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Kuali Student Update & Active UW Projects. UW’s Kuali Student Timeline 20082009201020112012-13 May 2008 Strategic Roadmap planning complete State of WA.

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1 Kuali Student Update & Active UW Projects

2 UW’s Kuali Student Timeline 20082009201020112012-13 May 2008 Strategic Roadmap planning complete State of WA and BOR approval to invest in Kuali Student UW Staffing allocated to Kuali Student MyPlan development starts UW CM implementation initiated Curriculum Management (CM) 1.0 MyPlan proposed to STFC MyPlan Year 1 released KS MoU renewal 2 CM 1.2CM 2.0 Enrollment Development begins Student Accounts Development begins

3 Kuali Student Software to Date Curriculum Management 2.0 (2012) UW implementing MyPlan (2012) Live at UW; Contribution underway Enrollment (2013-16) In development Student Accounts (2013) In development 3

4 FY12FY13FY14FY15FY16FY17FY18 FY19 KS Course Offering KS Student Accounts Curriculum Management Production Support KS Product Development Implement MyPlan & Improving Student Self-service Curriculum Management Undergraduate Admissions Modernization Replacement Implement Stage Gate: WA State Approval Student Information System Roadmap Phased Improvements Planning KS Registration KS Academic Record KS Financial Aid

5 Kuali Student Curriculum Management (CM)  Information managed in a single source system  Electronic workflow for review & approval 5

6 Learning Objectives Implementation Plan YEAR 1YEAR 2 COURSE PROGRAM STAFF UW IT DEPTs. Centrally Managed Course Policy/Process Assessment Campus Course Workflow roll out Centrally Managed Program Program Requirements Campus Program Workflow roll out UW CM is THE single source Kuali Student Curriculum Management dependencies Demand on department participation increases Pilot Course Workflow

7 + Key Features in MyPlan Single Quarter View Placeholders and notes Plan Audits Adviser Recommended Courses

8 + Welcome to the Plan page

9 + Placeholders & Notes

10 + Single Quarter View and section details

11 + Find Courses and Audit MyPlan’s course search feature. MyPlan’s degree audit page.

12 + Plan Audits

13 + Adviser recommendations

14 + Enhancing MyPlan for Graduate Students Partnering with the Graduate School to increase benefit to Graduate students and Graduate programs: Encode graduate school requirements in degree audit system to support the Graduation process Use of exceptions to support the petition process Enable graduate students and advisors to track progress using the degree audit system Advisor recommendations Advisor templates

15 Office of Fellowships and Awards Marilyn and Helene 035C Communication Building

16 Highlights  Office duties  Funding for new students  UAW 4121 ASE Contract  International Student Waivers  Online meetings with GPAs to review specific areas

17  Interim changes are becoming permanent.  Helene is doing more fiscal and budgetary work; Marilyn will be primary contact in Fellowships.  Don’t worry—Helene is still available and involved! Office Duties

18 Funding for Incoming Students  We are always happy to talk to incoming students... HOWEVER, we may not be the best place for you to send them.  All Fellowship Office funding for incoming students is provided through departments as Top Scholar awards. We do not have funding for individual students—we will usually refer students back to the academic program.  Graduate Funding Information Service is the office on campus designed to assist students in learning how to search for funding. This service is provided by the Graduate School, Libraries, and Information School.  It’s usually too late to look for funding after a student is admitted. We recommend that you encourage applicants to begin searching for funding as soon as they apply. If you have a chance to encourage seniors to begin looking for funding before they even apply for graduate school, that’s even better.

19 UAW 4121 ASE Contract  Increase in wages expected each year for the remainder of the contract. Was 10% this year; won’t know the actual July 1, 2014 increase amount until later, but expect it to be 10% or greater.  Fee settlement agreement continues through the remainder of the contract. This affects the Student Facilities Fee and the U-PASS fee.  Labor Relations, Graduate School, and Arts & Sciences have collaborated on revising the offer letter template. It will be posted soon on the contract website.

20  Now being handled through Graduate School (previously through Global Affairs)  No departmental quotas; trying to maximize use while making sure that all departments have the opportunity to request waivers.  Maximum of three quarters of waivers during a student’s academic career at the UW, with few exceptions (e.g., funded Fulbright fellow).  If you know that you plan to offer admission to a student, you can request the waiver prior to the offer. Once the request is approved, the waivers can be part of your admission offer. International Student Waivers


22 Online Meetings with GPAs  The Fellowship Office is planning to have periodic, informal online “Go-To-Meetings” with GPAs to cover topics of interest. The hope is that we can conversations that will both inform you about areas that we manage and share information about how to best use the services.  Topics will include: requesting tuition waivers, student travel funding, ASE appointments, maximizing Top Scholar funding.  Please send Marilyn any topic suggestions you have. If you think in-person brown bags would be more useful than electronic meetings, please let her know that too!

23 We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us... 543-7152 If we don’t know the answer, we’ll probably know who does!

24 Graduate Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP) ANTHONY SALAZAR Diversity Specialist

25 GO-MAP’s 2014 Prospective Student Days

26 GO-MAP Recruitment & Retention Guide

27 National Name Exchange (NNE), managed by GO-MAP

28 Updates from ISS International Student Services Intro to ISS Potential Conflicts: Student Visa Rules vs. UW Policies Employment Issues

29 Role of ISS Advisers Help 5,500 students navigate the student visa regulations and apply for benefits. Help students and staff understand the interaction of federal regulations and University policies. Maintain electronic student visa records. Ensure the University’s compliance with immigration laws.

30 “Immigration”: Big Picture International Student Dept. of Homeland Security Dept. of State University

31 Current Trends  Stricter enforcement of regulations  Delays, denials of entry at borders due to electronic record data  Increased scrutiny of employment applications  Visa denials for lack of normal progress

32 Potential Conflicts: Federal Regulations vs. UW Policies Full-time Enrollment  Definition of “full-time” enrollment is 10 credits per quarter, regardless of program design.  Exceptions must be pre-approved by ISS  Vacation quarter  Summer quarter: two credits?  Thesis/Dissertation credits

33 On-leave Policy  Always refer a student to ISS when discussing potential on-leave status.  Physical location?  Length of leave?  Proximity to graduation?  Students sometimes assume “on- leave” approval also applies to student visa status.

34 PhDs: Extensions After Ten Years  Additional documentation from faculty adviser required  Must document normal academic progress and reasons for delay  ISS might grant quarterly extensions on case-by-case basis

35 F-1 Employment: On-campus  On-campus employment is limited to 20 hours per week during the quarter.  Additional hours must be pre-approved by ISS.  New students can start 30 days prior to program start date (not I-20 start date).  Authorization ends with graduation.

36 F-1 Employment: Off-campus  Even unpaid internships should be pre-approved by ISS.  Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is now an online application.  Optional Practical Training (OPT) is slow; students should apply three months before graduation.  Student visa documents will not be extended for employment purposes; must be academic reason.

37 ISS Office 459 Schmitz Hall Monday – Friday Front Desk:10am – 4pm Drop-in Advising: 11am – 3pm Front desk: 221-7857

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