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AR Archiving Denise Cordrey Emily Carr University of Art + Design

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1 AR Archiving Denise Cordrey Emily Carr University of Art + Design

2 Background Consortium of eight schools in British Columbia Collaborate on all aspects of Colleague Range in FTE from 500 to 7,000 2 Stand alone schools 6 Service Bureau schools OA Solutions is our Service Provider

3 Where We Are Camosun College College of New Caledonia College of the Rockies Emily Carr University of Art + Design Nicola Valley Institute of Technology North Island College Northern Lights College Northwest Community College -distance from southernmost to northernmost school is 800 miles (or 1,283 kilometers)!

4 Emily Carr Canadian Artist & Writer 1871– 1945 One of the first Canadian modernist and post- impressionist painters Associated with the Group of Seven (Canadian modernist landscape painters) Northwest Coast aboriginal and landscape themes Fiercely independent, somewhat eccentric Woo

5 Paintings…

6 …more paintings

7 Emily Carr University Since 1925 1800 Student FTE 150 Staff and Admin 170 Faculty and Sessional instructors Implemented Colleague Finance (1997), Student (1999), HR (2002) AR Finance department – Cashier and AR Clerk Work very closely with Student Services My role!

8 Why AR Archiving? Running Canadian student tax forms, T2202A’s, was taking up to 16 hours to batch Process was often interrupted because of the time required Caused frustration and quite often panic to meet deadlines! Last tax period took at least four tries before it ran successfully

9 Why AR Archiving? Attended a ‘Tips for AR Archiving’ session at DUG 2012 Session led by Anna Nevius, Assistant Controller, Transylvania University (Lexington, KY) DUG 2012 session claimed that:

10 …this is why! Archiving reduces running time for AR Reports The trial balance from ARTB can be run with or without the archived activity Reduces the time takes to bring up a student with a lot of activity on the inquiry screens

11 …it felt risk free Archiving moves files from AR.PAYMENTS and AR.INVOICES to a new AR.ARCHIVES file In the event of errors, you can ‘un-archive’ Cannot archive transactions required for year- end processing Will only archive transactions with a zero balance

12 Archiving Date Rules Basic date rules: (based on US Higher Ed. Fiscal Year) Run before July 1: will not archive transactions from current or previous 2 calendar years Run after July 1: will not archive transactions from current or previous calendar year

13 …so we jumped in First time archiving: -We used additional selection criteria (based on first initial of last name) to reduce processing time and make it more manageable Subsequent archiving: – we are not there yet but the DUG session suggested: – Run ‘wide-open’ with caution – If there is too much that has not been archived may be wiser to continue using saved lists

14 ARCV – Archive AR Transactions To create new batch ‘A’ to Add Looking up old batch ‘…’ to scroll Or enter the batch number

15 AVBD – Archive Batch Definition Enter a batch description

16 ARCV – Archive AR Transactions Archival Action: ‘R’-Report Only, ‘U’-Update from Report, ‘I’ –Immediate Update Report Type: ‘SA’ –Summary by Account, ‘ST’ -Summary by Account/Term, ‘DA’ –Detail by Account, ‘DT’ –Detail by Account/Term Use Payment Allocation: Enter ‘Y’ the following 2 fields will auto populate to ‘N’ Start/End Dates: Only need to enter the End Date Include Non-Term Activity: Enter ‘Y’ Additional Selection Criteria: Enter ‘Y’ Save and enter ‘H’ in the Output Device Field.

17 Unidata Query:


19 Oracle Query: SELECT AR_ACCTS_ID FROM schema.AR_ACCTS INNER JOIN schema.PERSON ON SUBSTR(AR_ACCTS_ID,1,7)= PERSON.ID WHERE PERSON.LAST_NAME LIKE ‘A%’ AND SUBSTR(AR_ACCTS_ID,9,2) = ‘01’ AND EXTRACT(YEAR FROM AR_ACCTS_CHGDATE) <=‘2009’ AND schema.ARA_BALANCE(AR_ACCTS_ID) = ‘0’ *copied from DUG session handout – not tested at Emily Carr University

20 AR Archival Reports The first report will include: – A page summarizing the Report Specifications – Multiple Pages detailing files to be archived by Student by Term – A page summarizing transactions archived and exceptions The second report will include: – Multiple pages of exceptions


22 Exceptions The most common exceptions we found: ADJ – Related invoice cannot be archived because it has an unpaid balance or if it has a different term allocated to it DEP – Deposit Transfer does not have a zero balance INV – Has an unpaid balance REF – Refund voucher has a status of P SB – Sponsorship Billing is not closed For a full list of possible exceptions, see Datatel Documentation, Appendix C in Archiving AR Transactions

23 Fixing exceptions: ADJ ADJ - there is either a balance owing on an invoice, or, more likely, a past due amount on the invoice. Once the past due is cleared, this exception and all exceptions for related invoices will be cleaned up.

24 Fixing exceptions: ADJ To clear: BPMA (Batch Payment Allocation) system allocates payments to invoices or, if BPMA fails to clear the past due PAAA (Payment Allocation Adjustment) to manually allocate payments to invoices

25 Fixing exceptions: ADJ Except …when a past due exists on a term that does not have a payment (receipt) made on the invoice, but there is a related credit invoice that results in a $0 balance due for the term CZDP (Create Zero Dollar Payments) will clear up the past due; however, CZDP creates a receipt using the current date, which will be outside the archiving date range

26 Fixing exceptions: DEP DEP – Deposit Allocation from deposit type 01 does not have a zero balance DEP – Deposit Reversal from deposit type 01 does not have a zero balance DEP – Deposit Transferred from deposit type 01 does not have a zero balance

27 Fixing exceptions: DEP These exceptions can either mean there is a deposit balance owed to the student, or, more likely, is the result of a known bug. The bug will not archive accounts that, despite having a $0 net balance, have a negative and positive deposit balance within the same term. It looks like this occurs when there are transfers and/or reversals made to a deposit. Example on DTDE (Deposit Type Detail).

28 Fixing exceptions: DEP There is a Toolkit workaround referred to on answernet document #36087.63 for transferred deposits. The hope is that this workaround will clear the majority of the DEP exceptions. (Note: As of August 16 th -post-conference - the workaround has been installed and tested and has solved the problem)

29 Fixing exceptions: REF REF – Refund Voucher has a status of P All refund vouchers must be reconciled before they can be archived. We were not reconciling e-commerce refunds and were getting REF exceptions. Run ERMR (E-Payment Manual Reconciliation) to reconcile individual vouchers. Run ERBR (E-Payment Batch Reconciliation) to reconcile in batches.

30 Fixing exceptions: SB SB – Sponsorship Billing is not closed To close the sponsorship, change status in STSP (Student Sponsorship) and backdate to end of sponsorship

31 Fixing exceptions: SB There is a known bug that does not recognize that a sponsorship has been closed, despite being closed in STSP To clear the exceptions there you must fix the val code table for sponsorship status so that the close status has a special processing code equal to ‘3’. Initially ours was set to ‘2’

32 Fixing exceptions: SB Or CPSS (Change Person Sponsorship Statuses)

33 Fixing exceptions: SB SB – Sponsor invoice has unpaid sponsor statements If the invoices transferred from a student to a sponsor have not been paid, or have a past due, the invoice cannot be archived. The sponsor’s account will need its past dues cleared (BPMA, PAAA) before the student’s account can be archived.

34 Need More? For a full list of possible exceptions, see the Datatel Documentation, Appendix C in Archiving AR Transactions See 5398-AR Archive Error & Trouble- shooting Guide on Datatel Website: Answernet

35 Questions?

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