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Title IV-E Payback full-time students

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1 Title IV-E Payback full-time students
Overview of the Employment Payback Process Job Search Job Search Reporting Securing Employment Verifying Employment Special Circumstances CalSWEC Petitions & Appeals Processes Changing Employment Time off Monetary Payback Q&A

2 Overview of the Employment Payback Process
Secure employment with a California Public Child Welfare agency or tribal social service agency that serves child welfare recipients within 6 months of your graduation date Within these first 6 months you are required to search only within 75 miles of your home address Must apply to every open position (and participate in all tests and interviews) at a level appropriate to a new worker in Child Welfare, and accept the first position offered to you If unable to secure employment within 6 months and within a 75- mile radius, you must extend your search statewide for 6 months

3 Overview continued… If you are still unable to secure employment within these 12 months after graduation, you must then request a waiver and provide satisfactory documentation of a comprehensive employment search, in order to receive permission to seek employment in a nonprofit agency serving IV-E clients (see Petitions and Appeals Process section) If approved, you will receive an additional 6 months to search for employment. After graduation you must report your job search status using the Title IV-E Graduate Employment Search Form once monthly until you secure employment (see Job Search Reporting section) To demonstrate an adequate search, you must have had applied to all available jobs at a level appropriate to a new worker in Child Welfare in your 75-mile radius (or statewide) You must render one year of continuous and satisfactory full-time employment for each year of stipend support

4 Outline of Employment Search Requirements
Within six (6) months of graduation Within six (6) to twelve (12) months of graduation Within twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months of graduation Must return to work at agency (if employee) OR Search for qualifying work within a 75 mile radius of Student’s home Search for employment within the state of California. If, within 12 months, Student does not secure employment within the state, Student may apply for a waiver to search for employment in a non-profit agency within the state. If waiver is granted to search for employment at non-profit agencies, Student may have up to 6 months to do this search. If Student does not secure employment during this time, Student may apply for a waiver of employment obligation requirements at 18 months after graduation.

5 Job search after graduation…
Remember, YOU are responsible for finding qualifying employment. We encourage you to look for job postings and check your resources regularly. We continue to assist you with your job search by sending weekly s, listing qualifying employment, consisting of Merit and non-Merit jobs. CalSWEC’s central office will send information about counties that are hiring, and we will forward this to you via . CalSWEC also has an employment section on their Facebook page at or follow on Twitter at Merit System Services (MSS) MSS will provide information for their 30 affiliated counties about which counties are hiring and any other important information. Check for listings on county websites that are not affiliated with MSS. Chico State Career Center Contact Ken Naas for help with resumes and interview tips or

6 Job search reporting… You report to us monthly regarding your job search status by updating and ing a Graduate Employment Search Form the completed and updated form on the first business day of each month (starting Monday, May 19, 2014.) You must keep and submit all documents pertaining to your job search Confirming s Appointment cards County letters or any other documentation We report to CalSWEC regarding your job search CalSWEC requires us to rate your job search according to your proven effort (“Substantial Efforts”, “Adequate Search”, or “Needs Improvement”) All forms and documents can be found at our IV-E "Links and Forms" section of our website:

7 Employment Search Form

8 Be thorough in your reporting!
County or Agency: Enter name of county or agency you applied to Merit System County? Y/N?: Answer Y or N if it is or isn’t a MSS county Classification: Enter position or job title applied for Application Date: Enter due date for application and date application was submitted Agency Contact Info: Enter name of contact person at agency, their phone number, and address Response from County: If response received, summarize the correspondence from the county, including correspondence through , response card, letter in mail, notification of testing date, location, and time. If no response received, you will follow up and report the outcome of that follow up in the Comments/Explanation box. (These are the types of documentation that you will need to submit when you submit your monthly Graduate Employment Search Form.) Test Score: Enter test score, if available Place on list: If name was placed on list, enter placement number Notice from county: Enter how the county notified you regarding interview date, include the time and location First interview date: Enter date of interview Second interview date: Enter date of second interview Job offer? Y/N: Enter Y or N Hire date: If hired, enter hire date Comments/Explanation: Add any relevant comments/explanation here Plan for Follow Up: Explain your plan is to follow up with this application

9 Securing Employment… Report to us if you have been offered a position and you secure employment Let us know when your start date is Once you have secured employment, you must complete an Employment Verification Form ASAP This form will serve as a consent for release of information so we can communicate with your HR about your employment status. You complete Part A Your HR completes Part B and keeps a copy in their file Mail the original back to the IV-E office We check your employment status directly with your HR every 6 months until your employment payback is complete.

10 Verifying and tracking employment…
We will contact you and/or your employer during your payback period to verify that you are fulfilling the work requirement (1 year of continuous full-time employment for every year of stipend support) We submit information and updates about your employment status to CalSWEC We calculate your payback progress and project a completion date based on what your HR reports to us regarding your employment If there are interruptions in your employment (unpaid medical leave, maternity leave, etc.) we recalculate your completion date accordingly

11 Special Circumstances…
What if … I have a delay in completing the employment obligation? (medical leave, maternity leave, etc.) I need an extension of time to complete the employment search? I want to change jobs prior to completion of the employment payback? I want to permission to seek employment with a non- profit agency?

12 Petitions and Appeals While CalSWEC and the CSU, Chico Title IV-E Program anticipate that you will be able to complete your program successfully and begin your career in child welfare services, challenges may arise due to personal circumstances or changes in the job market. The Petition and Appeal processes are designed to resolve these challenges. Read the Title IV-E Student Contract carefully. It provides the basic obligations the University program has to you and you have to the program. Because it is an agreement you sign, the Contract is the controlling document in any disagreement arising between you and the program. If you choose to petition, please contact Melissa Cheatham at for complete instructions and petition documents.

13 CalSWEC Petition and Appeals Processes
For special circumstances that deviate from your contract and delay and/or hinder you from completing your employment payback, you will follow the Petition and Appeals Processes. Request this form via from the IV-E office. You will be given a due date to return the form. Your Project Coordinator will review and come to a conclusion regarding your request If you are not satisfied with the decision made by the Project Coordinator, you can use the CalSWEC Appeals Process and Form CalSWEC’s decision on the Appeal is final Please contact Melissa or Meka to initiate the petition process. SAMPLE

14 You need to initiate the Petition Process when… Examples:
You need an extension of time to complete employment search There is any delay in completing your employment obligation switching from full-time to part-time employment medical leave maternity leave You want a waiver of agency, CDSS, or tribal employment requirement and permission to seek a non-profit job You want permission to accept a particular non-profit job You want permission to change job prior to completion of employment period requirement You want permission to modify or be relieved of any contractual obligation

15 Time off… Vacation Time and Sick Time off are accrued through employment and can be used toward completing your employment payback. Unpaid Medical Leave or Maternity Leave or any other unpaid interruptions in your employment will not be counted toward your employment payback. We will recalculate your completion date accordingly. You also need to submit a Petition Form. Keep us updated and stay in good communication with us!

16 Changing employment… If you need/want to change employment (from one county to another county) before your payback is complete, follow these steps: Request a CalSWEC Petition Form from the IV-E office Complete and return the Petition Form Complete a new Employment Verification Form, signed by the county you are leaving, and mail to the IV-E office Complete a new Employment Verification Form to your new employer and mail to the IV-E office

17 Monetary Payback… Should you have to go into monetary payback in lieu of employment payback, for whatever reason, contact the IV-E office ASAP See the Monetary Payback Agreement Reasons you might enter monetary payback: No longer working No longer working in a qualifying position Voluntarily leaving a position Declining a job offer Other circumstances that don’t comply with your contract

18 Forms All forms can be located here at our Title IV-E Forms and Links site: ml Forms you will find on the site: Graduate Employment Search Form Employment Verification Form And more…

19 Keep us in the loop! Communicate!
Keep us updated about Changes in your employment status Address change Phone number change change, etc. , call, or stop by anytime! If you’re having problems or have concerns regarding your employment that could affect your payback obligation, get in touch with the IV-E office ASAP If at any time you are unsure of what form(s) you need or what the steps are, contact the IV-E office and we will walk you through the steps and make sure you have the right forms. We are here to help and support you through the end of your payback obligation! 

20 Title IV-E Contacts Melissa Cheatham –
Job Search, Employment Verification & Tracking Monetary Repayment Petitions and Appeals (530) Meka Klungtvet-Morano – General concerns, issues, etc. (530)

21 Questions

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