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Internships: Creating a Win-Win Experience for Everyone.

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1 Internships: Creating a Win-Win Experience for Everyone

2 Where do you stand? Name Title Why did you stand where you did? What do you hope to learn?

3 What is an internship?

4 Structured, supervised Short-term (usually one term or one year) Perform tasks/projects to gain practical experience All levels of education Traditional and non-traditional students Community members Done for college credit or not Benefits both the intern and the organization

5 Paid or Unpaid?

6 Fair Labor Standards Act 1. Training similar to that found in a vocational school or educational instruction 2. For the benefit of the intern 3. Interns do not displace regular employees; they work under supervision of staff 4. Employer receives no immediate advantage 5. Interns are not entitled to a job 6. Intern is not entitled to wages for their time Six requirements for an ethically sound unpaid internship

7 Good news! There’s an exception for the public sector and non-profits.

8 Ethical internships

9 How can interns help you?

10 Making it a win-win experience What are the benefits for the intern? How do learners, staff or the program benefit?

11 Tips for a successful internship Plan in advance Interview for the best candidate Learn about the intern’s strengths Be clear about your goals Incorporate the intern’s goals Create a work plan together Check in regularly Ask for feedback Celebrate!

12 Write a position description

13 Create an internship work plan

14 Questions, thoughts, suggestions…

15 What will you take away from today’s conference?

16 Allison Runchey 651-251-9110

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