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2011 CACEE National Conference Niagara Falls, Ontario June 2011 Karly Pinch & Karen Benzinger.

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1 2011 CACEE National Conference Niagara Falls, Ontario June 2011 Karly Pinch & Karen Benzinger

2  Background  What is an Internship?  Our Internships  Overview and Program Goals  Characteristics (Similarities & Differences)  Support of Student Learning  Assessment & Evaluation  Benefits & Challenges  Co-Existence with Other Forms of Experiential Learning  Questions & Answers 2Internships: Yes We Can!

3  Karly Pinch, UBC  Arts Internship Program Coordinator  UBC Career Services  Career skills building workshops, advising, online resources, job posting  On-campus work program  Career fairs  Employer info session  Arts Internship Program 3Internships: Yes We Can!

4  Karen Benzinger, University of Windsor  Director, Centre for Career Education  Career Services at UWindsor  CCE, Business and Law  Centre for Career Education  Workshops, events, on-line resources, job postings, advising  Co-op (Engineering, Business, Kinesiology, Physics, Computer Science)  Practicum Support  Volunteer Internship Program 4Internships: Yes We Can!

5  Lack of consistency in use of the term  Can be  Paid or unpaid  Full or part time  One semester or multiple semesters in length  For credit or not  Completed in any industry sector  Done concurrently with studies or in a single block placement  Resource: Typology of Work-Integrated Learning in Ontario’s Postsecondary Sector  Included in a new HEQCO report available at: 5Internships: Yes We Can!

6  Usually involves:  Student completing meaningful work in an organization  Skill development and career development for the intern  Performance assessment of the intern by the supervisor  Assessment of related activities by institution  Implication: Wide array of program models are possible 6Internships: Yes We Can!

7 Arts Internship Program (UBC)VIP (WINDSOR) Faculty of Arts Undergraduate StudentsAll Undergraduate Students Unpaid 8-12 hrs/week, at least 4 months40 hours over 1 semester Non profit and community focused organizations Non profit and publicly funded agencies Certificate from Dean of Arts officeTranscript Recognition Runs each Summer & WinterRuns each Summer, Fall & Winter Launched in Fall 2009Operating for close to 20 years 250 Interns to date350 interns/year 7Internships: Yes We Can!

8  Enrich Arts student’s educational experience by enabling them to take part in internship opportunities that will expand and clarify their career goals  Improve the preparedness of Arts students for fulfilling careers and increase their ability to work with and for their community  Expose Arts students to learning opportunities that fall outside of the typical “jobs” available for undergraduate Arts students  Enable Arts students to develop their professional skills through real-world application of their knowledge combined with support and feedback from supervisors Internships: Yes We Can!8

9  To provide students with access to experiences within the community.  To develop professional employment readiness skills in students such (accountability, communication etc.)  To help students develop a network of contacts in the community.  To assist students in the identification or clarification of career interests and expectations.  To develop an appreciation for the value of volunteerism among students.  To teach students how to learn from a variety of experiences. Internships: Yes We Can!9

10 Arts Internship Program (UBC)AIP (UBC)VIP (Windsor) -Discover/confirm personal preferences re: careers** -Indentify employability skills developed through VIP -Identify key strengths/skills -Demonstrate professionalism in the workplace **** * -Describe importance of community involvement* -Identify connections between internship & experience as a UBC Arts student * -Compose industry specific resume & cover letter -Develop skills & tools to assist with future job searches -Deliver a professional presentation * **** Internships: Yes We Can!10

11 Arts Internship Program (UBC)VIP (Windsor) Orientation Session Code of Conduct agreementReflective Workbook Learning AgreementMid Placement Round Table Mid-placement check in by CoordinatorResume/Cover Letter Assignment Completed learning agreement and reflection piece Marketing Your Internship Workshop Final career skills and wrap up sessionPerformance Evaluation Ongoing marketing opportunitiesFinal Presentation 11Internships: Yes We Can!

12  40% increase in portion of sample group that self reported their intention to continue actively volunteering from those that had self-reported volunteering in the 12 months prior to their participation in VIP  89% of students were able to articulate a satisfactory or better answer to a behavioural interview question using the STAR formula and an example from their VIP placement 12Internships: Yes We Can!

13  “My VIP Experience proved to me that this is my calling in life and that has motivated me to work even harder to achieve my goal to be a social worker”  “The VIP Program is a great career-building experience which allowed me to give back to the community and to network with business professionals”  “The results of [VIP Employer Evaluation] have motivated me to continue volunteering with this organization and others...” Internships: Yes We Can!13

14 “I found it very valuable to gain experience in a non- profit organization. I was introduced to some of the struggles that these groups go through regarding funding and the economic environment. I also learned a great deal about the environmental initiatives that exist in Vancouver” “I was able to apply skills I have honed in university to tasks that I found meaningful and relevant to others as well as myself” “I gained practical hands-on experience doing a variety of tasks in an office environment. My experience here has helped me get a related paid job for the school year.” Internships: Yes We Can!14

15  Gather evaluation information from students at multiple points in the internship to reflect on the program support  Students assess their own learning through the Learning Agreement  Employers are evaluated annually to reflect on the program support  Employers and students conduct feedback assessments at the end of their terms with each other 15Internships: Yes We Can!

16  Students evaluate program based on:  Relevance of internship to long-term goals  Quality of support from AIP office  Learning gained during the internship  Effect of internship on future educational and career plans  Confidence in future employability Internships: Yes We Can!16

17  Windsor uses framework based on inputs, processes & outcomes  Gathers data from students & employers about  Costs (inputs)  Usage & satisfaction (processes)  Learning (learning outcomes)  Confidence (personal attribute outcomes)  Likelihood to continue volunteering (impact outcomes) 17Internships: Yes We Can!

18 Arts Internship Program (UBC)VIP Program (Windsor) Orientation evaluationOrientation Survey Site visits to interns and employers mid-way through term Rubrics (Resume, Cover Letter, Presentation) End of term evaluation (students)Past Student Participant Survey Yearly employer evaluation and surveyPast Employer Follow Up Survey Ongoing individual conversations with students as needed Reflection Workbook Evaluation Guide MS Excel tracking sheetsMS Excel Tracking Sheets Reporting Templates 18Internships: Yes We Can!

19  Experience  Career exploration  Skill development  Networking  Learning  Confidence 19Internships: Yes We Can!

20  Increased student engagement  Strengthened ties to the community  Positive student feedback 20Internships: Yes We Can!

21  Increased exposure to the student body  Strengthened ties to the institution  Short term assistance for low/no cost  Connection to students with potential to become long term volunteers or employees 21Internships: Yes We Can!

22 New Program: Arts Internship Program (UBC) Established Program -VIP (Windsor) New program, less awareness of the opportunities available among students Certain areas of student interest are hard to develop positions for (accounting, engineering, etc.) Low number of applications for some positions A lot of variety in placements (area of interest, level of challenge, location, additional screening, etc.) to manage Students who drop out or are terminated because of low incentive to finish the program or do an excellent job While there is ‘carrot’, there is no ‘stick’ (no possibility of failing since it is not a course) Difficulty for low-income students to do unpaid internships Students aren’t covered under MTCU provided insurance like they are in course- based unpaid internships 22Internships: Yes We Can!

23  Many different ways of doing this  Consider:  Different structure from other programs (# hours, employer sector)  Targeting the program to students in programs without other EL programs 23Internships: Yes We Can!

24 Arts Internship ProgramArts Co-opAMS Internship Program Only for Arts undergraduate students Undergrad Arts students apply in 2 nd or 3 rd year Open to all undergraduate students Many positions, fewer student applications, high chance of securing internship Competitive positions, especially for 1 st term students More positions than students Interns are selected by employers Students are selected by employers Interns are matched by the program Can be done in conjunction with classes/ part-time work Full-time paid work for 1-2 terms at a time Can be done in conjunction with classes/ part-time work Allows student to complete degree on time Extends degree by 1 yearAllows student to complete degree on time 24Internships: Yes We Can!

25 Co-opVIP Program Available in Engineering, Business, Kinesiology, Computer Science and Physics Open to all students, but targets areas that do not offer Co-op (about 50% are Arts & Social Science students) Offers full-time paid opportunities (students do not take classes during a co-op term) Positions are unpaid and part-time (students complete VIP in addition to regular course load) Open to any employerOpen only to non-profit and publicly funded organizations Accepts positions from all over the Canada and some international Accepts only positions that are a commutable distance from campus 25Internships: Yes We Can!

26  What are the main challenges to starting an internship program at your institution?  What might be the main challenges once you have a program running?  How can we address these challenges? Internships: Yes We Can!26

27  Internships can be structured in a wide variety of ways  Be creative....what makes sense for your campus?  Build support by building relationships and working collaboratively 27Internships: Yes We Can!

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