial reports and journals. This is a General Ledger package. Includes both the Customer & Supplier and Multi-business Add-on outlined below. CashManager Add-ons CashManager offers two additional modules for invoicing and managing multiple businesses. Both modules can be added to any level of CashManager Customer & Supplier Invoicing Module - for managing Customer and Supplier invoices Multi-business module - for managing more than one entity and maintaining historical data HomeNext 

6 Transaction Entry Unlimited bank accounts While a lot of systems limit users to one bank account in the cashbook, CashManager enables you to set up as many bank accounts as you need to effectively record all of your business transactions. Transaction types CashManager has 4 standard transaction types you can select when entering transactions into your cashbook. EFT is also available if you want to transfer direct payment authorities to your bank via banking software. Changing Transaction types If transactions are entered incorrectly, they can be moved to another bank account or the transaction type can be changed with a click of your right mouse button. You can also use the EDIT option from the transaction screen above. Transaction entry HomeNext  Back

7 Easysearch on Payee/Payer Transaction fields Simply complete the Date; Ref; Payee/Drawer; Account; Amount and Details fields for the transaction you are entering. Easysearch on Payee Click the Easysearch button in the Payee/Drawer field to access your CashManager Names file. Every new name used in the cashbook will be added to this Names file for future use. Dissecting transactions Transactions can be dissected and allocated to different accounts in your chart of accounts using the ADD option that appears on every transaction entry screen. Enter-As-Tab option For those who are used to using the ENTER key to move between fields, CashManager can be set up to accommodate this. The default setting is to use the TAB key to move through the data entry fields. HomeNext  Back

8 Chart of Accounts Easysearch on Account Easysearch is also available on the Account field in the transaction entry screen. You can select the relevant account from your chart to apply to the transaction. Chart of Accounts in CashManager The chart of accounts in CashManager is completely customisable and can be defined by either the User or the accountant. Each account code has an appropriate GST category, Account Name and Reporting category (if using budgeting). The GST Category on each account code determines the GST calculated on each transaction. A code in the accountants chart can also be added to the account, to enable transaction mapping when exporting data to a practice accounting system. CashManager Chart of Accounts HomeNext  Back

9 Bank Reconciliation – Step 1 & 2 Bank Reconciliation Wizard Reconciliation Wizard This is the first of 2 methods for reconciling bank accounts in CashManager. It requires that you have a bank statement printout in front of you before starting the reconciliation. Step 1 By simply recording the Closing balance and Date of the closing balance, you can then move to step 2 where the ticking of transaction begins. You can confirm that your last bank reconciliation is in order by verifying the opening balance on the bank statement with the opening balance showing on the screen Step 2 You can now simply tick the transactions in your cashbook that appear on your bank statement. The left mouse button is used to tick the transactions. During ticking-off, you may find it easier to re- sort the transactions on the screen. Editing transactions For transactions that require editing, you can simply right mouse click on the transaction and either edit the transaction or change it to an appropriate transaction type. The right mouse click is also used to add transactions from the bank statement that don’t appear in your cashbook. For Example: Interest received or Bank Charges. HomeNext  Back

10 Bank Reconciliation – Step 3 Bank Reconciliation Wizard Congratulations! Your cashbook is now reconciled with your bank statement. Step 3 Once all of your transactions are ticked off against your bank statement, you can then view and print a reconciliation report. This report includes a list of your unpresented cheques and deposits (if any exist). Out of Balance! If your reconciliation doesn’t balance it will be because you ticked an incorrect amount, or overlooked an item on the bank statement. Printing the Pro Forma bank statement makes finding this error a breeze. In Balance! Once you have completed the ticking off process and CashManager indicates that you are “In Balance”, the reconciliation will be finalised. HomeNext  Back

11 Importing Bank Statements Bank Statement import Importing bank statement transactions into CashManager This is the second method for reconciling your bank accounts within CashManager. By signing up with your banks Internet banking service, you can export bank statement transactions from their website, and import them into CashManager to auto-reconcile your bank accounts and auto- generate the transactions in the cashbook. Your Bank CashManager accommodates bank statement files from all major trading banks throughout New Zealand - BNZ, ASB, WESTPAC, ANZ, TSB, and NATIONAL BANK. Each of those available in CashManager have a transaction export facility on their website. CashManager can also import bank statements from banking software packages such as Direct Link and Fastnet Office. This includes BankLink. Overlapping transaction files The date ranges for the bank statement import must be consecutive to ensure that transactions are not duplicated when imported. CashManager provides a warning should this occur. Accessing your Bank’s website When you setup your bank accounts in CashManager, there is a facility to enter your banks Internet Banking website address. Simply click the web link at the bottom of the bank statement import screen to visit your bank’s website to download your transactions. Bank Statement import This method of reconciling your bank accounts provides you with the ability to perform simple or detailed allocations on any transaction you are importing into CashManager. These allocation methods can eliminate time consuming data-entry and means that you can complete bank reconciliations quicker. HomeNext  Back

12 CashManager Reports CashManager offers a range of cashbook reports that can be generated by the user. The ease with which it takes to create these reports, and their clarity make them a key benefit of CashManager. Each report comes with a range of options that filter the data that is presented in the reports, enabling you to define the reports to your requirements and those of your accountant. Budgeting Reports in CashManager The budgeting reports listed above are only available in CashManager Standard and PLUS. CashManager LITE provides you with the Bookkeeping Reports, including the GST Return and List reports as shown above. HomeNext  Back Exporting Reports to other programs All CashManager reports can be exported to other programs such as Word and Excel. A “Save As” option is available on each report screen when you select “VIEW”. This is great if you need to perform additional calculations on the CashManager data.

13 Summary Cashbook Report Summary Cashbook This report shows a complete and concise summary of the cashbook, reconciling with the closing bank reconciliation, for any nominated period in the current financial year. Amounts in this report can be inclusive or exclusive of GST. This is the report that your accountant will find most helpful. Summary Cashbook Report HomeNext  Back

14 Account Details report Account Details Report This report prints all transactions for a specified range of accounts from your chart of accounts. All transactions are listed, with the deposit amounts shown as negatives to show that they are credits. If you are working with more than one bank account, you can also select which account or accounts are to be included in the report. Account Details Report HomeNext  Back

15 GST Return The GST Return can be printed directly from CashManager, signed, and sent to the Inland Revenue with the original GST 101 form. The IRD require that the original GST 101 form with the barcode is included with this printed GST Return when filed. Closing your GST period After running the GST Return, you will be asked if you wish to “close” that GST period. Closing the period means that the amounts of all transactions in that period cannot be altered, and no more transactions can be entered for that period. This is an important control in maintaining the accuracy of future GST Returns. HomeNext  Back

16 GST Audit Trail The GST Audit Trail is part of the GST Return report, and lists all transactions during the period that make up each of the totals on the return. The report is broken up into the various categories that appear in the report. Any transaction that has a non-standard GST component, is highlighted with a hash symbol (#) enabling quick resolution of any GST issues. In this example, the GST should not be zero on this transaction. Once amended, the transaction will appear under taxable purchases. It is this report that IRD auditors will be most interested in. HomeNext  Back

17 CashManager Transfer Files When you need to transfer CashManager data to the Accountant, you can create a CashManager transfer file that can be saved to a floppy disk or emailed directly from CashManager. This file is called a “CashManager Transfer File” Email setup You will need to setup your email details under Setup | Options in CashManager. This includes your email address and that of your accountant. This file can also be emailed to the Accomplish Support Team if required. Backwards Compatible This file is also backwards compatible meaning that the accountant only requires the latest CashManager version on their network in order to read data from their clients. HomeNext  Back

18 Accountants File Transfer Accountants Export File CashManager data can be exported to all major practice accounting systems. A full list of these systems can be seen in the Accountants Export File screen in CashManager. The chart of accounts needs to have the correct “Code in Accountants Chart”. If a code is not mapped correctly, it will simply be allocated to a suspense account in the accountants system where it can be recoded. HomeNext  Back

19 Monthly Analysis Report This report is a month by month summary of the balance of each income, expense and other accounts from your chart, with the months across the top of the page, and the accounts appearing down the page. This report will be invaluable when you or your accountants prepare cashflow projections, as it illustrates your actual cashflow pattern over the year. Monthly Analysis Report HomeNext  Back

20 Budget/Actual Comparison Report HomeNext  Back Budget/Actual Comparison Report This report shows the budget, actual and variance for a nominated period, and shows alongside this the same data for the year-to-date. A final column shows how much, if any, of the annual budget remains. The Budget Actual Comparison Report can be run for any period in the current financial year.

21 Cashflow Forecast Report HomeNext  Back Cashflow Forecast Report This report is a combination of the Monthly Analysis and the Budget Report. In the traditional format, it shows the actual cash inflows and outflows up to the nominated date, and then projects to the end of the twelve month period using the budget values. The Cashflow Forecast Report can be run for any twelve month period spanning the current or next financial year. The benefits of cashflow forecasting in CashManager Your accountant and bank manager will love this report because it forecasts the year end cash balance for your business. It is also a powerful report that can be used for tax planning for the financial year. All Actual figures in this report can be carried forward as budgeted figures for the next financial year.

22 Customer Invoicing Customer Invoicing is a CashManager Add-on for Users who wish to customise and produce their own invoices and statements. Customer Invoicing offers ledger-based customer invoice management, customisable invoices, statement and remittance advices, and a wide selection of relevant Customer reports. And of course seamless integration to the cashbook side of CashManager. Use the “Invoice” button to enter invoices. Filtering and sorting invoices The main Customer invoicing screen gives you the option to sort the invoices for a range of criteria, including Date, Reference, Details and Code. You can also filter the displayed invoices by Customer or Paid/Unpaid status. HomeNext  Back

23 Entering Customer Invoices Much like entering a transaction into the cashbook, you can simply complete all of the fields required to complete the details of the invoice, including Customer Code; Customer Ref; Product Code and Description. Unlimited Customers and Products You can set-up as many Customers and Products as required, with the ability to enter 3 different prices for each product and a default price list for each customer. Use the “ADD LINE” button to add Products and Services to your invoice. HomeNext  Back Entering Customer Invoices Use the Product Easysearch button to access your Product file. Products can be added from this Easysearch screen. CashManager enables you to enter a quantity for each Product/Service being invoiced, and can represent a measure of units the Product/Service is sold as. Time, Weight and Per Unit are 3 examples. Discounts You can enter a line discount for the Product/Service being invoiced.

24 Invoice Layouts Customer Invoice layouts Selecting your invoice layout The CashManager Invoicing module offers two invoice layouts that you, your accountant or the Accomplish Support Team can customise. Products Invoices This invoice layout includes the quantity of each product/service on the invoice. It also shows the unit for each Product/Service with the appropriate GST and price. Professional/Trade Invoices This invoice layout shows only the Product/Service description, net amount of each with the appropriate GST. HomeNext  Back

25 Customer Statements Printing Customer Statements Like Customer invoices in CashManager, Customer statements are also fully customisable using the CashManager RAV designer. Select the Customers Simply tick the Customer(s) for whom you wish to print the statement(s), or use the Tick All option should you wish to print statements for all of your Customers. Statement layouts CashManager provides options for both Open Item and Balance-Forward Statements. The Open Item statement (Plain Paper Statement) shows unpaid invoices only and Balance-Forward statement will show an opening balance for unpaid invoices dated prior to the current month, along with details of current unpaid invoices. Letterhead statement If you have a standard letterhead to print on, you can suppress your company details so they do not appear on the statement. This layout leaves space at the top of the statement for the logo and company address details on your pre- printed letterhead. HomeNext  Back

26 Customer Reporting Customer Reports CashManager invoicing offers a range of Customer reports that enable you to manage your Customers efficiently. Aged Analysis Report The Aged Analysis report shows your total unpaid Customer invoices and percentage of total invoices outstanding for 30, 60 and 90 days. Customer Ledger Report This report shows a history of each Customer, including paid and unpaid invoices. Summary & Detailed Sales reports These reports can be filtered to show the sales performance of Products/Services and Customers, by revenue or units. These reports are great for determining which Customers are contributing to the success of your business and which Products/Services are performing or not performing. Report Options All of the Customer Reports have filtering and sorting options. Like the cashbook reports, Customer reports are clear, easy to understand and easy to produce. HomeNext  Back

27 Customer Reports Customer Reporting HomeNext  Back Printing Customer Reports Like the cashbook reports, Customer and Supplier reports are well set out, clear and easy to understand. Each report screen gives you the option to “Save As” if you wish to export the report data to a text file for use in Microsoft Excel. Emailing Reports Like printing invoices and cashbook reports, you can email Customer reports directly from CashManager. CashManager will create a PDF of your report and attach it to an email ready for you to send. Simply select a recipient, enter an email address, subject and message and then click “Create Email”.

28 Customer Quotes HomeNext  Back Customer Quotes Customer Quotes can be created in CashManager. Quotes are created using the same method as entering a Customer Invoice. Converting Quotes into Invoices You can convert any quote into an invoice by selecting the Quote to be converted and then clicking the “Convert” button. Quotes can also be emailed like cashbook and Customer/Supplier Reports.

29 Supplier Invoicing Supplier invoicing in CashManager is much like the Customer Invoicing, although in this case you are allocating Supplier invoices to expenses within your chart of accounts. Supplier invoicing is not product driven, but allows you to enter a basic description of each Product/Service purchased. Unlimited Suppliers There is no limit to the number of Suppliers you can set-up in CashManager. Each new Supplier must have a default expense account from your chart of accounts to ensure that the payment of the invoice in the cashbook, is allocated appropriately. Auto-paying Supplier Invoices CashManager provides a Pay option on the main Supplier invoicing screen. This can be used to pay multiple invoices for a Supplier and to transfer the payment to your cashbook at the same time. This eliminates double ups with data-entry. Part-payments Part-payments for Supplier invoices can be completed using the Select Invoices option that appears on every transaction entry screen in the cashbook. HomeNext  Back

30 Contact Management CashManager offers a Contact Management feature that needs to be turned on under the SETUP | OPTIONS menu. Contact Management enables you to build a full record of your Customer and Supplier contact details including company name, address, contact name, phone numbers, and email address. Notes History You can also keep a full history of the communications you have had with Customers and Suppliers. Simply append NOTES to each record as you need to record details of the communication. Exporting Addresses Contact Management also enables you to export your Customer & Supplier addresses. This export file can then be used as a source document if you need to mail merge a communication in Microsoft Word (e.g. a newsletter) to send to your Customers or Suppliers. Simply use the “Export” button to export your address and contact details. HomeNext  Back

31 Awesome Support Program The Awesome Support and Update Programme To complement every CashManager purchase, Accomplish offer membership to the Awesome Support and Update Programme. This programme provides complete peace of mind, knowing that a team of CashManager professionals is on hand should they be required. Membership gives you: Unlimited 0800 phone support Software Updates for the duration of your membership Access to the CashManager knowledgebase at Unlimited support via email or fax Free database fixes if required Regular CashManager Tips ‘n’ Tricks via email Accomplish website For more information on CashManager and the benefits it can deliver to your business, please visit our website at: Contact Accomplish You can also email the team at Accomplish should you have any further questions: or phone our Client Services team on: 0800 707 111 Free Support for 30 Days All CashManager systems come with 30 Days free support, so Accomplish can provide assistance should it be required. Accomplish want to make CashManager a success in your business. This 30 Days free support is aimed at getting you off to the best start possible. And of course, anyone evaluating CashManager prior to the purchase has unlimited access to the Support Team for any technical queries. Free phone 0800 707 111 HomeNext  Back

32 Contact Accomplish Home  Back End “The simpler alternative” Less learning time - no expensive training courses required Simple GST reporting Easy to match to the needs of all Users Unrivalled Awesome Support Fewer bells & whistles - Less is more Accurate & reliable data Compatible with all major client accounting systems

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