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21 I hope you find this CD-Rom containing information about Protime to be of interest. Protime is a Ready to fit product straight from the box Time Recording solution. The aim of the CD-Rom is to provide you with a good and informative overview of Protime. However, if you have any specific queries you would like answering, please do not hesitate to contact me on: Telephone:024 7623 1440 Fax:024 7623 1451 Nick Rogers, Director - Clear Systems Ltd, authorised reseller. Protime Presentation CD-Rom


23 Computime  Established in 1988.  UK manufacturer.  International representation in Europe, Australia and South Africa.  Winner of New Exporter of the year 2006 Award.  Recognised solution provider in key areas of personnel and security.  Over 1000 clients in the UK.  Nationwide support and back up directly from the authors of the system.  Clear Systems Ltd are an authorised reseller of Computime products and have been in the business of providing solutions for people and work since 1984.  We have selected the Computime range of products as they provide a straightforward but comprehensive UK based solution for the Time & Attendance needs of companies like yours.


25 Peace of mind  When you come to Clear Systems and Computime, you will have the reassurance of knowing you are dealing with two companies who have nearly four decades of combined experience supplying Time and Attendance solutions for companies just like yours.  We know from experience that your needs will change over time. At Clear Systems we work hard to win your trust and loyalty so we may go on supporting you into the future.  By Selecting Clear Systems and Computime®, you are not simply acquiring a product but gaining Peace of mind.  Attention to detail from the initial enquiry right through to implementation, means you, the customer can expect a premium service, backed up by highly trained support staff.


27 The Package  1 Protime Magstripe Clocking Terminal  1 Protime Software Program  100 ID Protime Badges  1 Network Cable  1 Instruction Manual  1 On Line Protime User Guide  1 Year Hardware Warranty  1 Month Free Help Desk Support

28 The Package  1 Protime Magstripe Clocking Terminal  1 Protime Software Program  100 ID Protime Badges  1 Network Cable  1 Instruction Manual  1 On Line Protime User Guide  1 Year Hardware Warranty  1 Month Free Help Desk Support only

29 The Package  1 Protime Magstripe Clocking Terminal  1 Protime Software Program  100 ID Protime Badges  1 Network Cable  1 Instruction Manual  1 On Line Protime User Guide  1 Year Hardware Warranty  1 Month Free Help Desk Support only £995 (ex vat)


31 Fingerprint Identification Upgrade to Protime Bio only £1495 (ex vat) for


33 Why Fingerprint? Biometric authentication measures the unique, invariable biological characteristics of an individual. Fingerprints offer an infallible means of personal identification. Fingerprint identification is the method by which impressions are made of the minute ridge formations and patterns found on the finger tips. No two persons have exactly the same arrangement of patterns, an the patterns of any one individual remain unchanged throughout life. While other personal characteristics may change finger prints do not. The advantages of the fingerprint method are:  Fast and accurate time and attendance control.  Improved employee attendance and payroll accuracy.  Fast and easy to use by employees.  No supervision needed.  Verification is achieved in less than one second.  Buddy punching is eliminated.  Eliminates time cards.


35 Protime - Clocking terminals 4 options of clocking terminals available with Protime. ProTime PINProTime Magstripe ProTime Prox ProTime Fingerprint


37 Protime - Overview  Protime is a complete hardware and software solution that fits easily into your business structure.  Protime offers a simple yet smart solution for small to medium size companies wanting to monitor and manage their staff in a cost effective and efficient manner.  Based on the award winning design concept that made Protime undoubtedly the most popular entry level product in the market, Protime was developed to cater for companies up to 100 employees giving you exactly what you expect from a Time And Attendance system without all the fuss and complexity.  Protime merges the latest high tech advances with great flexibility, yet it is simplicity itself. The easily installed clocking terminal and instantly useable software interface ensures that the system can be painlessly introduced to your office environment.  Whether it is for a single or a multi-clocking terminal operation, Protime is the ideal solution for your company and its affordable price makes it suitable for any pocket.  Step by step instruction manual is provided along with one month free help desk support means that you will be up and running in no time at all. 


39 Protime – Software Features  Exceptionally user friendly and pleasing to the eye.  Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT and XP Pro.  Caters for companies up to 100 employees.  Upgradeable to accommodate up to 200 employees.  Password protected with multiple levels of access  Support up to 12 working schedules per day.  Calculate daily and weekly overtime.  Up to 5 rates of overtime available.  Fast and simple processing of anomalies.  Forward planning of absences.  Annual Holiday calendar.  Comprehensive report listing.  Departmental analysis.  Promotes health and safety through a built in emergency roll call report.  Conforms to the European working time directive.  Bell scheduling capabilities.  Interfaces with major payroll systems including Sage.  Export facility.  Audit trail.  Single or multi-user option.  Multiple clocking terminal operation.


41 Protime – Hardware Features  Robust ABS/Polycarbonate case.  Graphic, high-contrast LCD display with White LED backlight.  Powerful 32-bit system with solid state storage.  Data storage up to 20000 transactions.  Real-time embedded Linux operating system.  Automated adjustment for daylight saving times.  Up to 10 years data storage retention even with complete loss of power.  TCP/IP and serial connections.  Various media types available including magstripe, proximity and fingerprint.  Dimension: 225mm x 134.5mm x 45mm.


43 Accessing Protime  Password protected  Up to 2 levels of access  View only  View and edit


45 Protime – Schedules  A schedule defines the rules that are applied to an employee’s clockings for each day of the week.  Up to 12 user definable schedules per day can be created.  Up to 5 rates of overtime can be assigned for each employee.  Unpaid breaks catered for.  Daily and weekly overtime calculation.


47 Protime - Groups  A group defines the schedule(s) associated with an employee or a group of employees.  One or multiple schedules can be attributed to any one group.  Up to 12 schedules can be attributed to any one group.  Up to 12 different groups can be set up.


49 Protime – Employee setup  Add name and payroll number.  Allocate T & A badge or Pin/Security number.  Assign to designated work pattern.  Apply compliance to working time directives.  Setting up a new employee or maintaining existing records could not be simpler or easier:


51 Protime – Annual calendar The annual calendar shows at a glance the following information:  Holidays booked.  Holidays taken.  Sickness history.  Non authorised absence history.  Lateness history.


53 Protime – Holidays & pre planned Absences The calendar acts as a platform to book holidays or any other type of absence. The drag and select feature makes this function simple and easy to apply.  Select an employee or a group of employees.  From the calendar select a day or a range of days.  Select the type of absence and whether it is paid or unpaid.


55 Protime – Edit data  Protime has a unique feature of sourcing anomalies and presenting them in a simple and clear format ready for processing.  Editing anomalies could not be any simpler.  Anomalies are manually or automatically adjusted.  Once a correction is made the database is automatically updated.  The Audit trail keeps records of all the adjustments made, including date, time and who made them.


57 Protime – Reports  Protime Boasts a good selection of reports already setup for immediate use.  These reports provide a powerful management tool, as a valuable source of information.  Historical data relating to attendance records can be accessed at a push of a button.  Such data can be viewed or printed.


59 Protime – Sample report A


61 Protime– Sample report B


63 Protime – Sample report C


65 Protime – Sample report D


67 Contact Details Clear Systems Ltd Eagle House 14 Queens Road COVENTRY CV1 3EG Telephone : 024 7623 1440 Fax : 024 7623 1451 E-mail : web address:

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