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UCAS Application Information Session

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1 UCAS Application Information Session
Dr Clare Ryan

2 UCAS Applications You need to register on the UCAS website
/ / Click on the ‘Apply’ You will need your school’s ‘buzzword’ to complete your registration Write down your ID number, username and password You will be sent an containing a verification code


4 UCAS Application Personal Details
Name, address, DOB etc Student support Fee code: 02 UK, ChI, IoM or EU Student Finance Student Support Arrangements: NIBd – Belfast/Londonderry Disability/special needs Do not be afraid to enter the correct information here. You will not be disadvantaged in any way. Once you have completed all the information, tick the ‘section completed’ box and click ‘save’

5 UCAS Application Activities in preparation for higher education
Step-Up! Start Date: September 2012 Duration: (Year 1) 13 days in University Location: University of Ulster Start Date: September 2013 Duration: (Year 2) 17 days in University You can expand on the information you give here in your Personal Statement Once you have completed all the information, tick the ‘section completed’ box and click ‘save’

6 UCAS Application Education Highest qualification achieved
Below honours degree level qualification Add school/college/centre (attended since age 11) School name Start & finish date Attendance: Full time Formal qualifications achieved? – Yes Add qualifications – GCSEs, A-levels etc If you are re-sitting an GCSE, enter it twice: once with the highest grade you have obtained to date, and once stating the grade as ‘Pending’ A-level Double Award (GCE-2005 onwards) Subject: Applied Science (Double Award)

7 UCAS Application Employment Add an employer (you can add up to 5)
Don’t be afraid to declare if you have a part-time job Only include paid work in this section You can supply details of any unpaid or voluntary work in your Personal Statement If you have not had any paid work, then leave this section blank, but mark it as complete

8 UCAS Tariff Points Tariff Points: AS level A level
A* grade 70 points 140 points A grade 60 points 120 points B grade 50 points 100 points C grade 40 points 80 points D grade 30 points 60 points E grade 20 points 40 points

9 Additional Tariff Points
60 UCAS Tariff Points 40 UCAS Tariff Points 20 UCAS Tariff Points AAB BBC CCD DDE ABB BCC CDD BBB CCC DDD A = 120 points B = 100 points C = 80 points D = 60 points E = 40 points

10 UCAS Application Choices Click ‘add a choice’
You have a maximum of 5 course choices Institution code, Course code, Campus code Point of entry Foundation Year = 0 First Year = 1 Search for courses through UCAS or University websites We recommend you choose University of Ulster as one of your choices

11 Making Course Choices Be honest with yourself about the grades you are likely to achieve Choose something you are interested in! Get as much information about the courses you are considering before making a decision You have 5 course choices available – don’t choose 5 completely different courses The University of Ulster has an online prospectus:

12 Submitting Your Application
The deadline for submission of your UCAS application is Wednesday 15th January 2014 Some Art/Design courses have a March deadline Late applications will only be considered after all of the ‘on time’ applications Once your application is processed, UCAS will send you a welcome letter confirming your personal details and choices Check all the details are correct!

13 Tracking your application
Once your application has been processed, you can monitor it through the UCAS website using ‘Track’ You will need your ID number, username and password to log in When a University makes a decision to accept or reject your application, it will appear on ‘Track’ You will also receive an to inform you about any changes Log in regularly for updates

14 Offers When a University makes you an offer it will either be conditional or unconditional You MUST reply to offers you receive Ultimately you will be left to make two choices Firm offer (CF) Insurance offer (CI) Make sure your CI has a lower grade tariff than your CF

15 UCAS Applications 2010/2011 Subject Campus Applications Received
Places Available Surplus Applications Psychology Magee Coleraine 598 570 97 110 501 460 Adult Nursing 1139 1318 140 47 999 1271 Mental Health Nursing 674 49 625

16 Important Dates 15th January 2014 – Deadline for submitting UCAS application 24th March 2012 – Deadline for some Art/Design applications 31st March 2014 – University decisions should be made by this date 7th May 2014 – Deadline for replying to your offers received by 31st March 10th May 2014– Final deadline for universities to make decisions 5th June Deadline for replying to your offers received by 8th May

17 Clearing Once the exam results are released, the Universities will know how many places are available on their courses Courses with places available are ‘in clearing’ Places are allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis If you don’t get the results you were hoping for, BE PROACTIVE!

18 Help! Careers teachers Parents: Step-Up
Mrs Anne Mooney: Dr Clare Ryan: ‘UCAS Clinic’ on Monday 18th August 2014

19 HPAT Ulster Allied Health Professions
Dietetics Occupational Therapy Physiotherapy Podiatry Radiography (Diagnostic & Therapeutic) Speech and Language Therapy

20 HPAT Ulster Registration Late Registration Test
Opens 9am on Tuesday 1st October 2013 and closes 5pm on Wednesday 8th January 2014 Late Registration Opens 5pm Wednesday 8th January 2012 and closes 5pm on Sunday 19th January 2012 Additional fee of £33 Test Saturday 1st February 2014 Coleraine, Magee & Jordanstown campuses Cost of test - £103 – payable by Mastercard or Visa at time of registration

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