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Seven Contrary Virtues

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1 Seven Contrary Virtues

2 Seven Contrary Virtues
Humility Generosity Kindness Chastity Patience Temperance Diligence

3 Seven Contrary Virtues
Practicing these virtues is supposed to protect one against temptation toward the Seven Deadly Sins (or negative thought and action).

4 Seven Contrary Virtues
The word “virtue” can be replaced with the phrase “positive thought and action”

5 The Virtues 1-7 humility l generosity l kindness l chastity l patience l temperance l diligence

6 1. Humility

7 Humility Humility is the virtue that counters pride or vanity.
As pride leads to other sins, true humility clears a path for goodness.

8 Humility The virtue of humility is about modest behavior, selflessness, and the giving of respect. This includes praising others and not seeking praise in return.

9 2. Generosity

10 Generosity Generosity is the virtue that is counter to greed, which is the sin of insatiable desire for earthly goods.

11 Generosity The virtue of generosity is focused not merely on the appropriate concern regarding one's earthly goods, but also on generosity and a willingness to give, freely and without request for recognition or praise.

12 3. Chastity

13 3. Chastity Chastity is the counter-virtue to the sin of lust.

14 3. Chastity Chastity embraces moral wholesomeness and purity, and in both thought and action treats the gift of sexuality with due reverence and respect. This includes modest dress, speech and actions.

15 4. Patience

16 4. Patience Patience is the virtue that counters the sin of unjust anger, also called wrath or rage.

17 4. Patience The virtue of patience focuses on seeking appropriate resolution to conflicts, and on the ability to forgive and show mercy.

18 5. Temperance

19 5. Temperance The virtue of temperance counters the sin of gluttony. To be gluttonous is to overindulge.

20 5. Temperance On the opposite hand, the virtue of temperance is centered on self-control and moderation. This includes consistently choosing foods/drinks that promote health, both mental and physical.

21 6. Kindness

22 6. Kindness Kindness, or love for one's neighbor, is the virtue which counters the sin of envy.

23 6. Kindness Kindness is manifested in the unprejudiced, compassionate and charitable concern for others.

24 7. Diligence

25 7. Diligence Diligence, or persistence, is the virtue which counters the sin of sloth.

26 7. Diligence Diligence manifests the appropriately zealous attitudes toward living, cooperation to complete tasks, and commitment to fulfill one’s obligations. This includes exerting effort, seeing a task through to the end, and honoring one’s duties, paid or unpaid.

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